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They are shown around the Mage Circle of Vain. Earendur notices a lot of mirrors reflecting into the crystals which seem to be giving off mana. They are essentially sun charged mana crystals.
On the ship Musty reads physiology out loud to Mila; thinks about going ahead and waking her up. She awakens, stretching, asking if he finds that book interesting. She talks with him saying she is fine but weak. Asks for some water and real food and to be taken to her room; he gives her some water to sip at and a candy bar. He messages Lansolin and lets him know she is awake after dropping her off at her room. Says she seems like her normal cranky self.
Lansolin knocks on Mila’s door and she lets him in. He asks her how she is and she wants to talk about the map that he told her about while in her catatonic state. He tells her that they think it’s the Star League Treasure map but they can’t be for sure. That’s why they are here, to see if the mages can help them out. He lets her know what happened to the ship as well unsure of what all needs to be fixed; once she is back on her feet she can start that. She says she is fine. He disagrees. He talks about how awful Mora torture can be and that what she endured was terrible. He also begins to tell her how the Mora became what they are and how the Tao Ome dedicate their lives to killing Mora. He tells the history if the elven split between the Star Elves and Mora and the first and second coming due to soul splitting. The Quessar, or the elves, thought they owned the universe. The dark elves were obsessed with the old ways (soul-splitting) and the elven people had a spiritual awakening. This split led to the Tao Ome, Blade Banshees, and he offers to teach her the way. She says yes emphatically.
The gnome, Andon shows them their room. It has bunk beds. He lets them know they are welcome to stay as long as they like. Earendur asks if they are welcome to look around, he says yes; respect locked doors and keep your weapons put away. Obidiah is sad he can’t train while he is here. Took asks for food; there is a banquet being served at the moment and he takes Took and Obidiah to it while Earendur gets a lay of the land. They are welcome to eat as much as they like.
Earendur almost bumps into a man walking down the stairs; he excuses himself and continues down the stairs as Earendure continues up. He goes through and tries the doors. He notes the ones that are locked and enters the ones that are not. He enters a library and begins to flip through books. These are only dissertations and theories, no spells or anything he is interested in. He notices a mirror that seems to move like water when he touches it. It’s a dimensional portal. He asks a young female where it leads; she says it’s the special collections, he will not be able to enter it he needs a guild pass, she shows him hers on her neck. It looks like the Star of David. She explains that you have to be a member of the guild in order to obtain one. She asks if he is a visitor and if he is an elf. He says yes. She is mesmerized because she has never seen an elf before. She touches his chest to examine the armor; asks questions about his hearing and sight as well. He answers, he has both senses heightened. She introduces herself as Layla; she is an 18 year old 1st year mage student. She asks how old he is; he asks how old do you think I am? Very old. Asks what brings him here? He just wants to study what they have and offers to study with her; she says she looks forward to it. He leaves and continues his exploration.
Earendur enters the dining hall, sees Obidiah’s chair bending under the weight of him, and creates a chair for him with magic. A man sees this and approaches him telling him he cannot use magic openly, there are designated areas. He knows he is a visitor; tells him not to do it again. Earendur apologizes and introduces himself as Earen. Tells him he is looking for membership to go into a special collection. The man says his name is Ron and tells him he wants to talk to the elders then. Earendur approaches Took and Obidiah. Took asks how long they are going to stay here. Not until he can read the books in the special collection. He also asks about the ship and if they are going to help fix it; Earendure says he will speak to the elders.
Took notices that the food all tastes the same which spoils his appetite and he hands his plate to Obidiah. Obidiah attempts to take a plate of food to his room but it disappears, sadly he sits back down. He attempts to make friends with the gnome bringing in the food but the gnome is frightened of his size. Took asks what Earendur found, mentions a portal that they need to go through to read the books needed to get out of here. Obidiah and Took head back to their room after Earendur talks to some other guild members he joins them.
The next day Earendur explores again, sketches the hydroponic bay and tries to see how it works so he can recreate it on the ship. After, he heads to the large meeting area where the counsel is meeting. There are five council members: A very old man sits in the center (seems to be in charge), younger red-haired lady sits next to him with a massive talisman, another wizard with a staff, another woman with a talisman and finally an aged looking mage (seems to be worn by magic). They welcome “Earen” and asks what has brought him here? Seeking a better library. The red-headed mage asks if he has heard of the Mandel collection, he says he has. They want to know if he wants to become a learner or a donator. The half-elf woman is very skeptical about his motives and makes it known. They explain this is a place of give and take, what does he have to give, to contribute? They want something unique, that they haven’t seen before. He offers to show them what he can do but they cannot cast openly in here. He hands over his spell book and the half-elf flips through it pausing on the Pulse spells. They ask him to explain what it is. Earendur explains he created this new college, it is hard to control but it’s the base of what magic is and is very useful. Let’s you see the wave of everything”. It can manipulate energy and focus it around oneself. The aged looking wizard-Racelin, is willing to vote in his favor. The half-elf (Atiana) is very against this and is very racist towards him. Earndur shows how he rescued Mila, a half-elf, and lets he know he is only here to learn. They tell him projects will need to be completed in order to withdraw information from the library.
On the ship Mila wakes up but hears the Mora who tortured her behind her. She becomes so terrified that she passes out from fear landing on the ground. Musty texts Obidiah to check on him, everything is okay on their end. He checks out the med-bay and then gets some food for himself and Mila. When he knocks on her door, there is no answer, again, no answer. Asks Lansolin to do and override and open the door for him, he does. Mila is laying face first on the floor, he flips her over and there is a bruise on her face and she won’t wake up. He carries her to the bed and she is covered in sweat. He injects her with hyperstem and THC to wake her up and calm her down. She wakes talking of “him” and where is “he”? Musty tries to inject her with sooth but misses as she ducks away and runs out of the room. Mila runs to the engine room and locks the door behind her. She cowers down in the far corner of the room with her dagger in hand, half naked with only a shirt and underwear on. Musty lets Lansolin know and he finds her with the computer’s help. Lansolin enters, unarmed, unarmored, announcing himself. She allows him to come close and he sits next to her asking what happened. She tells him what she heard and that she thought the Mora were on the ship. She tells him the doctor tried to stab her with something, that’s why she ran. He explains that healing will be hard and she is going to have to trust the doctor. She agrees. He offers to hold her and she obliges eventually dropping the knife and cuddling in close with him.
Back at the counsel they let Earendur know he could be considered for a master rank immediately if his notes are real. He asks if he can have a temporary rune pass to enter the restricted part of the library, the refuse him. Asks to sit in on classes and they grant him that.
Took and Obidiah head to breakfast. Took is just about done with this bland food and doesn’t eat much. Earendur joins them and Took asks about the ship again; he will find out. After breakfast Obidiah works on acrobatics, calisthenics, cartwheels, pushups, situps all in the front entry way of the mage building. Took heads back to his room working on his wearable computer. Earendur sits in on an alchemy class; very basic magic, then heads back to his room.
On the ship Lansolin helps Mila up and they go to get food. They eat and talk about the ship. She explains that they will need to repair the ship before they take off or else it will do more damage. She inspects the damage closer they are going to need: 6 units of spare metal that will be able to weld onto armor diamonoid. It will take 10 or more days to make her space worthy. She can fix the habitats in space once they have the outside damage fixed.
Took stays on his computer most of the day. Obidiah checks in with Musty until he sees a gnome running past fast. Obidiah follows and lets Musty know something may be up before hanging up. Musty tells Lansolin. Obidiah then calls Took and Earendur to meet up with him. He follows him to the meeting hall where he tells the elders that colonial soldiers are out front demanding to see someone in charge. Celus (the red-haired lady) and Atiana go and check it out. Took reports what’s happening to Musty. Colonial Commander St. Claire explains he is here to search the facility for pirates that killed several of his men. Celus says he needs a warrant and he explains a piece of paper isn’t going to stop him from entering.

