Arcane Arts

Magic Overview

Energy is the basic building block of the universe. No matters how advance or primitive a culture is, all of them understand the concept of energy. Fire being the most common and the easiest proof of transfer of energy that science has.

The law of energy dictates that the universe is fueled by energy and found in and around all things. Science reveals elements as tangible materials where basic unit of energy is stored. Often refereed to as atoms all cultures have attempted harness energy to fuel there civilizations through the usage of science. Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels, and natural resources are all examples of science creating technology to capture stored energy.

Which asks the question of where exactly does energy come from? Many historical scientists have all cultures have come to the same consolation that energy is not lost nor gained. That the Universe will always have the same mount of energy that it started with and it simply changes from one form into another. With such a concept being law it is firmly believed by most philosophical that energy flows from a central source and washes through out the universe.

Wizards like Scientists have quested to unlock the secrets behind the flow of energy in the universe. Just as Scientists have learned to harness energy from elements to advance civilization, wizards have sought the mystical methods to manipulate energy. Using strict steps recorded by there spell books and various elemental components they like scientist have become quite successful in using the power of the Great Flow.

Origins of Magic

Often identified in religious scripture as the Great Flow it is described that all energy originates at one location. This place is the core of creation. Described as an ocean of energy and identified by Wizard’s Societies as the Astral Plain however unsure of what created the Astral Plain. They speculate as a stream of energy that flows between material space and time, it is described as a reservoir of energy that is tapped by wizards and superior creatures of the universe.

Astral Plain (The Great Flow)

Most wizards agree that the Astral Plain’s energy was the power that gods used to shape the universe from a sea of emptiness. To why and how is left up to religious speculation, however wizards generally do not write of the complexity of the universe as an accident. Under the philosophy anything can be done with just enough energy they have studied the Great Flow for centuries.

The flow of magical energy washes over all things leaving behind energy in many forums. These forums are loosely categorized as Mana. Mana flows in streams running through out the galaxy as some locations are more potent in mana then others. Resulting in causing wild magic zones and magic vacuums.

Wild & Vacant Magic Zones

Wild Magic Zones are often where the flow of energy is beyond normal levels. The affects of spells when cast in a wild magic zone could be unpredictable. They can often be empowered or even maximized depending on the amount of energy flowing through an area. Wizard Societies have whole schools to of study dedicated tracking the great flow and it’s rivers of energy. Attempting to predict where the next flood of magical energy will occur. Scholars have established known location of where wild magic zones should exist. They generally occur closer to Stars and other anomaly giving off a large amount of energy or heat.

While at the same time that magic can flood in one space causing a strong magical presence it can also be absent. These areas that experience an absence of mana or a lack of such can cause abnormality in a wizard’s ability to cast spells. Sometimes reduced effectiveness of the spell or total failure is some of the challenges a wizard would face.

Methods have even been created to construct artificial wild or vacant magical spots trough arcane means or even scientific devices. Often seen in prisons, large public areas, or even in magical institutions these methods are expensive and complicated.

Science of Arcane

Academic excellence is almost always associated in the field of the arcane. Since both occupations demand long hours of writing, preparation, and knowledge, an arcane student is often a well educated student. Since arcane casting is sequential the concepts behind casting spells are the same in any culture that studies it. A wizard must complete each step necessary to invoke the arcane powers and shape them the way they wish. Because of such a regimented field all wizards have the concepts of higher learning in common. Each wizard understands the value of all the various components that goes into the process of manipulating mana into a spell.

Cricles of Magic

All spells are categorized into eight schools and nine power values known as arches. Every spell has variables that must be known in the attempts to cast a spell successfully. The knowledge of a spell’s power value arch, the necessary components, it’s school, and the instructions is essential of a wizard. Since the variables are so complicated such information is recorded into a book cataloging all these values in a diagram that all wizards can identify and read easily.

Arcane Diagram


Also known as "spell diagram" taken as a whole, the "written" master structure of a spell (whether composed and enacted in the mind, or actually written or drawn on some concrete structure or in the Wizard's Manual). The term is also sometimes used to indicate merely the outermost circle or spell/world interface of a wizardry.

