Chapter 7 - Equipment

When you leave the safety of a city, or other refuge for the wilderness and the unknown of space, you must be prepared. Being ready means you need protection, arms, and tools to see you through potential challenges, dangers, and hardships. An unprepared explorer all to often winds up injured or lost - or worse- so gear up for the hazards you expect on your adventurers.

When you create a 1st level character, you start with basic clothing and 1000 Credits to spend on whatever you deem is necessary. This is an abstraction; your character probably doesn't walk into a store one day with a bag of cash- unless you just cam into inheritance or won a tournament of some sort. Rather, the items you start with and any money you have left over, might come your way as gifts from family, gear used during military service, equipment issued by a patron, or even something you made yourself.

As you go up in level, you acquire more currency that you can spend, not just on mundane gear, but on technology, fabulous magic items, and so on.

Here's an overview of the contents of this chapter.

Armor & Shields: Essential gear for protection in combat.

Currency: Galactic Currency and Exchange.

Weapons: The basic tools of combat for many characters, from swords to guns.

General Equipment: The tools of the adventuring trade. Look in this section for all kinds of general gear like, clothing, surveillance gear, Survival gear, professional equipment, and so on.

Vehicles: Vehicles, such as speeder bikes, cars, motorcycles and so on.

Armor & Shields

Armor provides a barrier between you and your foes—or, put more bluntly, between you and death. Every class provides access to one or more armor proficiencies, and it’s in your best interest to wear the finest armor you can. This section includes information on shields, which improve your defensive capabilities.


At the dawn of the Star League Empire and at it's height of it's galactic conquest, the emperor has enforced a standards based on old earth values, that date back to the roman empire. One of them was currency. the conquered alien races were forced to adopt the currency standard and values of persouses metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Among these materials the Elven Star became a highly sorted exchange as it was universally understood the elven imperium had stood the test of time due to the long life spans of elves.

From then forth the galactic economics's foundations found them selves using a metallic standard to back up what then was known as Star League Credits. Today the Confederation has renamed them to Galactic Credits universally accepted by most advance civilizations. Prehaps in the more primitive locations where Confederation Banks are not totally trusted or accepted by them the coinage left behind by the Star League empire still exist.


When you confront villains and monsters in their lairs, you often end up in situations that can be resolved only with arms and magic. If you don’t have magical powers, you had better have a weapon or two. In fact, you might want a weapon to back up or even augment your powers.

General Equipment

From meals to lanterns, adventuring gear is essential to those who dare take on the wilderness of the cosmos. You're assumed to start with basic clothing, (although there are several diffrent kinds), and before your first adventure, you should equip yourself with weapons, armor, and other gear.


This section covers the wide variety of cehicles available to adventurers of all sorts. This will go though all the standard civilian vehicles such as bikes, cars, and planes. While it will also include military units such as tanks, and finally advance hover vehicles as well.

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