Racial Traits

Average Hight: 5'5" - 5'-9"
Average Weight:90 - 120 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Strength, Draconite are strong.
Size: Medium: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares (30 feet)
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Draconite, Common
Breathe Underwater: As amphibious creatures, draconites can't drown in water.
Immunity to Fear: Draconites fear failure and punishment by there government and so they are fearless.
Draconite Roar: You can use dragon breath as an encounter power.

Draconite Roar Draconite Racial Power
The inner roar that your dinocytan ancestors the ancient species that once dominated the Draconus Prime a 100 million years ago comes forth. It's effects are bone shaking.
Encounter ¤ Fear
Standard Action | Close area 3
Targets:All creatures in the area that can hear it.
Attacks: Charisma vs Will
For 1d4 turns, your unable to perform any actions but run in any direction you can from the Draconite that caused the effect.


The reptilian Draconites are known for their great strength and warlike nature. Many of these beings dedicate them selves to martial training, and some follow the path of the warrior on their native worlds. There homeworld is a moist damp swamp world with many military bases. The acutely commoner cities lack technology and are very primitive and technology scares. Most Draconites still live hollowed out and dug up swamp side trees. There military instillations however are very advance.

Draconite families are short lived parents mate and young are hatched though eggs. Once this is complete Draconite marriages are complete after few years of raising the child. The young are conditioned and prepared and the ideal of the Draconite Empire is reinforced. Once they are of age all Draconites regardless of sex serve in there empires military for at least five years. This makes there society riddled military organization and as no commoner society except those who have completed there service.

Their world has conquered many neighboring worlds around them. The inhabitance are enslaved by the Draconites fashions society. Some of the conquered worlds were once unclaimed confederation territory or frontier settlements that have verity of races. These conquered worlds donate all the material and goods they make to the empire that are apart of now. The Draconites spend lot of there military power policing these worlds as they are often in rebellion and they have to be crushed.

The Confederation is powerless to liberate these conquered worlds as the decision for the senate to make. There have been several bloody confrontations along the boarder some have turned into military campaigns but rarely results are ever seen. At best the confederation is only able to keep the Draconite Empire at bay.

Draconites are fairly common in the confederation territories as they are generally immigrants whose service with their home world's military has been complete. Others are often criminals escaping the harsh punishment that await them. Regardless life is hard for a Draconite and some see the Confederation as escape. Draconites aren't generally liked and so they often only found on the slum worlds.


Violent, brutal, and driven, Draconites love to compete, but can show compassion and mercy as situations warrant. A Draconite is also orderly as the years of there society grinned this into there minds. When they approach a situation they are always looking for someone who is superior or who might be superior enough to ally them selves under. If they find no one worthy then they move to enslave people under them through using fear.

Physical Description

Draconites stand six to seven feet tall. There reptile heads often represent a lizard if not dragon like look. They can live for about 150 years and there skin color varies from red, gray, or green. Some have black mains others are bulled with scales. They also have short tails that extend from there back and just barely touch the floor. There mouths are large and iguana like as they can open to about a 45 degree angle. There death are sharp much like a crocodile and there forehead plates above there eyes is thick bone. There bodies are natural strong as they are big and solid creatures.


Draconites speak and write there own language which a verity of hisses, and slurs. They can learn common.


The Draconite Empire would subjugate everyone if it was given the chance. Individual Draconites who find them selves traveling in the Confederation and among other races are often met with coldness. Many of the elder and venerable races such as Lingwee, Sagarens, and Elves dislike them. Some races like the Uruk have profound respect for there strength while others like the Finilya fear them.


Draconites who aren't living in there society are either criminals on the run or ex-military members who have immigrated from the empire to the Confederation. They are often flat broke and not particularly liked enough to get meaningful jobs. So its no surprises that they often become adventures doing free lance muscle work or mercenary work.

Homeworld Draconus Prime

Draconus prime is the second planet from the D raconus star. Distance: 28,177,895 km, Radius: 4857 km, Gravity: 0.38G, Orbit Period: 41.08 days, Rotation: 20.9 hrs, Mean Temp: 333K/60C, Atmosphere: 1.12 atm (O2 30%,CO2 50%,N2 10%,CO 10%), Water / Ice Index: 30, Habitable, Population: 10,000,000,000, Political: Dracos Empire

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