Week 11: Awake by HannahdgHannahdg, 15 Dec 2014 23:44

Earendur aims and shoots at two of the three space cruisers, one hits and explodes leaving only two more cruisers. Took uses evasive maneuvers to avoid contact. The large rectangular ship heads on a parallel vector towards the Crimson Wolf. It returns fire four times, Took dodges two but the other two hit. The shields soak 70 damage. The ship rocks around, shaking, and the ship lets the bridge know the shields have weakened. Earendur fires again 17 times, two land damaging the larger ships hanger bay and main battery. Took wants orders, Darcassian tell them they need to finish them off so they can land. Lansolin tells Took to flip around to shoot from behind. Earendur tries to open a channel for communication asking why they are attacking but there is no answer.
Musty tells Fiona and Lokrian to get suits on but they don’t know where they are. He then tells them to head to the galley where they should be safe. Fiona freaks out not wanting to go anywhere. Musty injects her with sooth to calm and tells Lokrian to take her to safety. They leave the med-bay and when the door closes he drops Fiona on the floor and runs. Doc then sends an email to Indigo of his needed supplies. He calls Obidiah to head up to the med-bay.
Obidiah grabs two thruster packs, one for Musty and another for himself. He places his foot locker in an inner room of the cargo bay that contains machinery then heads up to the med-bay. Lokrian is in front of Earendur’s room trying to break in. Obidiah places his hand on his sword. Lokrian tries to make a deal with him, to let him in and he will split the map’s treasures 50-50. Obidiah calls Earendur and lets him know what is happening. Earendur tells him to knock him out, tie him up then sedate him. Obidiah tells Lokrian okay, that he will make the deal and sticks his hand out to shake on it. Lokrian takes his hand and Obidiah stuns him with his glove. He lets Earendur know he’s out and Earendur lets him into his room to get rope. Obidiah ties him up and drags him to the med-bay where he sees Fiona in a ball on the ground. He lets her know where to find the suits in the cargo bay.
The ship lets them know three missiles are headed at them. Took dodges them all, while turning and drifting at the same time to shoot the back of the larger ship. They shoot and damage the back hull on the ship destroying the armor. The enemy ship turns to shoot three more missiles at the Crimson Wolf. Took dodges one but the other two hit. The first on takes down the armor and shields and the second rips through the front hull damaging 6 cabins and depressurizes the ship. Emergency doors clamp down to isolate the damaged portion of the ship.
The massive impact rocks the ship making everyone’s footing uneven. Fiona hits the ground and Mila grabs the edge of the table she is on tightly. Musty notices this and tries to get Mila to respond but he has no luck.
The ships alarms are blaring when Lansolin screams to Took about a report. He is informed it was a large portion of the front hull and Darcassian encourages them to finish them off. The space cruisers send two anti-thermal rockets toward them. Lansolin tells Took to dodge or they will be in trouble. He dodges one and Earendur shoots at the larger ship twice but they dodge both. Took shoots at the two cruisers but they both dodge. Took take evasive action toward the planet and breaks away from combat.
Obidiah carries Lokrian and Fiona into the med-bay. He asks the doc to keep him knocked out. Musty injects him with something, putting him in a deep dreamless sleep for 8 hours. Obidiah tells Musty that the forward hull was destroyed and hands him a thruster pack. Musty asks Obidiah to secure her to a medical bed.
The ship enters the atmosphere and lands perfectly, two miles away from the Mage’s Library under a ledge. Earendur covers the ship with some earth and creates dense cloud cover. Lansolin complements Took on his flying capabilities and inspects the damage done to the ship. Earendur tells him that the mages may have a spell to fix the ship. Lansolin tells Earendur that he can take Obidiah and Took to see the mages while he stays with the rest of the crew. He lets Obidiah know what is happening and asks him to help him lock up Lokrian in a cell. After they do that, Musty catches Took on the way out and hands him a homing device to put on himself just in case. He also hands one to Earendur. All three are in full armor carrying weapons and MREs. It takes them 45 minutes to travel 2 miles to the library.
It’s a beautiful, well-kept, snowy area. The building is cylindrical and made out of stone. There are no windows and the doors are solid metal. There is a panel on the wall near the door with buttons and the door has a slat on it. Earendur presses the button on the panel and waits. The slat on the door opens and a voice asks who they are. Earendur tells him he is an elf that seeks to trade for information. Obidiah calls the ship to check in. He tells them they have reached the building and made contact but are still waiting to enter. Took drinks while they wait and Obidiah turn on thermal vision to look around. The slat opens again, same man, tells them the elders want to know who he is. He tells the man his name is Earen and he wishes to trade old knowledge for new. The man leaves again for another long while.
When he returns he tells “Earen” that he must answer the questions. Number one: What is your favorite color? Earendur stomps his staff on the ground and the runes glow gold, he says gold. He leaves to check with the elders. They have already been out there for 45 minutes. Took lets it be known that he doesn’t trust them (the mages). The man reappears opening the slat asking question two: What is your quest? Continue his journey and teach other mages along the way. The man goes and checks with the elders. Musty calls and checks on Took, Took is unhappy that they are still waiting out in the cold. Obidiah eats an MRE while they wait for the man to come back. The man appears again with a third question: What is the capital of Alexandria? New Avalon. He checks back with the elders. It is now dark, Took sits down as they wait a long while again. The man reappears with a final question: What is the air speed velocity of a swallow. Earendur explains the answer in detail. The doors begin to open, the man is a gnome. He tells him that he has demonstrated patience, wisdom and science which prove them as worthy guests among the mage society.
Inside there is an open area that is still snowy with a giant statue of a dragon in the center. He asks them what brings them to the Mage Circle of Vain. Earendur responds with reading and increasing knowledge. The gnome gives them a brief history on the building as they walk to their rooms. There is a hated pool in the center near their rooms.

