Draconus Empire


The Draconus Empire's boarders stretch like a vertical oval the bottom of the frontier and extending into lower sectors. It's boarders carves up a fourth of Sector 343 spilling over into sector 344 by a 5th of it. On its Sector 344 boarder a large bit of space is considered a neutral zone established by the Draco-Terra Treaty separates the Confederation and the Draconus Empire from boarder disputes, since they occur frequently based on the empire's expansion practices. The Draconus Empire represents there state sovereignty with a crimson red background and a tribal symbol marked in think black shapes that formulate dragon shape. An ancient tribute to there on going religious believers of being decedents of the Celestial Dragons that ruled over the universe before the Cataclysm. Over 90 percent of the Draconites's population lives within the borders of the empire for filling their roles as good citizens of the empire. Other small remaining faction sized perceptions have made their way into the frontier as well as into confederation. It's military controls and polices all the worlds as on giant organization. Not everyone belonging to the Draconus Empire as citizens are draconites. Since the military dominates entire worlds in during their expansion conquest. All sentient species are inducted into the empire as commoners. These commoners are forced into a 2nd rate social class being put to work in citizen owned business which ultimately serve the empire's needs. Those who resist find themselves faced with slavery, imprisonment, or even crude execution. With all things considered the summery of the Draconus Empire, could only be described as a Totalitarian Regime guided by the concepts of grandeur and it's subjects are ruled by an understand staffed and brutal military.


Official Name: "Dra'ko'dus (Sons of Dragons)
Form of Government: Imperial State
Symbol of State Emperor
Capitol Draconus Prime
Official Language: Draconus
Monetary unit: Dragon Fangs
Population Grade: B
Total Space (Light Years3): 216,000


Draconus Prime sits at the center of there empire and it's core is make up over 8 heavy industrialized worlds. Each one being a pillar of support in manufacturing specific needs for their military might. This brings order to all the important locations of the empire making the emperor's will unquestionable. Since the empire at times is so big the military has a very difficult time maintain organization as well as active communication. Which causes inconsistency with military orders, at times allows army commanders to rule over section of the empire unopposed and unchecked.

The amount of worlds within the Draconus Empire is astounding, and the poorly developmental of them is equal horrifying. The Draconus military seeks an overall goal of obtaining raw materials to be extracted, refined and manufactured. When colonization of distant worlds begins the military rarely supplies the commoners with anything to work with. They construct a military base and a point a regional commander, who then constructs an extraction plant, and employs citizens of the empire mange it. The military then leaves the citizens to deal with the problems of obtaining proper labor to work the machines, which often ends up being the conquered species of the world if applicable. (That is if they have the intellect and ability to be employed.) If such cases do not exist the citizens turn to slavery business deals with other imperial citizens.

Since there is no set criteria for what kind of world military decides to annex to the empire. The union of planets added to the empire each year ranges over all kinds of worlds from ice balls to lava and ash. With such a selection of planets the military begins to label them based on value to better organize how important they are to the empire. The worlds with rich resources are reward with special attention, while others are ignored and forgotten. Forgotten worlds tend to become detached from the empire for decades at a time. Sometimes they are even colonized by neighboring empires unknowing to the Draconus Empire’s Claims to the world due to lack of presence. This creates a recipe for conflict. Since the empire’s high command still maintains claim in their minds over worlds with or without military presence the Draconus military is called to defend their empire from invaders. Interplanetary conflicts begin as the Draconus military will invade and seize control over the trespasser’s colony and then prepare to repel confederate defense forces coming to answer there colony in distress.

Since such disorder leaves the distant worlds of the Draconus Empire war ridden, their core worlds are a shining beacon of imperialist civilization. Fashioning a very advance state where Citizens of the empire enjoy wealthy lives of their world based on profit made by the industry they've been employed by. Each core world is dedicated for one soul task, putting out a production output in percentages that far exceeded any of the other empires in the galaxy. This continually keeps the Draconus military up with a surplus of supplies, man power, and technology. This becomes the most profitable bussiness for a Draconus Citizen to be involved in.

Government & Politics

The Draconus Empire is ruled over by a military organization funded and supplied by its citizens who must supply it as terms of agreement for their citizenship. The empire rules over all its worlds with or without an military presence and since there relgious believes has placed them as the ultimate sentient species closest to the gods. They are difficult to negotiate with. There government has a complex set of laws and rules which more basically translates to perks that each social class is benefited by.

Imperial Citizens

Citizens of the empire can only belong to the draconite species who have served in the military for a tour. They are allowed ownership over things, open business, and may be called upon to take up government service jobs appointed to them by the military. In most common Draconus work places the mangers, and bosses, as well as business owners are citizens who have military experience. These first class members of society are treated to imperial rights which guarantee's them code of rights known as the Dragon's Code.

