"The masters of knowledge, that now live in the skies of there failing world."

Racial Traits

Average Hight: 5'5" - 5'-9"
Average Weight:90 - 120 lb.

Ability Scores: -4 Constitution, +4 Intelligences: Dernai are very fragile yet very inquisitive.
Size: Medium: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares (30 feet)
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Dernai, Common, four other bonus languages
Skill Bonuses: +4 Concentration Skill: Dernai will is strong
Educated: Dernai get the education as a racial bonus feat.


The Denari are known for their great intellect and academic nature. Many of these beings dedicate them selves to arcane training starting as students in the various magic schools and becoming professors, and sages. There home world is a desolate desert dune that had once been a beautiful earth world. A shift in the gravitational pull caused orbit decay brings the world closer to its star. As a result the Denari moved from the surface of there world into giant space cities in high orbit of there world. These Vega Cities are a center of technological and magical manufacturing. It is said that one could live a life time on these giant terrestrial size cities and never see all of it.

The Denarie space cities are self sustaining and among it's thousands of levels all walks of life have come to live their. The upper levels generally reserved for the elites and wealthy as they live in lustrous palace like towers connected to each other though bridges and the like. The average commoner often finds them selves living on the mid decks in a very dungeon like setting of wide corridors, and rooms. Since the space city is so vast in size various internal tunnel have been constructed to allow for personal vehicle transpiration between decks with airlock docking stations allowing access to the space city. Since these the lower decks of the space cities are stacked like pancake these tunnels are often constructed in between decks and circle the entire space city starting on the most outer rim allowing access to other highway rings though junctions to more inner sections.

The magic universities are known though out the confederation as among the most advance and prestige schools around. Although they specializes in arcane and engineering skills there other programs such as business, and classical studies rival many institutions of even earth. These universities are located among the palace like towers that extend upward from the top of the Vega Cities.

Denari families are much like human families in that both species live about the same length of lives. They meet and wed and remain together for the duration of there lives raising a children to adults. Since they have heightened intellect they many either become engineers or wizards in either case a Denari would have fulfilled eighteen years of schooling. Very rarely does a Denari not attend some kind of advance education provided by the magic schools of there cities.

The Denari government is among the leading supporters of the confederation and its government ruled by Arch sages of the universities. There star system is also home a large confederation space fleet that patrols Draconus board. Although there is four Vega cities only one of them allow intergalactic races reside there. This Vega city is the largest and the capital of the Denari cities.

The internal law enforcement structure is often filled by confederation militiaman. However in a city where magic is so vastly practiced the authorities have created a special order or wizards known as the Blazon Order. Casting any kind of magic without a permit will summon agents who will appear from dimensional door spells to arrest of issue a summons. Although there abilities to sense use of magical energy are keen it depends on the size of the spell for them to respond. (Level 3 or three level 1 in two minute period spell of greater will have a blazon agent respond). Those who commit serious crimes using magic are taken away and sent a prisoner known as Spell Hold.

Spell Hold is a complex miles beneath the surface small body moon that is in orbit of Vega Prime. There is no way to get their though technological means since there is no passage from prison complex to the surface. No one knows what exactly happens to those who are taken to Spell Hold but it is generally understood that they are gone forever.


Calm, rational and extremely logical there personality is rooted in academics and the lover for scholarly advancement. They are annoyed when actions are not well thought out and are a very inquisitive people. Lore interests them greatly and the approach every new situation as a student ready to learn about it and expected to be tested on it as well.

Physical Description

Denari stand at the average human height 5 ½ to 6 feet tall. There bodies resemble much like a human but extremely more frail then an elf. There ribs are high set on there torso and there arms and legs long and lengthy. Their skin color is often very tan if not bronze color and their hair ranges from white to red.


Denari speak and write there own language as well as many other languages such as common, elven, Dwarven.


Denari are on good standing relationship with all races especially humans. Values among humans and Denari are very similar making them a close ally. Denari doesn't look down on the more primitive races so much as they seek to understand them as it is in there nature to do so. However this comes with exception to the Draconites since peaceful relations between the two races is non existence.


It is not uncommon to for a Denari to take up adventuring with the goals to learn about something. Perhaps they seek to uncover a hidden magic, lost technology or forgotten lore. Denari are commonly found among other civilizations as well as the make good tutors and sorcery masters.

Homeworld Vega Prime

Distance: 222,448,202 km, Radius: 3889 km, Gravity: 0.8G, Orbit Period: 574.84 days, Rotation: 80.2 hrs, Mean Temp: 330K/57Cm, Atmosphere: 0.12 atm (O2 34%,CO2 33%,N2 16%,CO 5%), Water / Ice Index: 10, Habitable, Population: 49,700, Moons: Spell Hold . Mega Structure: Vega 1 , Distance: 500,000 km, Political: Confederation , Population: 5 Billon

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