Week 10: Condor Attack by HannahdgHannahdg, 08 Dec 2014 21:11

Took lets Lansolin know they cannot land on the planet until they have their charter so they are stuck in space till Indigo gets there. Earendur suggest hiding somewhere for the time being, they decide on orbiting a gas giant staying hidden in the gaseous surface of the planet. Took pilots them into orbit and sets the ship to auto-pilot. Darcassian tells them he will be holed up in his quarters until Indigo arrives. Lansolin reminds Took and Earendur of another time they hid in a gas giant. They reminisce about a strange elf on the ship who was a Mora killer – Lansolin remembers that he was reprogramed. He lets them know Mila will be okay but is unsure when she will be back on her feet.
Obidiah trains and explores on the outside of the ship with his space suit. Earendur studies a new skill-Lost Technology. Took works on his computer operations and Doc studies physiology. Lansolin visits Mila in the med-bay but she is still in a catatonic state. Musty suggests talking to her, reading to her and holding her hand. Musty leaves so Lansolin can talk with her alone, telling her everything that has happened since she’s been out. When he is done he lets Musty know she is unresponsive which is no surprise. He says they may not have the time she needs to get out of this state.
Obidiah visits Earendur asking why they are hiding in the gas giant. He tells him they are waiting for Indigo to deliver the charter so they can safely land on the planet and go to the mage library with no problem. Obidiah asks if they are going to the library because of Lokrian but he says it’s just because he likes to read; Obidiah can tell he is lying. Obidiah asks about the clouds he made on Tortuga and how he created them. Earendur tries to explain in simple terms but ends up just taking Obidiah to the training area of the ship to show him. Earendur creates earth and makes two swords out of it telling him he can create things out of nothing but that’s only the tip of the iceberg to what he is really capable of. Earendur tells him they have something very special that will pay off big in the future, just to hang on and trust him; he agrees. After Earendur leaves he sends out an email to the crew suggesting a get together full of drinking and camaraderie but the email is very misspelled. Everyone seems to like the idea but Lansolin thinks emailing back and forth is pointless –just use the comm device.
Musty reads a book to Mila until Lansolin comes in to talk to her. The doctor leaves and he tells her about his day and everything that is happening almost like a therapy session. He complains of their lack of direction and talks about the treasure map hoping the mages can help decode it. (Something that Mila had no idea about but can process the information he is telling her) He wants her to get back on her feet soon. He tells her when they found her how horrible she looked but now that she is healed she looks just a beautiful as when he first saw her.
Musty knocks on Darcassian’s room door but there is no answer; a second and third time, still no answer. Calls Took to tell him he is worried about him and wants to check on him; asks him to open the door to his room. Took calls Darcassian but there is no answer and lets Musty in. Darcassian is meditating in a trance of sorts, completely naked. Doc backs out slowly and tells Took to close the door.
In the kitchen, Earendur enters which frightens Fiona. He wants the best dinner he will ever eat and will watch her as she makes it. Musty asks for stir fry and heads into the common area to wait. Fiona is confused, looking for something. She says someone has been in here messing with things. Earendur becomes frustrated and casts history on the room. A hex had been placed on the room and it burns Earendur’s brain making his eyes bleed. He grabs the doctor and leaves walking to the med-bay, major healing himself. The image he saw was a skull with horns, he knows it was not of a demonic nature but is unsure of what it was. He asks Musty to give him a crazy dose of THC, stronger than what a human needs, he does as he is told. Musty also injects him with nanites to be sure he is okay. Lansolin asks what happened. He tells him that the Mora have hexed the ship. They were either on the ship at one point or they scryed. The only way to stop this is to go the library. Earendur says he has an idea and heads to his room after the nanites are removed. Musty follows. He wants to call the Mage College to get diplomatic immunity but this is impossible on two accounts: there is no signal and they would still need a charter to get past the colonial authority. Earendur explains what happened to Musty in a very cryptic way because he is very high. Says bad magic did it, it could be everywhere and the crew may be hurt. Musty tells Lansolin he is worried about Earendur and he goes to see him. They speak in elven; Earendur explains that they could have hexed the entire ship. Earendur goes and talks to Mila and asks Musty to wait outside. Fiona asks Lansolin to come to the kitchen, he needs to see something. There is something written on the table –he says don’t touch it.
Musty warns Earendur to be comforting to Mila, then leaves. Earendur leans in close to her. He says they have all done horrible things –seen horrible things. He tells her that they will all be here waiting for her, even her dad, and to feel better. He heads back to the kitchen with Lansolin and Fiona. There is a giant magic circle written in blood on the table. There must have been some sort of invisibility spell on it and probably would have killed him if he wasn’t so powerful. Earendur tries to see if there are any unwanted people on the ship; there are none. Musty mentions that he saw Darcassian in a trance and wondered if these two events were connected. Also mentions that Indigo’s crews were in this room alone for a stint.
