Engineering Adept

Technology is core of our world. We know how to make it, break it, or fix it.

Class Traits

Role: Engineers are bridge for all others who interact with technology. They are the crafters, repairers, and at times destroyers of machines. There interaction and knowledge is critical for those who adventure using complex mechanical devices.
Key Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity

Armor Proficiencies: Light, and Medium Armor.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee Weapons, Simple Ranged Weapons
Bonus to defense: +2 Will

Hit Points at 1st level: 10 + Con Score
Hit Points per level gained: 4
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Con Modifier

Trained Skills: Engineering, Mechanics, Technology. From the class skills list below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level. Class Skills: Perception, Pilot, Sciences, Streetwise, Use Computers, or any Global skill.

Build Options: Electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Structural & Weapons Adepts

Class Features: Engineer Implements Mastery, Experimental Projects, Techno-Database Library.

Engineers are vital members of any industrialized society, responsible for building, maintaining, weapons, chicles, starships and more. Although many engineers confine themselves to workshops, garages and shipyards, many are drawn to a life of adventure and prefer to work "in the field." Some of th best and brightest engineers ply their trade aboard starships, on distant colonized worlds, and on the battlefield. Every organizations and nation depends on the technology relies on the their knowledge. Enginneers use their knowledge of how things are put together to more effectively take things apart and are often called in to b ypass security measures or whip up special weapons for field troops in dangerous situations.

Creating an Engineer

You can choose any Engineer powers you like for your character, but engineers naturally fall into categorizes known as adepts. An engineer decides what field the wish to specializes in by picking powers, skills and feats that fit into the fields of Electronics Adept, Computer Adept, Mechanical Adept, Structural Adept, Weapons Adept. All Engineers relay on Intelligence. Engineers could also benefit from dexterity, or wisdom, depending on which field they favor.

Electronics Adept

You're interested in the small devices, cybernetics, gadgets and gizmo's that are created by technology these are the kinds of feats, powers, and skills you'll want to take. These devices you could build, modify, attach, enhance or implement them in some kind of invention to do the tasks you need done. Like all other engineers you make Intelligence your best ability score. After that, prioritize your Dexterity ability score because electronic devices are often small or micro sized. Nimble hands are very important to ensure success when attempting to deal with these devices. Your wisdom score represents your awareness which can aid you in spotting defects, or problems with cretin electronics.

Computer Adept

You're a total master over software and can modify, or engineer your own software. Cyberspace is your world you navigate the inter-galactic network with your terminal like a captain of a sea vessel. Going where you please, accessing data you believe is necessary, and indulging in the pleasures that you seek. Like all other engineers you make Intelligences your best ability score. After that, prioritize your wisdom as you will need be an expert at spotting errors in binary code, and computer scripting.

Mechanical Adept

The most common engineers of them all. You're the person that fixes the mechanical parts of technology that everyone uses from day to day. These engineers can create or repair mechanical devices that range from as simple as an automatic door, to as complicated as a giant mecha or star fighters. These are the people you see in docking bays, auto-mechanic shops, starship engineering rooms and so on. Like all other engineers you make intelligence your best ability score. While prioritizing dexterity as your primary skill. Often you will have to disassemble mechanical devices, or put them together. This will require calm and careful hands to do so.

Structural Adept

The arachetics of the technological society. They design structures of all kinds. They are known for the knowledge needed to repair damage to the hull of space crafts, buildings, stations, and so on.Although they aren't masters of the electronically devices that may control these constructions, they are very adept in identifying weakness in construction of objects, as well as being able to design more efferent structures. Like all other engineers you make intelligence your best ability score. After that, prioritize your wisdom as you will need be an expert at reviewing structural blue prints, and plans.

Weapons Adept

These engineers specialize in modifying weapons, or creating them, however they don't design them. But they have the knowledge of creating them from plans already drawn up. These engineers have been known to be able to create ammunition that does more harm, tweak laser weapons to have more power, or engineer explosives that are rigged to explode. Like all engineers intelligence is the most important score, however dexterity and some wisdom can aid in the creation, or modification of weapons.

Class Features

Some of your more important characteristic is your ability use the tools that are needed for when tinkring with technology, your ability to put together various experimental projects, and manipulated technology in a manner that you can archive your goals.

Engineer Implements Mastery

You specialize in the uses kind of implement to gain additional abilities when you wield it.

Tool Kit Mastery: You gain a +4 when using any kind of tool kits that are needed when working with specific fields of technology.

Zinux Software: You have mastered the advance computer operating system Zinux. The limitations of all the other operating systems will not hold you back and you gain a +4 on all use computer checks when working with Zinux as your operating system.

Work Bench: You have mastered working with a work on technology. You gain a additional +4 to any skill checks involving the space on the work bench.

Experimental Projects: Your able to conduct experiments.

Personal Data-Base: Engineers archive there experiments and data from there projects to be used at a later date. A personal data-base consists of a computer

Encounter, Daily and Utility Abilities: You make your encounters, daily and utility exploits part of your training. You collect these abilities per-level as told by the Character Advancement Chart. Each level you instructed to gain one encounter, daily, or utility power per specified level. Each of these powers now become part of your training lists which will organizes the exploits you have mastered. After an extended rest, you can ready a number of encounter, daily and utility powers according to what you can perform per day for your level.

Experiments: Your database contains three 1st-level experiments of your choice that you have mastered. You will gain more experiments as you adventure and find them by adding them to your database. Any experiments you add must be your level or lower.

Capacity: A typical database has 128 peta-bytes. Each experiment takes up 1 peta-byte. An experiment takes up a number of peta-bytes equal to it’s level.

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