A spell circle does not have to be circular: spell structures can as easily be angular, polygonal or elliptical, spherical or multidimensional, depending on the preference and species of the wizard, and the necessities of the complexity of the desired spell. That said, the tendency toward circles and spheres is widespread enough that the standard terms for the most significant component parts of the structure are "chord" and "arc".
The diagram to the right shows the most basic elements of a spell circle. "A" shows the prime or master circle, sometimes also called the "body" or envelope. This circle serves as a container for the major components of the wizardry. "B" and "C" (and the two other unmarked circles) illustrate "component circles", also called enclosures. Such subsidiary circles are used to set apart important components of the spell from its general body, the entire area enclosed by "A". Enclosures can contain personal information, data about the location or nature of an object the wizard desires to operate upon, or specific instructions about the operation itself. They can also be used to "set off" the power structures being invoked to power a specific spell, or as a containment area for a wizard acting only as the power source for the wizardry as opposed to another wizard handling the actual invocation.

"L" illustrates a typical arc of a spell — any part of an outer or inner circle which occurs between any two objects in tangent to it or intersecting it. The area "D", enclosed by two arcs, is equivalent to the area of intersection in a Venn diagram and is usually referred to in wizardry as a conjunctive or conjunct area.
All the lines in the unlabeled circles, considered separately, are chords. Lines EF and FG, considered together, are "convergent chords"; IJ and KH are "sectionals" or "intersecting chords".

The actual words of a spell are written in the Speech along, inside, or outside any of these circles, arcs or lines (except for the prime circle, which is the spell's boundary with the world on which it acts: no charactery is ever inscribed outside it). The positioning of the elements along which the words are written normally has something to do with the purpose or function of which the words are an expression. For example, a pair of intersecting chords such as IJ and KH might indicate a pair or set of wizardly forces which were at odds with each other, and which the wizard intended to transform or resolve. Or a pair of convergent chords might indicate a pair of forces which a wizard was intent on bringing to bear simultaneously on a single problem (usually indicated by the point in the secondary circle where the two chords meet).

A conjunct area like "D" can also indicate different forces or situations being asked to influence one another. Alternatively, it may suggest that items or forces contained in the two (or more) contributing circles had something to do with one another before the spell began. Wizards with a close physical relationship — for example, a pair of wizards might site some of their personal information in such conjunct circles, with shared data being sited in the overlap.

Once the graphic structure of the spell is complete in the Manual, as a drawing on some other surface, or in the wizard's mind, its words can be spoken. The spell then executes to completion. The diagram then either vanishes completely (if set to do so) or stores itself in the Manual in its pre-execution form (the default, as this allows the spell to be used by other wizards who might stand in need of it).

Many wizards like to build a certain amount of interactivity into their spell diagrams, so that they can monitor a spell's progress. Spell circles with this interactive function activated will change as the spell works, helping the wizard identify where (as occasionally happens) something goes wrong in the execution stage.


The effects of Meta-Magic often increases or bonuses the spell with additional instructions. Often representing another enclosure around the chords creating another conjunctive or conjunct area among the instruction enclosures. (The unlabed circles that contain the chords). This area notes the steps and materials needed to incoreperateing the special meta-magic feature.

Schools of Magic

The phoneme magic has been categorized by general functions. Spells are created by wizards with these schools in mind, though divine spells also fall within these presets categorizes as well. Some wizards specialize in spells of a certain school. They focus more efforts into these spells than any other at the expense of all spells from one or two other schools. These schools of magic have been in existence for longer than anyone cares to remember and no one seems to know who originally came up with them. With this all the institutions of the universe abide by this structure to teach magic.


Among the arts of magic the spells that wards oneself with magical protection is known as abjuration. Typically the arcane art of Abjuration is symbolized with this magical rune Alpha and cloth them selves in light blue and white robes.


Conjuration school categorizes magical spells that create or transport people, energy or objects. Allowing them to summons creatures, create portals, or even animate inanimate objects. Conjurers have been known through out the galaxy as summoners or callers. Those of the conjuration schools are dressed with dark green robe and often associated there school with Caph symbol


The school of divination is often associated with far sight, these spells that allow the caster to see things that they normally wouldn't be able to. Some of the spells allow a wizard to view another location, or see several moments into the future. Those associated with this school often ware gold and white robes. And there school identifies them selves with the delta symbol.


