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Stellar Winds & Copy Writes

This section explains the specific unique intellectual that belongs to Stellar Winds Crop, and is now allowing permission for commercial usage. Stellar Winds is a private network intellectual role playing material distributed among it's club members for no fee. Published as an official Wikipedia site, all it's d20 4.0 Rules, Concepts, Locations, Characters, and so on can be viewed at this location. We ask that when being used as intellectual inspiration that any of the fictional Orginal Material be respected as copy-write laws demand.

Open Gaming License

Open Gaming license allows independent game makers to generate new games, worlds, universes by adapting all it's factors into a game system known as D20. Stellar Winds uses the D20 4.0 game set currently to allow it's club members to interact with the setting. Below is a copy of the General Permission License to distribute made by Wizards of the Coast.

Specific Works Citations

Since Stellar Winds is a community club network, with no interests of distributing it's product for a profit at this time. We have borrowed elements from other featured d20 systems shearing the same Open Gaming License. The sections are listed below in a bibliographic format.

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