Chapter 17 - Science

Science: Biology

The Science of biology deals directly when the understanding of how living creatures work on all levels. In generally most species of all the empires have a very good understanding of how the body works in relations to organs and so on. The science of genetics comes in to question when technology has advanced enough to create electron microscopes, computer-aided imagery, and the tools to delicately examine and manipulate the tiniest building block of life-genes. At this point, scientists are able to experiment with DNA, gene splicing, and other activities that eventually lead to more advance techniques.

Genetic Manipulation

Genetic manipulation is among one of the more ethically questionable professions among some of the empires of the universe. Outlawed in the Confederation, Forbidden by the Elves, and over looked by the Dracoties, genetic engineering is very evident and has exposed it's self time and time again historically. Clones, mutant viruses, genetically bread super-creatures, cybernetics, and dozen more tropes of the genre have their roots in gentic manipulation. This is the groundwork on which much of science is built.

Performing Experiments

Science is not a process that happens quickly, although key developments often happen accidentally, reshaping the knowledge base overnight. Performing basic experiments in genetic manipulation realistically would take researchers months (and more likely years) of efforts. However once the scientific groundwork is laid, tests and procedures can be attempted more rapidly.

In general, testing any single hypothesis about a procedure or discovering the efforts of performing an scientific experiment, requires 3d10 days and a successful Science Check with in the appropriate field as explained in the various sections ahead. The DC for this check should be no lower than 20 and can be as high as the GM prefers.

Scientific research is painstaking and even experiments based on solid theories must often be attempted several times before providing a conclusive result. In most cases the scientist conducting the experiments a character must have mastered and acquired the plans in performing such experiments as explained in Experiments - Chapter 10 The general steps when performing any kind of Scientific Experiment dealing with genes demands, the appropriate initial research (3d10 days), the amount of time to master the material as

Successful results might allow a character to stumble upon break through which can be transformed specific scientific engineering experimental plans and data.

Craft Diseases

One of the most basic implementations of genetic manipulation is modifying existing microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Scientists are able to alter existing diseases to be resistant to particular medicines and resilient enough to survive in conditions that would kill their naturally occurring relatives.

At a later stages researchers learn to splice together the DNA of two or more different diseases to create super viruses. At this point, they can tailor such characteristics as the disease's incubation period and primary, secondary and tertiary symptoms. They can even make it resistant to all known treatments and at the same time, create a wholly effective remedy- putting them in the position of being able to infect the entire world and only providing the cure to those they deem worthy.

The flip side of this, naturally, is that scientists are able to create synthetic medicines-antibiotics and other drugs- that combat diseases that were previously uncontrollable. Unfortunately, nature is at least as inventive and resourceful as science. whenever new cure is developed, it is not long before scientists discover one ore more disease that have natural immunity to it.

Craft Chimera

Some of the darkest parts of scientific experiments dealing with the creation of life have always been expressed with thoughts of horror. However the creation of chimera's with the efforts of using knowledge of biology has not been unheard of and have not gone unnoticed when the ethical question comes to light on this topic. Scientist researching this field are often accused of attempting to play god, or associated the Frankenstine tale.

The creation of life through assembling organic body parts as if was like robotics takes time, and very specific skill. All mandatory origins must be in place and the host creature being assembled must be alive. Since scientist have been unsuccessful in any attempts of resurrection. The splicing of various additional limbs, heads, animal parts, space creature parts may begin at an early stage with a series of surgeons. At this point the scientist are sculpting the chimera (see Unorthodoxy Surgery in Experiments - Chapter 10).

The compilation of the Chimera is when the scientists beings to join the nervous system together to bring the creature's new additions together. This is where all the research is put to the test and a character must make a Science: Biology Skill Check depending on how complicated of a creature they have assembled. Although success would mean the creature and all it's physical additions have successfully been joined. The brain of the host is still in tact.

