Stellar Winds

This is a work in progress.

Stellar Winds 4th Edition

The universe has foraged it’s heroes from the flames of all the stars. Individually they find them selves drawn to the great sea of infinity. Seeking it's secrets, and embracing all the dangers it has to offer for one soul reason, to for fill their dreams.

With the short lived discovery of the star league treasure washed away by the blood of those who found the courage to seek it. The legendary treasure has sunk once again to myth. Only few remain from the first great age of hero’s and time perhaps is now catching up with them. Their youth fading like a dieing star in the sea of blackness. Only to be left with the scars that for tell something that occurred, once upon a time.

TYet the universe continues giving birth to new and brings an end to the old. Some are forgotten lost the void of space, while others are remembered with a sore heart. In all case they are gone. So now the new must make there way and find the courage to chase after there own dreams, seeking the fame that can only be rewarded through the dangerous perils of adventuring. Of course these new faces only know the myths of the adventurers who have traveled the path before them. To them the names of those who have defined the odds, faced the dread dark elf pirates, and won there legacy have only inspired them.

So we bid a fond farewell to those who have had their share of space, and bid welcome to those who wish to replace the tales of old with stories of there own…

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Table Formating Test

Level Attack Base Fortitude Reflex Will Special
1 +1 +2 +0 +0 Bonus Feat

Character Biography Idea

Is lost on a lost ship, lol.

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