Dragon's Code

1.) All citizens serve state before themselves at all times.
2.) All citizens are innocent until proven guilty.
3.) All citizens who are under investigation are detained to their homes.
4.) All citizens who are found guilty of any kind of crime loses citizenship.
5.) No citizen is to ever be executed.
6.) All citizens may be called upon military duty at ANY TIME.
7.) All citizens may be appointed a government job.
8.) All citizens have the right to ownership within the empire.
9.) All citizens are welcome to petition the empire for a subject.
10.) All citizens must worship the emperor.
11.) All Citizens are responsible for their commoners.
12.) Citizens may not murder other Citizens.

Imperial Commoners

Commoners are identified as all the other people in the empire both anixed, criminals or draconites without military service. These second class members of the society are worthless in the eyes of the empire and are expendable labor for betterment of the imperial citizens. They are granted no rights at all and are forced to accept jobs appointed to them by citizens. However unlike slaves commoners are free to live out there lives within the jobs they've been selected for and are expected to make a living with the guidance of the citizens of the empire. Since citizens are responsible for commoners they must police them, and pay them to keep civil order. (Since failure in this could be considered a crime against the empire). With values such as the citizenship at stake citizens tend to take no chances and resort to butchery of its commoners if necessary in efforts to keep the commoners in a content state of fear. Which forces commoners do as they are told, making them live out their lives serving the citizen who owns the land they happen to belong to.

Imperial Officers

Imperial Officers are draconites award with the commission of the dragon. They become not only leaders of the military but members of the government. An officer of the empire is faced with having to complete assignments as they are handed down by his superiors. Some officers are ordered to invasion forces, while others who are unpopular, or whose reputation has been damaged by reprimands get the boring task of governing underdeveloped remote worlds. Officers unlike citizens have everything provided for them and at times are above the law since the most senior office governing a region is considered the judge, jury, and executioner. Retired officers become citizens as the Dragon's Code states and those who remain within the military as a career serving the empire. Career officers generally have the best deal as they only have to answer to a commanding officer, who in turns answers to his, and so on to the High Command.

Commission of the Dragon

Represented by a small brass dragon icon, this insignia represents not only the officer's granted authority and rank but their agreement to a military code of conduct. Which is an oath all officers must swear before being commissioned? Failure in upholding the rules of the commission can resort to all kinds of punishment, demotion, or even lose of citizenship.

Dragon Commission Code
1.) Orders are to followed unquestionable
2.) Military Forces must protect citizens at all cost.
3.) Military Forces must defend the empire state at all cost.

Administrative Divisions

Draconus Empire's administrative divisions are created in casts. To begin with there is the Emperior who rules absolutely over the Draconus Empire. Below him is the High Command, which belong to the military organization. This organization is responsible for managing Empire's administrative duties. Which in turn employ citizens who control commoners to provide the empire with functional services.


The highest cast of residing over all the empire, it's citizens, and commoners is the Emperor and his royalty. Emperors are selected by the High Command which is made of the military's most senior members (division generals). Once an emperor is selected they are emperor for life. Only members of the royal family are able candidates. The emperor could even be a retired military office who now is participating in the the empire as citizen.

High Command

Members of the High Command are the highest ranking draconites of the military, (often referenced as four star generals by human anthropologist studies). These military officers have moved up the ranks threw an astounding display of military achievement, and have been promoted to this rank by order of the Emperor. Once a member of the High Command a draconite serves the rest of his career until he is to old to be of any productive use, (Which case he returns to civilian citizen life for retirement). Forced removal of members of the High Command is tricky business. As the emperor is the only one who has the power to dismiss a High Commander. Though there has been a history of unfortunate accidents, or unexpected resignations from those who have held this rank.

Lower Command

These are commissioned officers granted the authority of leadership by the High Command. Leadership commissions are very specific in terms of what there job responsibility are. Higher ranking officers maybe assigned spaceships, active combat leadership, imperial office, military intelligence, special operations, governance over specific religions and so on. Once this commission is handed out the citizen swears an oath. Almost in all cases the rank of the office reflects the amount of responsibility they have in terms of their assignment. Promotions may warrant new assignments, however that my not be the case. Officers like any military organization are accountable to their superior offices based on quality of work, and mission achievement. Officers who fail are issued reprimands, and reprimands are weighed heavily in terms of advancing a career. In some court marshal cases officers may lose their commission as well as their citizenship.

Enlisted Soldiers

Draconites who have enlisted within the military must do so for a minimum of five years. Once among this term they become soldiers of the state following orders of their superiors. Soldiers like officers can be assigned to any job both civil or militaristic. In which case they serve without question until there tour has expired, or they are killed inaction. Once there term has been complete they are awared with Citizenship of the empire and may peruse civilian life as a citizen is expected.