Genetic Therapy

The ultimate goal in genetic engineering is to safely affect the development of mortals. The complexity of DNA is such that merely learning to understand its design and most basic functions is a colossal undertaking. The start of Scientific research in the years past has reflected in the possibility for scientist to be able to alter DNA to prevent birth defects and genetically diseases. This has lead to a split in philosophy of crafting creatures the way parents wish them, and shopping for abilities to create the "perfect child". Scientist discover ways to not only replace abnormal or defective genes, but also to safely improve on other wise healthy gens. Even more importantly, they descover ways to create retroviruses that target all of an organism's cells, thus allowing them to change various aspects of a creature. IT becomes possible to upgrade a living being.

At first, these process only modify existing traits-increasing or decreasing one of the subjects innate abilities, or sharpening his or her senses. But as technology is perfected and scientists map and catalog the genetic structure of various other creatures ,it is possible to alter a subject so that he or she has traits that no other can ever possess.

Genetic manipulation can empower a creature with any of the special qualities listed bellow. Developing the appropriate therapy is no different than any other genetic experiment. Once the therapy begins, the subject must make a fortitude save throws (DC varies) once per day until such time as he achieves a specific number of success linked to the genetic modification being attempted (at which point he permanently gains that special quality). Every time a save fails, the subject suffers 2 points of Constitution damage.

Type of Special Quality Fort Save DC Number of Success
+1 to Ability Score 15 10
Extraordinary Ability (Ex) 15 15
Super Natural Ability (Su) 20 25
Power (Pr)1 20 50

1.) At-Will Power (+5 DC, +10 Success), Encounter Power (Level + 10 DC, Level + 10 Success), Daily Power (Level +15, Level + 15 Success).

During therapy, the ability remains latent, so the patient receives no benefits from the intended manipulation. Immediately upon completing the required number of Fortitude saves, the ability activates and becomes a permanent special quality of the patient.

Alternatively, the GM may want to introduce treatments with short-term durations. (or even magical cures), A short-term treatment automatically takes effect in 1d4 minutes and lasts for 1d3 hours. At the end of that time, the character reverts to his normal state, is fatigued,and suffers 4 points of Constitution damage. A successful Fortiuded Save throw (DC 15) reduces this to only 2 points of damage.


Another type of genetic engineering found among the stars is cloning. A sample of one creatures' DNA is used to make exact physical duplicate of the creature. A clone is identical to the original creature in every genetic way-. However the clone does not have any scars, tattoos, or other identify marks gained during the course of the original creature's life.

If, for example, the original creature was born with only one kidney, the clone has only one kidney, however if the orginal creature has had a kidney removed, any clone made of him will have two kidneys ( as the original creature did at birth).

Of course this causes a drastic level of ethical issues among civilizations that have saught these sort of science. Most advance civilizations have banned the study of clones as it causes to many civil issues then they care to deal with. A clone is subjected to questions of identity, role in life, and usages. So as a general rule they the Confederation and some of the other empires have outlawed the use. However this doesn't out rule the illegal research that maybe going on, or specific worlds who have legalized it despite there galactic government's feelings about it.

The advent of cloning allows scientist to create genetically identical embryos that age normally. Unless a clone is created during the first year or two of a person's life, such a significant age difference exits between the original person and the clone that they are more akin to parent and offspring than to identical siblings.

The next quantum leap in cloning technology comes when scientist develop the ability to artificially age the clone. Rather than wait for the embryo to age normally, this advance allows the clone to mature at an accelerate rate until it is an exact replica of the donor (minus, scars, tattoos,and other acquired physical modifications).

Artificial aging is an important part of cloning, and scientist have come up with various answers to the problem. Some have turned to the mysterious sciences of magic, while others apply technology to gene therapy.

To construct a clone a character would need for fill all the requirements mentioned in Chapter 10 - Experiments and typically would need a state-of-the art research laboratory (50,000 CR). The process takes 2d10+10 days. At which point a clone embryo is generated. Scientist then will have to apply there own method of speeding up the aging process through other experiments.

Brine Splicing

The conditioning of pysi-cosuses can unlock all kinds of secrets of the mind. Through splicing through specific membrane tissues Scientists can program a person much like a programmer programs a computer. This effect is often occurred in the more darker parts of science as this experiment is used to alter memory, install new skills, and even feats. The process of such takes several surgeries and membrane scaring. Successful results leaves you with behavioral programing.

