The power of creation and destruction.
Dragons of Order
Deity Alignment Areas of Influence
Luna Good Creation
Bahamut Lawful Good Justice, honor, nobility
Nall Good Protection, Sanctuary
Celestia Neutrality Truth
Xavar Neutrality Elementals
Arabella Neutrality Travel, exploration
Analia Good Healing
Clyufyath Lawful Good Order and Law
Doyrharth Good Hope
Eleestra Neutrality Keeper, Earth, Water
Intalzar Neutrality Knowledge
Protayth Good Pilgrimages
Yolairan Neutrality Keeper, Fire, Air
Dragons of Disorder
Deity Alignment Areas of Influence
Zermous Chaotic Evil Chaos
Ubehas Evil Tyranny, honor
Gazroth Chaotic Evil The Destroyer
Phillizo Evil Shadows
Azahem Neutrality Pleasure
Katrack'tar Evil Curses, plagues
Herazle Neutrality Pain
Gaul Evil Trickery
Ilmosar Chaotic Evil Minion of the Destroyer
Malzar Chaotic Evil Chaos
Salbarahar Evil Princess, Darkness
Uemus Chaotic Evil Death
Zelander Evil War
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