Protector of Hillsdale
Anna Grey
Aliases: None
Race: Human
Age: 36
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Sex Female
Class: Commoner
Alignment: Good
Religion Luna/Nall
Languages English
Played by NPC

Physical Description

Character Background

Anna Grey is a common woman that lived in the Town of Hillsdale, she loved to help people around the town when ever she could, bake sales volunteer work . Anna and her husband Richard have had 3 children in 15 years of marriage one child was taken from her by a sickness in the night long ago which has made her more protective of her family and her friends. She was never a super religious person she went to the temples on occasions, but the day her town was attacked and destroyed something inside her took over. Anna knew if she didn't protect the things she cared about they would all die, so she ran and grabbed her kids and told Richard to start gathering as many people as they can before they hide in the basement while she stood in the line of harm protecting them, Nall saw this act of bravery and was pleased with her.

Additional Details

Anna is a strong woman that will go out of her way to help those in need. She is an attractive woman that is married to an average looking man, they have been married for 15 years and have 2 children (Tim and Eric)


Anna is currently being questioned and debriefed in North Jewel, about the horrific events that happened in her hometown Hillsdale. Zannan Goldheart has invited her to come visit the Nall temple in Whitehold where he lives and works.

Additional Details

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