Proposal for Weapons.

Race Specific and Army Specific Damage weapons
- Uniquely designed race weapons, that can be used by that class automatically, when you are that race.

- If your not that race you take a -4 unless you take a Exotic Weapon.

- Weapons made by certain races, or specific weapons weapons made for Armies that have extra damage to certain races/extra damage.
- Considering a Standard Issue Confederation Pistol would either A. have a higher Crit Range, or B. Deal more damage. or both.
- A Race weapon say during a war, has an added bonus to do more damage to a certain race they are fighting.
- So a Finelia Rifle, would do A lot more damage, to a Kilteran.

- Also consider drow have very rare weapons, that few people actually own.
- Adamantium Weapons, are Really hard to come by, and usually consist of having a high price for having them.
- If anyone knows you have one of those weapons they probably wouldn't associate with you.
- Drow weapons should be a lot more deadly to Elves and Humans, since they always try to enslave and capture those two races.

- Considering the fact that most weapons in Stellar Winds are based off of weapons today we should keep some of them.
- However, owning a real pistol that does bullet damage would normally do shit damage to Armor in Stellar Winds.
- Since Armor is usually made to withstand a Lazer blast, thus making standard issue Laser weapons, have a lower Crit Range.
- Also since a Lazer is a hot pulse of energy, most armor should have a Heat Resistance added to them on normal.
- However, Armors like that should be more Breast Plate and up, since Leather/chain, would have some weakness.

- Along with that each class should have a specific look and feel to there weapons.
- Drow black adamantium, usually dealing with Katana's, Rapiers, and Shurken Splinter Rifles.
- Never see a Laser Pistol, or anything human made, and would always end up being finely crafted with a bonus.
- Finilia would are also considered cowardly, so Finylia blades would be kinda rare, as they would use guns more often.
- They would also do normal damage to humans since they are aligned, and more damage to other races they have problems with.
- Dwarves would probably deal more with Blades, a Dwarven Pistol would be rare, since a Dwarve believes more in the valor of battle.
- So finely made Dwarven Weapons would be availible, and would probably be useable by humans.
- Elves almost the same as Drow however, they would also probably have weapons that the drow don't have.
- Probably a weapon that could detur adamantium, since it would create a balance.
- Kiltaran would have weapons that would probably mess up the dog race, and rat race.
- Probably deal with more Grenades and powders, that would probably mess up a dogs sense of smell.
- Would probably also deal with nets as a weapon, and claws.
- Sagarens would probably rarely use a pistol, since they would most likely be up close in combat.
- Spikes, and Claw weapons again, and maybe flamethrower like weapons.
- Lingwee would probably deal with more electric based weapons, or harpoon like projectiles.
- They would probably also live in specially designed suits that would keep them moist, when out of there habitat.

Normal Weapons would always be availible for purchase at first that don't do as much damage, so finding confederation issue, or master crafted weapons should always be hard.

Unless you yourself are a crafter.


















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