The drugs finally wear off and Earendur checks the area for traps but there is no magic, that he can see, in place. Musty suggests giving Fiona something to interrogate her and maybe get something from her subconscious. Fiona asks Lansolin what is happening. Their advisories are formidable mages. Earendur copys the symbol from the table and asks for this room to be quarantined from the rest of the ship so no one else can get hurt.
Lansolin heads to bed but instead of slipping into a trance he stares at his bedroom door, ready for attack. Musty heads down to Obidiah’s non-existent party. He’s unhappy because no one came. He gives Musty a keg of beer but there are no cups so he drinks from his hands. Musty tells him he should go visit Mila; Obidiah nods but is uncomfortable discussing it further. Musty lets him know what happened to Earendur in the kitchen and tells him to be careful. He gives Obidiah a syringe filled with a drug to sober himself up if need be and goes back up to the med-bay to check on Mila.
Took becomes tired and heads down to his quarters. He sees something run past very fast out of the corner of his eye and goes to investigate but nothing is there. He finds this unusual and let’s Earendur know what he saw just in case. Earendur insists that he sleep in his room tonight and gives him some Elven wine. He drinks it but declines sleeping in his room and heads to his own room. Earendur becomes very paranoid and hallow screens the rooms, Fiona is taking a shower. He casts a spell to see all the magical things on board that he is unaware of. All the doors have magic on them including three pings on the bridge. He analyzes the magic. The spell on the doors is a disintegration spell with a delay that can happen at any moment once a magical word is spoken. He pages Lansolin telling him they are fucked and need to land on the planet now, charter or not. He pages Took and tells him the Mora are here, Took suits up and grabs his guns, going to the bridge to get the hell out of dodge.
Once on the bridge, Earendur analyzes the magic that he saw; they are three magical beasts. Took takes off immediately as Earendur tells the two about the magical beasts on board. Lansolin tells Took that they are going to be shot down if they try to land on the planet without a charter, but it’s their only option. Earendur pages the mage counsel seeking help and willing to donate to their library but he gets no response. Lansolin wants to know how they got on board but Earendur is unsure and doesn’t want to risk casting anything in case it triggers the spell on the doors. Obidiah calls the Doctor but he is asleep. Lansolin goes over the intercom and tells everyone to put on their Vacc suits; they are under attack. Took calls Fiona and tells her to help the doctor out with Mila’s suit and does what she is told. Darcassian walks into the med-bay, sees Mila is being taken re of and leaves for the bridge. Musty tethers Mila to the wall and to himself once he has his suit on. Lokrian follows Darcassian to the bridge and asks what’s happening. Lansolin tells them to go get space suits on. Something is on board and has hexed the doors to flush them out if they don’t land immediately.
Took broadcasts a distress signal to the planet and anyone listening. As they close in, they are hailed in to dock their ship and prepare to be inspected. The Colonial Fleet Condor tells them to direct their course to coordinates alongside the planet. Darcassian tells them they have no choice but to engage the ship and land on the planet. Lokrian says they can’t do that –Lansolin forcefully tells him to go get his suit on. He heads to the med-bay. Took wants to talk it out and explain their situation but they refuse to listen. The Colonial Charter fires on them, their ship shutters and Fiona falls into Lokrian’s arms. They are told to go to cargo bay 1 and suit up.

Week 9: Hexed by HannahdgHannahdg, 01 Dec 2014 23:21

Took, Lansolin, Musty and Obidiah reach the top of the mines; Musty asks if Earendur is going to come pick him up so he can start surgery on Mila. Lansolin calls Earendur and tells him to get here and take the doctor back. Earendur casts hawk flight after he locks down the ship and books it to them. Took radios him and asks him to pinpoint a truck near them so they can get there faster; he does. He grabs Musty and takes him back to the ship. When they get to the med-bay Earendur asks Musty to tell him exactly what he does to Mila in order to learn some medical skills. The doctor puts Mila on the diagnostic bed, injecting nano bugs inside of her to fully assess her injuries. After that he outs her on life support with a respirator and intravenous drugs; he begins surgery.
Obidiah inputs the ship into his GPS routing the fastest route. They approach the truck, it’s locked but it’s in front of a shanty house. Obidiah knocks on the door, no answer, Lansolin tells him to break in and he does. Inside there are several very high people who do not react to the door being kicked in. Obidiah yells that someone is trying to steal their truck; a man gets up and freaks out. Obidiah grabs his arm and shocks him with his stun glove, grabbing the keys out of his pocket and dropping him to the ground. They leave the house and Obidiah props the door back up. Took gets in the driver’s side, Lansolin in the front seat and Obidiah in the truck bed. They book it to the ship taking them only 14 minutes to get there. Obidiah calls Earendur to let him know they are there and to let them in, he does. They pull the truck into the cargo bay with the parking brake on. Took heads to his pilot seat while Obidiah and Lansolin go to the med-bay. Earendur steps out with them and says Mila’s surgery is still going on. Obidiah mentions his arm and Earendur heals him but it hurts.