Citizens are civilian members of the empire who have served five years in the military. With this servers they have been granted all the benefits of the Dragon Code, as well as responsibility. They are can be appointed civil servers jobs by the military, or own their own business, and property. They are responsible for commoner's productive usage and failure in doing so is grave.

Draconus Economy

The economy of the Draconus Empire is strong and rich within the core as its citizens enjoy the wealth brought in by the military for processing raw materials that are harvested from the remote reaches of the empire. However outside the core many of the Draconus colonies are poorly maintained and the burden of taxation is the harshest. While some worlds do improve based on there value, many do not and are neglected and stripped mined for all their possible natural resources.

Draconus Currency

Draconus currency is represented by gold fangs that carry roughly the same weight as a star league coin does, however it's shaped like a dragon fang. The Draconus Empire do have a digital credit system in place allowing citizens to transfer large some of gold without ever really having to transfer the gold physically. But these services are unavailable for the commoners of the empire. The worlds that is negligent generally to underdeveloped for the usage of gold coins, and turn to a barter system, or at shearing surplus.


Draconus Religion is base around the worship of the Celestial Dragons. It is in this teaching they believe they are choose ones to carry on the Ancient Civilization of the Overworlders. How the Draconite Society became to believe such a ridiculous notion all the other races are baffled including the elves. Which in most cases have the same believes. Regardless of other races opinion such teaches are wide spread for all draconites growing up in more advance cities of the empire. However conflicting believes among the primitive worlds of daconites who haven't been brainwashed with the religious believers of the state are considered by its commoners. Often aspects of life that provide themselves with spirits that watch over them, or a range of false gods that they aspire to appease. The religious organization isn't as organized as others in the universe. However Draconus clergy have found and used the ability to claim the Dragon King Bahamut. Those among this worship attempt to bring honor, nobility, and light to desolate remote worlds desperately in need of the true god's worth.


Unlike more organized military. The Draconus Empire has one large military body divided into two divisions. Lower Command Officers divided between Combat and Civil Assignments. Those who belong to the Combat are placed among combat category. These categories are designed to organize what kind of battle groups they belong too. Some officers are trained for operating starships, while others are trained for infantry. Regardless the category they all belong to the military and the ranks all have specific weights. This has caused on more than a few occasions power struggles within the chain of command when it comes to decide who's pulling rank. In all cases each officer is assigned with a specific group, and duty, and a commanding officer to report too.


Technology among the core worlds of the Draconus Empire is fairly advance and up to date when compared to it's neighboring empires. The Draconus Fleet has phase-shift drives that allow them to travel distant starts several times faster then the speed of light, there weapons are quiet modern, and they have access to the Galactic Network. However on all the other worlds they have conquered and annexed into there empire, it is a different story. Majority of conquered worlds are never developed in terms of infrastructure. Military Bases are littered across these colonial worlds which enjoy state of the art technology, but the commoner of these worlds typically never aided in ways to advance there civilizations. This leaves many of the colonial worlds ruled by tribal , serfdom, or peasantry governments. Some inhabitant my have ruining water in there houses, and enjoy electric, while others live in grass huts. However among these primitive conditions, commoners are educated in the ways of technology as many of them work in the factories and mining facilities that citizens create or head. Which leaves for a weird atmosphere about technology when entering one of these primitive townships. As they typically will be without basic essential modern needs for civilization, but may have laser rifles stashed away, or portable cookers, and so on.


Draconus Empire - History

Planetary History
[Estimated] Galactic Date: -6,000.000

The Draconus ancient civilization sprang up on its tropical forest world as the lizard-like species. There ancient civilizations with a very Aztec style where divided into regional nation states. For centuries the draconites competed for supremacy over the homeworld threw Olympic type contest and during unfortunate times; war. Eventually the draconites where united threw religion and those who opposed the dragon god where destroyed by the religious union. In time the people of Draconus would formulate the Draconus Empire.

Birth of the Draconus Empire
[Estimated] Galactic Date: -5000.000

The empires state and laws are an old ideal formulated from the social structures that the ancient nation states had enforced during their rule. Instead of strict bounders they brought great reward to those serving the needs of the empire. Those who did serve where considered citizens. The religious loyalty faded as time went on and corrupted emperors came and went. The power of the empire was secured in the notion that those who serve where greatly rewarded, while those who shamed the empire where shunned.

Into the cosmos
Galactic Date: -4,000.000

In these times the empire of the draconus state had faced 3 civil wars and emerged from its dark age stronger then in ancient times. They constructed the first imperil fleet and begin exploration into the cosmos. Exploration quickly became conquest as the draconites came into contact with lesser alien species of other worlds and blessing them with kindness of making them commoners of the empire. The empire expanded and ran unopposed for centuries. This granted them a successful development of their core worlds. The Draconus Empire went on unchecked until they met a foe equally as dangerous, the Star League.