There is no other school like the enchantment school whose notoriety is so common. Either feared because of curses or admired because of enhancements. Wizards are always mistakenly associated with school of enchantment based on myth. Enchanters ware navy blue robes mostly and there order identifies there magic with an epsilon.


The destructive nature of magic belongs to that of the Evocation school. This school teaches spells that create energy out of the raw power. The most famous of this school is the fire ball. Elocutionist don red robes and identify there magic with an vega.


Illusion is one of the most amusing schools of magic and known as being quite popular among gnomes. Illusion spells alter perception, the most common of which is the ability to go invisible. This school is associated with a purple color. They identify there magic with a rune that they call Itera.


No school of magic is more misunderstood then necromancy. Often cloaked in the shadow of great morality issues, necromancy is the study of manipulating, creating or destroying life. With magic that so closely tampers with life force many fall victim to the seduction of power it brings. A wizard can learn a spell that could steal the life of a victim with just one word. Students from these schools ware black robes and identify there magic with the magical rune of nimbus. 


Transmutationists study the means to manipulate matter to enhance or change creatures and things. They can often reshape objects and enhance abilities. Members of there order associate a cyan color and there magical rune is a theta.


The shadow art is among the most secret of arts of magic. There is no real visible instantiation and members of its order have come to master the knowledge about the last two layers of the plains. In there believe there was only darkness in the universe before light occurred and such shadow has magical properties that can be reshaped and used to create spells. Shadow casters ware no specific robes as there order is a secret one. However there magical rune is a sega.

Magical Paraphernalia

Wizards of all the schools are familiar with the various tools that go into controlling magic. Magic is invoked by the wizard’s mental ability to be able to feel the energy of mana about them and recall by memory the proper magical words, and hand motions.

Spell Books

Spell books are the instruction manuals that store and archive the arcane diagrams that chart each spell. Typically magical spells are graded by ladder system based on power, and difficulty to cast. Spells generally take up the number of pages that there level of power is graded. Thus a level one spell will take up one entire page in a spell book.

Such spell books have become the center piece of all wizards’ collections. As they are the archives of there magical diagrams and as a result many personalize there spell books. Some wizards make creative covers, others bind them with locks, while others use magical runes to ensure security of there magical secrets.


Scrolls are in fact leaflets of arcane diagrams. A spell book is nothing more then a collection of scrolls bound together in book form. Scrolls however unlike spell books are written on a long piece of paper. Some of the more complicated spells make the scroll longer in length.

Spell Components

All spells have steps that a wizard needs to complete to create a spell. The arcane diagram lists these components. There are several components that are found on an arcane diagram, among them are verbal, somatic, material and magical focus.

Verbal Components

Many spells require the caster to speak certain words, or, in the case of a bard, create music, to cast a spell. Being prevented from speaking, such as a gag, or effects that remove sounds, such as certain magical effects, makes it impossible for a caster to cast such a spell. A deafened caster may fail when casting a spell, by misspeaking, which causes the spell to be lost.

Somatic Components

Many spells require the caster to make a motion to cast the spell. If the caster is unable to make the correct motion, the spell cannot be cast. Wearing armor or using a shield interferes with the somatic components of arcane spells, creating a risk of spell failure. Bards and some other arcane classes can cast spells in light armor without this risk.

Material Components

Casting a spell often requires that the caster sacrifice some sort of material component. Often, these components are virtually worthless, but some spells, such as spells to reanimate the dead, require material components costing thousands of gold pieces. If a caster is unable to access or use the correct spell component, the spell cannot be cast.

Magical Focus

Alternatively, casting a spell may require that the caster have access to a holy symbol or other special object, to focus on when casting the spell. This is mostly true for divine spells.

Magical Gems

Gems have always shown a great power to store energy that has been re-engineered by a wizard. Gems of all kinds are a work of art an those that host magic twinkle in the darkness unknown to most of the potential it has. The spells stored with in them can be magically used. With the proper concentration and incitations the gem and cast outward or enhance the energy of the spell.