Week 8: Leaving Tortuga by HannahdgHannahdg, 01 Dec 2014 19:07

Obidiah calls out, “I got him!” Musty makes sure everyone is okay because of the grenade explosion. Earendur casts a missile shield around himself to protect him from bullets and grenade shrapnel. Lansolin moves around the drill-bit where the Mora stands there stunned and bleeding. He swings his sword at him and the Mora falls on his back. Took double moves to help Lansolin but Obidiah impales the Mora with his sword killing him. Earendur goes through the Mora’s things: there is only a Gravity Needle rifle and three cylindrical thermoses sized objects and gives them both to Took. Musty puts nano bugs on the entrance to the room to make sure no one would sneak up behind them. Earendur leads them into the next room and casts history; Mila was taken into room 43, there were seven Mora and one stayed behind to slow them down. He continues down through room 27 and makes sure everyone is following. Musty tells Took not to touch anymore levers, he agrees. Another history spell is cast; they headed to the right down a narrow hall. Another spell; she was taken to the left across the bridge and down the tunnels through tight hallways.
Three large lizards (9ft long 3ft wide) come up behind them, hissing and ready to charge. Obidiah lets the group know but thinks he can handle it himself. The rest of the group continues down the hall with Earendur. The first lizard charges, Obidiah dodges, a second one charges and he dodges again. The third one tries to tail whip him but he parry’s with his sword. Obidiah battles the lizards only getting hit once. The back one tries to capture his gaze multiple times but Obidiah’s will is too strong and he refuses.
Earendur casts history again, continuing down the tight hallway. Musty pulls out his palm top to monitor Obidiah as he fights the lizard. Obidiah badly wounds two of the lizards as the back lizard continues to catch his eyesight. He kills both of the wounded lizards.
Mila’s last thought as she slips into unconsciousness is that she has done nothing with her life; she is going to die having lived a pointless existence. Obidiah kills the last “basilisk” lizard then turns to follow the group. Earendur finds the room Mila is in, immediately casting history. Lansolin approaches Mila’s revenged body, his hand on his mouth in complete shock of what they have done to her. He feels terrible that this has happened. Took scans the room for threats and Musty runs up to Mila telling Lansolin to cut her out of the chair and lay her on the table. He picks her up bride stlye and lies her down. Musty puts a neural inhibitor on the back of her neck to ease her pain. Musty quickly examines her; she is bleeding out of four holes in her torso even though she is soaked in blood. He bandages up the holes and she gasps awake, freaking out, thinking that the Mora have taken her again. Musty reassure her that she is okay and they are here to save her. Earendur tells the room she told them everything, she sobs saying how sorry she is over and over again. Earendur heals her outer wounds; growing back her breast and the tips of her ears and sealing the holes in her torso. Musty tells them she has extensive internal injuries and he needs to do surgery on her now. Lansolin tells Earendur to take her to the ship now. He casts hawk fight and grabs her, flying away at intense speeds. Lansolin, Took and Musty run out of the room letting Obidiah know that she’s alive and Earendur is taking her to the ship. They begin to make their way out of the tunnels.
Earendur casts move earth and breathe water for both of them to get through the flooded room. Once on the surface he contacts Indigo telling him what all has happened. Indigo doesn’t take him seriously and asks to speak to Mila, she confirms everything and he lets them know he is on the way with the cavalry. He continues to the ship, throwing Mila in the med-bay and locking the ship down. He goes back to Mila asking why the hell she couldn’t hold on for just 5 more minutes. She just stares at him becoming catatonic. He says she can either let this ruin her or she can rally and get revenge. She lies down on the med-bay table staring at the door.
Lansolin, Musty and Took try and figure out how the hell to get out without drowning. Obidiah offers to break down the wall while the other two stay out of the way. He turns his weapon into a pick axe and hits the wall one handed till the wall caves, throwing out Obidiah’s shoulder, tearing his ligament. The water rushes out and finally stops when it’s ankle deep.