Star League-Draco War
Galactic Date: 2150.460

As the draconus empire moved through out there space claiming practically each world there first contact with the star league was met with brutal slaughter. The Draconus Empire was unaware of the military might of their newly discovered rivals and as questions begin to rise the concepts of a galactic community became clear. The draconus were unprepared for the military might and level of technology the terrans possessed. The mystery to the origins of these creatures also baffled them as they where stunned to see a species that had the ability to travel among the havens.

The Draconus Empire responded with might and order 3 of its fleets to the boarder where a three year campaign ended with the destruction of the Draconus Flagship and the crippling of their military capabilities. The empire’s doom would have been spelled out for cretin. Upon their defeat the Star League pushed deep into draconus space, attacking there mining and refinery colonies and carting the spoils off among the Star Leagues legendary treasure ships.

Aftermaths of War
Galactic Date: 2153.468

News of the fleet’s defeat finally reached the Dragon and the fear of imitate invasion was wide spread. The citizens of the empire prepared. With the fleet sunk, the occupation forces spread thin threw out the empire and only the small civil defenses stood between Star League Armada and Draconus Prime the empire begin to panic. They summoned all citizens to active duty, and recalled all the forces they could spare without losing control over the empire’s commoners. When they rallied before the home world, they stood ready to match what little strength he had left against the soon to come terran invasion. The Draconus Empire waited but the Star League never came. The empire took this as blessings from the Dragon King. They also saw it as a lesson to be learned. No longer where they alone in the universe and that the day may come when the terrans will return to finish what they started. So the Draconus Empire quietly consolidated there forces and begin reorganizing there military. In efforts to reclaim what was lost by the pillaging the Star League caused.

Galactic Dates: 2160.600 - 2400.000

The period of reconstructing the Dragon Fleet was long and tedious. Since there core worlds had long since spent all its natural resources to constructing the empire’s infrastructure and the first fleet. It took decades for materials to be shipped from there colonies. Business reformed and begin to meet the needs on the colonial worlds to obtain the needed resources to rebuild what was lost. Then centuries went on rediscovering the worlds that where pillaged and bring order back to them. In time the Draconus Empire doubled its power and reclaimed several of the worlds they had lost control over during the Star League raid. The draconus fleet was ready to face the Star League once again.

The Reclaiming
Galactic Date: 2402.563

The Draconus Empire moved forward into the region of space where the Star League was first sited over 249 years ago. To their expectations the terrans where found. The first was contact since the last war had occurred with an invasion of a world said to be among one of those they had lost due to the war. The Draconus Fleet swept the defenses and butchered the settlers. This went on planet after planet as they unleashed there plan to reclaim the worlds they had lost. After several attacks it was learned that the Star League had fallen in 2333 and that the Confederation was a new order not responsible for the crimes made by the old oppressors. Such nonsense was rejected by the Dragon Emperor as political fables used to talk their way out of the vengeful wrath of the empire’s citizens. Thus begin the first war with the Confederation.

Draconus-Confed War I
Galactic Dates: 2506.236 – 2511.803

The conflict lasted 5 years as the Draconus Empire sought to reclaim all the worlds it had lost. This included the worlds that the confederation had populated with settlements. Human civilians that survived the attacks were annexed in as commoners of the empire, (an ancient practice of the empire). War went on for five years until enough losses were made to allow for serious peace talks to begin. The Treaty of Balance was made deciding which worlds the Draconus Empire kept, and which ones they would return. The agreement allowed for a small time of peace until the second war occurred 50 years late.

Draconus-Confed War II
Galactic Dates: 2565.842 – 2575.313

Minor battles occurred among the regions that where of interest to the Draconus Empire, causing prolonged and entrenched warfare on the worlds. Combat was so harsh that the results left the worlds a burning cinder. Some of these once beautiful worlds became open combat ground for both governments to maintain a foot holds into one another’s space. Pace also was eventually brought to these war waste lands by Galactic Senate of the Confederation, thus ending the open conflict and beginning a long period of cold war, which lasted for 45 years.

Draconus Incident of Proxamos III
Galactic Date: 2586.184

Confederation Galactic Senate decides that the Draconus Empire’s belligerent behaviors can no longer be ignored. With their involvement with Praxamos III, a world rich in resources and historically been a border dispute between the Confederation. With war plans drawn up the Confederation unleashed an attack seizing Proxams III, and surrounding systems. The Draconus Empire responded with advancing plans but met with great opposition. The end result of planet hopping caused the Draconus to withdraw at an agreeable distant and the Neutral Zone Treaty was signed.

Key Locations

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