Genetic Modifications

Some scientists splice in genes from different species to construct what are known as chimeras. These alterations cause abnormality in physical appearances and can be as simple as an odd eye color, or extraordinary powers. Sometimes the alterations do more harm then help and can cause great draw backs. These differences have been recognized by most as mutations.

Mutations can be scientifically induced by using technology, drugs, and so on to modify genes, while some disease and radiations do the same. Regardless of the method the alteration is rarely without draw back. The section below will describe the various mutations known to occur in creatures.

Mind Craft

Dealing with very carefully with the more sensitive tissues of the brain, and advance technology. Scientist can even shape a mind through surgeries that alter personalities permanently. This science has even been researched in ways that might even allow humans to craft an artificial biological mind! The various steps to do so are however very tedious and takes some of the most advance technology the universe has to offer.

For this experiment to a success, the typical experimental research mentioned at the start of the chapter must be conducted upon the brain and the personality you wish to change. Upon doing so and acquiring the specific materials, and tools (typically costing 1.5 Million Credits) to do so and master the experimental operation. The scientist my then attempt a mind craft using there understanding of biology. The character conducting the experiment makes a Science: Biology Skill Check with a difficulty check that varies based on the task being attempted. The chart below describes more specifically task, and dc's and how much time the experiment takes.

Unorthodox Surgery

A cultural phonomia has proven that all healers from all the different species known to the universe take a similar vow upon entering the field of doctoring. From humans, to elves, to sargarens there healers are to do no harm. Some scientist have disregarded this concept and have used the skills taught to them to heal, to for fill there own personal agenda. Those who have casted down there oath's may processed with surgeries that might be unorthodox. From constructing chimera's out of other living species, to using careless methods of surgery to stabilize or aid the wounding all of these darkest rituals fall under a doctors will to perform an unorthodox surgery.

Characters proceeding to perform this kind of surgery must first identify if they know enough about the specific goal they are trying to archive. This is done by a Science: Biology Skill Check. Upon success, the character my processed with the operation. Depending on how complex of the work the wish to complete they must make First Aid, Skill Check vs Difficulty checks explained on the chart below. A character that undergoes surgery is fatigued for 24 hours, -1 hour per point of first aid. The period of fatigue can never be reduced below 6 hours in this fashion.

Science: Chemistry

The Science of chemistry is the scientific study of interaction of chemical substances, the chemical structure, and it's make up. Often considered as the central science on which all technological advances have been based upon. It takes up a specific roles when crafting things that deal with chemical compounds. Be it chemicals engineered for space crafts, medication or atomic fusion all of the substances dealing with this falls under Chemistry.

Chemistry experiments fall under the same rules outlined above in the Performing Experiments section. Except the appropriate science check is applied when attempting to do research, or implement a specific experiment from chapter 10.

Shift Element

On the ancient earth, it had been the dream of early alchemists to convert lead to gold. Though they were completely unsuccesful, later on earth, the human race managed to change uranium into a brand-new, man-made element, plutonium. In the year 2344, the science of elementation has been developed beyond the wildest dreams of early alchemists. By crafting an element, the scientist can add and subtract protons, nuetrons, and electrons, and change one substance in to another. The principle still adheres to the laws of energy conservation, however, and it will always take more resources going into the atomic shift than is produced.

Doing this requires a Science (Chemistry) Skill Check which would involve the amount of a typical research the time spent for the morphisms of the specific element and a state of the art Elemental Shifting lab (30,000 CR). The chat below describes the various difficulties.