Week 7: Found by HannahdgHannahdg, 25 Nov 2014 00:46

Obidiah smashed the door open with his head, stunning himself, while Took enters the empty room. Next to the bed are Mila’s weapons, clothing and cell. He hands Mila’s personal effects to Obidiah and searches for a back exit where they might have gone. Took tells Lansolin and Earendur exactly what is happening, play-by-play. Lansolin tells them to wait till Earendur gets there to make any moves since there is no sign where Mila was taken.
Earendur calls Indigo to reschedule their appointment and nonchalantly tells him Mila was taken. Indigo tells him that he will meet them at the Alien Whore and hangs up.
The Mora who snatched Mila commands her to climb down, she tried to memorize the way but the passage seems to be long and winding.
At the Alien Whore Lansolin and Musty show up after Mila has been missing for an hour and 40 minutes, they meet Took and Obidiah in the back. Musty plants a bug by the kiosk as they walk by. Musty loads up Obidiah’s trauma kit with antitoxin, purge, meth, two THC, amorphazine and adrenaline. Doc gives Obidiah some pain medication for his head. Earendur lets them know he will be there in 5-10 minutes. While they wait, Musty loads up Took’s trauma kit as well with the same basic things as Obidiah but with more adrenaline, more meth but no amorphazine.
Earendur arrives and heads to the back where the others are. Lansolin says they probably took Mila to get leverage over them. Earendur casts history on the room; he sees the Mora taking Mila and pays the girl off who led her to the back. They go out the back door where Earendur casts the spell again to see which way they took her, leading to a grate in the ground where they disappeared. Obidiah throws the grate on the street, not worrying about the sound. Lansolin warns them about a possible ambush or traps if they go down. In elven Earendur suggest just leaving her but Took reminds them that she knows sensitive information. Lansolin leads them down followed by Took, Musty, Earendur and lastly Obidiah.
In the mines under Tortuga it is very dark and seems much like a sewer. Being elves Lansolin and Earndur can see no problem but the others use their battle suits to see heat signatures which Took uses to see where the Mora went. Took leads them south with Lansolin behind him, they come to a larger room that slopes downward. The heat trail continues south but Took notices heat signatures on levers that seem to be pulled in a sequence. Without word he begins pulling levers, the room begins to flood fast. Took screams, it’s a trap and starts running toward the south, pushing people out of the way as he tries to escape. Lansolin screams at Took about touching things. Lansolin leaves through the door, followed by Musty, Obidiah, Took and lastly Earendur.
In a dungeon under Tortuga, Mila is strapped to a chair. Three Mora are in the room, two seem to be guards. The main Mora pulls out knives and other torture devices asking her is she is familiar with Shan Yu; she is not. He explains Shan Yu, wrote volumes on war, torture, the limits of human endurance and was known to have said "Live with a man 40 years. Share his house, his meals. Speak on every subject. Then tie him up, and hold him over the volcano's edge. And on that day, you will finally meet the man.” He asks her what the elves names are, but she dodges the question in a smart mouth manner; he slices her jaw line. She spits at him and he slices the other side. Pulls out a case of vials full of blue liquid and pours them on her face which heals the cuts but leaves a gruesome scar. He moves the knife to one of her breasts and asks about the ship and their mission. She explains they are just working for Indigo and there isn’t anything special about the ship; he slices her breast off and pours the blue liquid over it again.
Back in the flooding room, Earendur creates a wall of earth to block the water, then seals up the room to the ceiling. They enter a room with large discarded drill bits where a Mora is lying in wait. He shoots at Lansolin with a needler gun; Lansolin dodges and tells Musty to take cover. Lansolin, Took and Obidiah arm themselves with their weapons and take cover. Lansolin speaks in eleven to Earendur to let him know there is Mora contact. Earendur pulls a door open (that he creates with magic) to go directly into the drill bit room, decreasing the structural integrity of the room. Earendur moves near Musty and Musty places a nano bug out to make sure there won’t be an ambush behind them.
In the dungeon, the Mora slices off the tips of Mila’s ears to make her look more “normal” because he knows how hard it can be as a half-elf. He straps on a two pronged glove and explains to her that it’s a device that has incremental settings. The fifth setting causes paralysis. He stabs the device into Mila’s torso on setting two; it sets her nerve endings on fire, and eventually knocks her out. The Mora pours the blue liquid down her throat which heals her a bit and gasps awake. He asks her where the ship is, she says port 63 but lies about the elves names saying they are Lancelot and Edmond. He knows she is lying and tells her that her friends are almost there to save her; he sticks the pronged torture device back in her. She passes out, he heals her, she wakes up says fuck you, and he stabs her again. Shocks her two more times and heals again. On the next time, he slides it back in and gets close to her face to whisper in her ear that he feels bad for her, she head-butts him full force. The Mora is knocked backwards in pain, he slaps and hits her till she passes out again, only to heal her.
In the drill-bit room the Mora throws a grenade toward Took and Obidiah. Took runs toward it, picks it up and throws it back at him. The Mora dodges out of the way, coming out of stealth mode. Took shoots at him but it ricochets off of his armor. Obidiah walks up to the Mora and stabs him through the crack between a drill-bit and the wall giving him a major wound and a crippling injury.
The Mora torturing Mila turns the torture device up, shocking her till she passes out again and heals her. She finally breaks and tells him everything he wants to know: their names and what was so special about the ship. He packs up all of his devices, saying how impressed he was with her will and leaves with the other two Mora through a door.