Star Lights

Among all the gems that are available in the universe. The Star Light gems or often called mana gems are vastly sought by wizards. These glowing opals pulse with power and can restore a casters ability to cast magic. By being refreshed by its energy after accessing it’s power. Star Lights are a natural resource discovered in the geology of most worlds. They have often been described as the fruit of the universe. As these gems during the start of there metamorphosis absorbed mana that flows from the astral plain and trap the energy once the gem has cooled.

Mana Ink / Style

The last important part of all magic is the Star Light based ink. Magic cannot be written by any other type of ink because it lacks the magical properties. All ink that is used in writing arcane diagrams must be made with your typical ink ingredients plus Star Light partials. The wizard's ink become magical in nature and the ability to bind magic to the arcane diagrams. Some wizards tend to use ink jars like ancient while others use fountain pens loaded with the magical mana ink.

Elemental Essences

The Great Flow of energy is seen in many forms in the universe. Magical energy pours into the universe in the form of light and travels through out space being transformed into various elemental essences that mortals interact with on a daily basis. The largest source of energy outputs in the universe are it's stars. They are often described as sprinkler heads pouring energy into the cold depths of space.


The element of fire is among the most basic form of energy being given off. Almost everything that the universes deals with is energy that becomes stored in natural resources and can be activated through some kind of chemical reaction. Fire or heat rather is a direct evidence of energy.


Cold is a vacuum of heat, where there is no heat there is cold. Such coldness causes physical transformation of all kinds of things. Although there is no direct energy creating cold essences like real vacumes energy is drawn towards it and absorbed. In some cases it is stored and the cold transforms into heat or in case magically engineered cold the energy is passed to the astral plain to renew the cycle.


The energy that is found in sound is a form of sonic energy. This occurs due to sound waves merging to make a powerful boom. Since sound only exists where gases are found air has a direct relationship with sonic power. As the energy that is needed to create a sonic reaction is stored in atmospheres.


Acids and Bases are a basic element of all liquids in the universe where hydrogen ion activity has raised beyond normal levels. Often identified as the element of earth acid seems to be the medium where energy is stored in geological matter. Since Hydrogen is an element with a lot of energy acid has a great deal of potential energy.


The basic law of energy that it is never destroyed nor lost. With such cases when the elemental essences are transformed from one form to another energy can gain a charge. Negative energy is a form of energy that has been used or chemically created from the usage of another form of elemental essence. It's power generally the opposite of positive energy which is assorted as life force. So the forces of the undead are enslaved to the effects of negative energy as they them selves become a vacuum of positive energy.


All energy found in a life form is considered positive energy or more commonly called life force. From birth the energy of all mortals is considered positive energy. Creatures continue on living by chemically changing energy they consume from there environments int positive energy. As all mortals continue to grow old there life force becomes less and less until there body no longer can sustain there life. There are many reasons for the lose of life force plenty of them can be physical such as damaged organs or dangerous amenities. However some races have stronger potential for positive energies and because of such there life can span for centuries while others don't and only last for decades.


The elemental foundations of such energy is unlike the basic elemental essences. The property of some subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interactions. Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields. The capturing of such potential energy has become the foundation of the modern universe. As electricity energy can flow in currents, and be used to transport energy from one point to the next.

Divine Energy

In between matter and it's elemental essences is the power of the gods. This form of elemental energy is beyond the mortals ability to control. Most scientists believe the secrets of being able to control such power was lost to the cataclysm. These elemental powers are often categorized as divine energy and many suspect that lost technology deals very closely with this kind of energy. Divine energy is divided into the two types of energy that are speculated to be the powers that have constructed the universe Order and Chaos. It is speculated that these forces continentally clash to keep them selves in check. Through the creation of celestial begins that in fact continually struggle attempting to bring order where chaos is and vise versa. The story of creation of the universe has always been told that Order shaped the universe out of chaos in a very complicated system of energy flow.

Shadow Matter

Before creation, there was the eternal sea of chaos cloaking all in darkness. Then came creation and the force of order brought order to the sea of darkness. With such gave birth to the astral plain where light came forth chasing the darkness away creating a world that is beyond the edges of all worlds. This darkness that shows it''s self in the absence of light is shadow matter. Cloaking all things in darkness when there is no light. Such potential energy remains dormant and absolute for all time. Wizards who manipulates this matter have no need for the standard avenues of mana and thus cheat the system. For Light can never chase shadow entirely away.

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