"We are the listeners of nature, and the lovers of peace. "

Average Hight: 5'0'' - 5'5''
Average Weight: 90 - 120 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Low Light Vision

Racial Abilities

Languages: Common, Finilian
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Diplomacy
Finilya Education You gain training in one additional skill selected from the skill list in Chapter 5.


The outer rim world of Avalon is a beautiful utopia world. Its magnificent tropical forest, water falls and clean atmosphere is known by all. Though, Avalon has not always been a beautiful utopia world that many of the other races seen as. This world was once shared by two intelligent species that are in a lot of ways similar who at first for centuries lived separate lives and in different parts of the world. The Kilitaran a vicious predator race dominated the forest floor while the Finilya lived peacefully above in there tree top cities.

Kilitaran as they became more advanced especially during the earlier era of the Star League began to have more conflicts with Finilya. Fighting would occur often mostly leading a slaughter of the non aggressive finilya communities. When time came that the world was threaten by Yazerin invaders the adversity forced the two races that belonged to Avalon to join up and fight for the sake of there world. The battle was horrifying and much was destroyed as the technology of the Yazerin's was certainly more superior. The long time allied star elves luckily stepped in to aid eventually driving the Yazerins back.

On the eve of victory story remains in conflict but according to the Finilya the Kilitarans attempted to seize control of Avalon and dominate it. This action was thwarted and with the aid of the star elves. As a result of the Kilitaran defeat it was recommend by star elves that for the safety of the finilya people the kilitaran should be banished to a distant world many light years away. This split has given birth to the undying hatred the Kilitaran have for the Finilyas.

The world Avalon lacks technology by choice and has only accepted small amounts of it to allow them to be an active member of galactic community. Though as a general policy the Fanelia have been known to reject technology that isn't necessary.

At an over looking mountain side a typical finial city is constructed with beautiful spiraling buildings integrated with the jungle canopy of there world. What was once rickety rope bridges are not elongate wood suspension bridges. Among some of the ironwood trees star ports and landing pads are constructed as well as buildings. The Finilya buildings lack any kind of integrated machinery such as elevators and stairs are used everywhere. Even lighting is done though burning candles and magical dancing lights spells.

This very conservative ideal of construct is directly tied to the Finilya love for things natural. They religiously respect all life and unnecessary extermination of it a taboo. Thus there cities are integrated with the forest and the Finilya zealous vegetarians. The concept of eating once a live creature is barbaric in there eyes and so they stick foods that are created plant growth or harmless taken from animals. A good example of foreign food made though nonviolent treatment of life that has been vastly accepted among there society is ice cream.

Finilya though have a longer life span then most races there house holds are generally split up and small. Family is often distant and only met for rising children.

Since most Finilya are so passionate with life they often become spirit walkers or often called the druids of space. All life has a soul and all things found in nature have a sprit that can be communicated with the proper training. The Finilya have mastered these skills and as a result have learned to manipulate the forces of nature into natural magic. Only a select few every under go training that allows develop these magical skills, most common finilya only ever learn to feel and speak with near by sprits. Though the Finilya who aren't spirits walkers and who are among the liberal bunch leave Avalon on journeys to see the stars. Some travel to Earth where they participate in the Confederation as diplomats and ambassadors while others travel to meet spirits of distant worlds.


Finilya known for their joyful and sensitive personalities. They believe in enjoyment of life and the embarrassing of emotions. These aspects make them quick to laugh, smile and cry making them appear to have sensitive personalities. They have sacred believes based around nature and the sprits of the universe making them a pacifistic kind of people. The finilya value poetry, nature and beauty however these creatures have no love for technologies and relay on what nature has to offer. They are friendly and very intuitive when it comes to sense things. At a young age they are taught that technology should only fit a bare necessity. This ideal makes them a will strong people discounting easy work done by machines as lazy. There respect for life is beyond anyone else and when carelessly thrown around they become upset.

Physical Description

Finilya bodies aren't fury like felines although they do have a tale as well as cat like eyes, and where human ears would be there are cat like ears. They are also short much like elves averaging from 5 feet to 5 ½ feet. Their bodies are slim and slander given them a fragile look and they aren't very muscular. There hair color can vary in all shades as there eyes could too however there skin is often a tan color. Finilya seem to resemble to be more elf-like then cat as their faces have sharp jaw lines and smooth hairless skin.


Finilya langue is a beautiful one much like the elven. They can speak and write it and can learn other speech languages.


Finilya hate the word enemies and empress all life as beautiful. Some races find them rather annoying and cowardly. Among the most known to voice there opinions about Finilyens is the Kilitarans. The Finilya welcome the Confederation and anyone to visit there homeworld and enjoy its peace. As such the Finilya are one of the major core supports of the confederation which grants them protection. They have a special relationship with star elves as they have a lot of history and their ideals are often mirrored by each other.


Finilya adventures can often be young finilyas who are traveling the stars for the sights. Others can be on a soul searching quest, diplomatic business, or sent on a special task by the elder spirit walkers of their world. Regardless they are always optimistic and hate traveling alone. They might pair up with people they meet along there journeys and travel around learning from their experiences and what the universes has to offer.

Homeworld Avalon

Distance: 382,684,844 km, Radius: 6476 km, Gravity: 1.02G, Orbit Period: 3.36 years, Rotation: 36 hrs, Mean Temp: 300K/57C, Atmosphere: 1.1atm (CO2 39%,O2 27%, N2 21%, CO 7%,SO2 6%), Water / Ice Index: 33.04, Habitable, Population: 6,000,000,000, Political: Confederation

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