Week 6: Search for Mila by HannahdgHannahdg, 24 Nov 2014 22:49

On the way back to the ship, Musty pulls Lansolin aside to ask him if he could do physicals for all the crew members. They all get chicken wings and head back to the ship.
On the ship Took goes through all his new items and sets his timed grenades. After that he finds Musty to get his suit synced up with his life systems and get some power up injections. Earendur continues to try and read the map but fails at all attempts.
Took shows Lansolin his suit, then they head to Earendur’s room to check out the map and the elf. They are informed that is a map to the Star League Treasure. The elf tells them he took the map away from his former partners so both them and the Ionian house are after him. The elf refuses to tell Lansolin his name; Lansolin has his hand on his sword, finally he says it’s Lokrian Ionian. They want a cut of the treasure. Lansolin warns them about Captain Indigo and if he finds out about the map he will want a cut as well. They don’t want to tell Mila but they may need her help. Earendur may know of a strong mage in the Assyrian Cluster but they don’t have any maps in that area. Lansolin mentions a mage circle in the New World Cluster that may be able to help decode the map but they would need some sort of intellectual donation for a trade. Took offers that if they get a job on the same planet as the mages and just drop by while they do the cover job. Lansolin thinks it may be a good idea to tell Captain Indigo; Lokrian freaks and Took disagrees, there is no need to tell him. There is a debate on whether to even tell Mila or not; thoughts on if they should buy her silence or not. They decide to show Mila the map but not tell her exactly what it is and guarantee her silence. Lokrian freaks out again, hating the idea and not wanting to tell anyone. Lansolin says he has no choice in the matter because it’s their map now.
Day seven on the pirate moon the physicals start on the ship. While Obidiah does his up-downs (95 total) Mila tries to figure out the ship and its secrets with her lost technology knowledge. Lansolin finds her and tells her about the lost artifact they happened upon, bending the truth on what he actually knows about it. She offers what little help she can give to figuring out what it is and promises not to mention it to Captain Indigo. While Lansolin takes her to Earendur’s room to show off the artifact, Took does his physical with Musty (60 total). Then Mila does hers, 95 total. Musty does his own (95), then Earendur refuses to do a physical. He stabs himself with a scalpel and heals himself to show Musty he doesn’t need any physical, he can take care of himself. Obidiah, Took and Mila all hang out together in the mess hall. Took gets drunk while Obidiah eats his weight in food and Mila just sulks with her head down. Lansolin fucking nails his physical doing a total of 415 up-downs. When everyone is down with their physicals Musty goes to the common area to inject Mila with MDMA to wake her up.
Later that night Took, Mila and Obidiah go out. Took and Obi are in full on battle gear and Mila is in club clothes. An Asian girl in a red dress buys Mila a drink and chats her up, flirting with her (Xau Wai), she says she is an accountant on a ship. They get a room in the back and she takes the lead, undressing and unarming Mila. Three mora elves enter the room and Mila moves to grab her gun. They tell her if she moves she will regret it. They ask her a few questions about Lansolin and Earendur but she doesn’t say much. They take her out the back door and away from the bar without her things. Took and Obidiah get worried about an hour into the session. They go and check the rooms in the back but none of the rooms are opening. They call and let Lansolin know what it happening. Took calls Mila’s phone while they listen in the hallway, they hear it but there is no answer. Lansolin suits up and starts heading down while Obidiah sets up to ram the door open…

Week 5: Taken by HannahdgHannahdg, 17 Nov 2014 23:08

For the first few days Obidiah works on sliding through doors faster. Musty works on some strength training with Lansolin and getting the medical bay in order. Took works on Elven with Earendur and Mila explores the ship and whatever door opens for her.
Lansolin, Earendur and Took have an officers meeting about the new crew and the shipments. Obidiah and the Doc bump into Fiona in the common area. She tells them that those men are not good people and she is basically a prisoner. She lets them know that she is a princess and just wants to go home but they won’t her. Musty injects her with sooth to calm her down because she seems very stressed out. Obidiah eats while Fiona is in a state of bliss and relaxation and Musty works on paper work.
Back in Earendur’s room they discuss how much they actually trust Mila and how they have to show her the soul-splitter if they want to find out anything about the ship. Earendur suggest one of them to sleep with her and make sure she can be absolutely trusted. Lansolin calls Mila to Earendur’s room on the com system telling her to come here. They ask her if she will be able to find out more about the ship, she needs to see the engine room before she can make any conclusions. They take her to the “engine room” and tell her how they think it works, that anyone with a soul can be put in. Earendur asks her how much fuel they have left; she is unsure and need to study the machine and how it works. Took offers to let her see how it works and goes to get Melina. Lansolin obviously is not okay with this and takes her away from the room. They make her able to access the room any time she wants.
Took opens Melina’s door and she attacks him with a leg of her desk, since he left her in there without food or water for three days. He dodges out of the way, fast draws his pistol and shoots her in the chest. He proceeds to drag her down the hall to the engine room with a trail of blood following them. Took calls Earendur and asks for him to show him how the soul-splitter works. Earendur turns it on once she is in and leaves to clean up the blood magically. The ship now has 30% more power.
Lansolin asks Mila for help later tonight to find a job on Tortuga. She suggests the Alien Whore. Fiona finally comes down from her high and begs Musty for another hit; she even tries to seduce him. He’s not falling for it and says it doesn’t work like that and he will only give her drugs when she needs them. This does not satisfy Fiona and she leaves in a huff.
Lansolin and Mila head to the Alien Whore and to the kiosk in the back. She responds to several good jobs and gives them the info they need. They go up to the bar to drink. Some Sagarens send Lasolin a free drink and they both approach them to see what’s up. They want to know if he knows anyone by the name of Lokrian Ionian. Lansolin doesn’t seem to know the name so they go back to the bar to enjoy the rest of their night. Lansolin buys her top shelf liquor, a whole bottle and they go shot-for-shot.
Took and Earendur go to town to drink but get stopped by an encounter in the street. A young elf gets thrown out of an establishment for accepting fellatio from the man’s wife. The man starts kicking and beating up the elf and Earendur won’t stand for it. Earendur approaches them making fire come out of the ground behind him to intimidate the man and tell him he needs to leave this instant. The man leaves and heads back into the house. The young elven man is thankful; he explains to them he is a bard and wants to join their crew. The man in the house shoots at Earendur; he hits the bullet out of the air with deflect missile. Took fast-draws his pistol and hits the man, killing him. They head back to the ship after letting Lansolin know on the Comm device what happened. Lansolin tells them to find out why he is in trouble.
Obidiah and Musty decide to head to the Alien Whore for drinks but gives Lansolin and Mila space to do their own thing. Once there Obidiah make a kissy face at the Sagarens. They speak about Lansolin’s leadership skills and whether or not he is a good leader; Musty isn’t so sure about him.
Before they head to the ship, Earendur takes the elf into a back alley way to explain why he is in trouble. The elf doesn’t want to talk anywhere on the planet and wants to go directly to the ship. Took asks again why he is in trouble. The elf finally tells them that Sagarens are after him because he wouldn’t give them an item; Earendur lets Lansolin know and Lansolin tells him to quit bothering him.
Back at the bar, Lansolin and Mila drink and get drunk. He tells her why he left his Elven society and what he wants to do with his freedom. He flirts with her and touches her then offers to get a back room. Obidiah asks for a view inside their room to “check on them”, she agrees and gives them access on the kiosk.
On the ship, Earendur and Took take the elf’s weapons away from him. They ask why he fled the Elven world; he claims he has a map to the Star League treasure that was a family heirloom. The Sagarens want it and he won’t give it to them so he is in hiding. They lock all his weapons up and show him around. Fiona is in the common area and the elf flirts with her. After that they take him to Earendur’s room so he can examine the map. He rolls it out and there is some sort of enchantment on it that makes it look like water. Took pours them all drinks.
Back with Mila and Lansolin, he strips down and is very muscular and impressive. He takes it very slow with foreplay, which is very unusual for Mila, and finally Mila takes control. It’s amazing for them both and takes over an hour. Afterwards they cuddle and talk, he wants to know whether he can trust her, she says yes. They both get dressed and leave after Obidiah and Musty make sure they make it out safely.