Craft Explosive

Chemical Engineering has also been known to join harmless compounds together to create a very destructive substance. The raw materials that are collected to do this are often Emanuel and could be found in the local market. Building an explosive from scratch is dangerous. If the check fails by 5 or more, the explosive compound detonates as it is being made, dealing half of its intended damage to the builder and anyone else in the burst radius. If the check succeeds, the final product is a solid material, about the size of a brick. An explosive compound does not include a fuse or detonator. Connecting a fuse or detonator requires a Engineering check when dealing with Demolitions. Scratch built explosives deal concussion damage

Craft Pharmaceutical

Characters well versed in the science of chemistry can spend there time creating medication that can alter chemical state of a subject. These state can alter there abilities, or apply specific effects. When constructing pharmaceuticals the character must acquire the specific elements and begin arranging the molecules into the chemical shape of the desired drug.

To construct a medication a character would need to for fill all the requirements mentioned Chapter 10 - Experiments and typically would need a professional chemistry set. The process of brewing medication is generally 1 hour per level of the medication. At which case a Science: Chemistry Skill Check is made to see if the crafting was successful or not. Failure often means a flawed medication that doesn't archive the desired effects and a waste of the raw materialized used.

The table will describe the available medications that are pretty standardized in the universe.

Craft Poisons

There are many kinds of poisons that can be engineered by scientist to be used in attacks upon creatures, enemies, or even entire cities. Poison has been used for centuries as an effective means of dealing with those who you wish to destroy. Crafting some chemicals are difficult then others however Scientists don't need too much equipment to do so.

Science: Psychology

The understanding of how the mental mind works has always been an endeavor of those studying the behavioral actions of races of the universe. What makes Kilitara's so war like, why do humans experience depression, and how does talking about one's feelings lead to the road to recovery. Many scientist have become head doctors in the every sence of the word, listening, and identifying metal states of those who seek the help. Then prescribing medicine aid them in there day to day lives. Doing this is just like any other scientist seeking to answer questions through science. They must spend time researching a case, and listening to them attentively before diagnosing what the trouble is at hand.

Brain-washing (Psychology)

Those who have come to fully understand the mind have come to take advantage of it's weakness to manipulate, to alter, or even to force there own believes upon victims unprepared for such a physiological attack. The brain-washing process is a long and slow road however and often those under go it aren't easily swayed in less there is some defining doubt in there feelings about a specific subject. It is that doubt those who know understand the metal state use to formulate the concepts the wish an individual to have.

Thus like any scientific experiment as explained above must under go research and observation. This could take weeks however when enough information has been collected the scientist my unleash his psychological attack. The attack acts as a physiological poison. That can only be reversed through another brainwashing method, or if facts of the initial argument that has been used to brainwash someone prove to be false, or flawed. The Level of the brainwashing is 3 plus the level of the character conducting the experiment.

Science: Phyisics

The understanding of the physical laws of the universe has lead the search for understanding in all things. This is true for magic, space travel, whether, geology, and so on. Some physicists have endeavored to alter reality and bend the laws of space, time, and such to there will. Once gain allowing them to take control of what is natural in the name of good or evil.

Alter Ecology

The goals of shaping uninhabitable worlds by altering it's ecology has been a goal of empires since the dawn of the space age. Although a transformation of world is the grandest scale of altering an ecology. Many scientists have made quite a few advances for there world by turning usable deserts into arable land. These achievements empower civilizations all across the galaxy. The understanding of how a specific ecology works would require the necessary research that most all scientific experiments need as mentioned in the above section. The technology required can vary based on the size of the tasks.

Dimensional Travel & Time Travel

The secrets of the universe always seem limitless. Since the cataclysm scientist of all races have entertained the nation of other dimensions. Among these thinkers the arcane mages have come to identify specific dimensions they have named plains. Such evidences have lead scientist to wonder how many plains are thei could be and could their be technology that can emulate the closely guarded magical secrets of the arcane communities. Thus physicists have spent life times attempting to perfect a dimensional portal based upon the same technology phase-shift gates work.

Of course what could lay beyond the fabrics of the material realm? Prehaps alternative time lines, or other dimensional travelers might not be friendly. They might be raiders, plundering other dimensions for the resources they lack in their own. They could just as easily be transdimensional traffic police, tasked with detecting and disabling unauthorized dimension gate generators. They could simply be savage monsters, naturally capable of dimensional travel and drawn to unusual inter-dimensional activity.

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