Week 4: Star League Treasure by HannahdgHannahdg, 17 Nov 2014 23:06

Everyone new was given a $20,000 signing bonus or more. Mila brings in the other guys so they can be a part of the discussion as well. Obidiah has a hell of a time getting through the door which makes everyone laugh/uncomfortable. The Doctor bought everything needed for his medical bay including various drugs. Combat equipment was bought with Obidiah’s portion.
Took mentions updated star charts, Indigo wants to know which ones, Lansolin wants all of them and that is laughable considering that they cost millions of credits. They have no idea where they want to go so Lansolin, Earendur and Took have a side conversation about where they want to head. What they want to do. Took suggest they become a semi-legit cargo company that take advantage of some low hanging fruit on the way. They decide they want star charts to the new world cluster. Took suggest registering the ship as a cargo ship in New Dallas. Earendur offered Indigo 20% off the top of every job they get if they can be in his charter. Indigo is really hesitant about this and wants to see their ship before anything like that happens. Lansolin wants to know the charter name before they show the ship. This goes back and forth Musty tries to see if Indigo is trying to cheat them but he is only being protective of his charter.
Took is not happy about the 20% being taken off the top. Lansolin asks Musty what he thinks and he is unsure about it as well. Mila tells them they are good people and fair. This convinces Lansolin, Earendur and Musty.
Indigo rules that all acts of piracy be done discreetly and with permission. It will be a month-to-month contract 50% on contracts he supplies and 20% on ones we find. He tells them the kinds of jobs they should expect range from hauling things to hunting merchant men. He is also okay with them looting old elven worlds and only wants 20% if they end up doing that.
Earendure tells him they can’t speak of the ship to anyone outside of this room. This makes Indigo really want to hear their tale. They found this ship on a lost planet, they are rouge elves and their house is aware of their absence. The guy who hired Took, Zurgalla, thinks he is dead and knows nothing of the ship, so no one should be looking for him.
Indigo tells them his charter is run by his wife. Two ships are in it: The Morningstar and a large cargo ship. The charter is called Port Royal Flag. He wants to appoint an accountant/liaison to put on the ship to make sure everything runs according to plan. Mila is his pick. He says it will take a week to get all the items/supplies they need. Lansolin asks about crew. Indigo has some people who need work but they need to be treated fairly; 2% crew cut. If anyone asks about the ship they are to direct their questions to the Star Trading Company. 86% of the New World Cluster star charts were purchased.
They all say their goodbyes, Mila does so individually. She offers her father the elven cigar Earendur gave out but he says she should experience it. Obidiah then squeezes back through the door.
Back on the ship, Musty tries to find the medical bay and Took follows him. Lansolin asks where Mila wants to stay, she jokes and says how about your room. He says he likes his privacy and shows her to a room. Musty wants to make sure we won’t be having sex all the time because he picked the room next to hers. Obidiah gets set up in the cargo room and Musty goes to bed.

Week 3: Port Royal Flag by HannahdgHannahdg, 17 Nov 2014 23:05

The doctor, Musty Stones, approaches them before they leave the bar; Lansolin hires him on as the doctor on the ship. All six of them head to go pick up Mila and Obidiah’s things. There are two encounters: first, a large armored and heavily guarded truck comes down the small street and we get out of the way, second, there is a shootout that Obidiah wants to get involved with but everyone else thinks that it’s a terrible idea. Mila and Lansolin go in her shack of a house while she changes and stuffs her things in a duffle bag. Obidiah comes out of his house completely armored and with a large metal foot locker in tow that he asks for help carrying. Took helps carry it to the trading house where Indigo is.
Took, Obidiah and Musty stay up front where the bar and pool table is. Obidiah and Musty play pool but they are both not very good at it. Mila takes Lansolin and Earendur to the back where the crew of the Morningstar is having a meeting. She introduces them to Captain Indigo, the charming half-elf, Darcassian, Mila’s Elven father and second in command, Rorax, a well trusted dwarf and Zelia, a human woman who writes everything down in meetings.
Mila’s father says he can get the Elven Stars exchanged. The two elves give Indigo a list of everything they need. Earendur gives everyone in the room Elven cigars to show good gesture. Indigo says he can get them all of the items, he want’s 75% of the stars (300,000 credits). Earendur wants rations, liquor, beer and wine crates of different quality and 1 Elven wine for himself. The Doctor chimes in and tells him he would like a med-bay and some other items.

Week 2: The Trade House by HannahdgHannahdg, 17 Nov 2014 23:04

We open on a spaceship, very sleek and modern with white hall ways. There is a meeting in the cockpit with two elves, a human, and a half-elf. The larger of the two elves, Lansolin is the captain, Took, the human, is the pilot and Earendur is the other officer. The half-elf, Fiona, is a princess that is basically a prisoner but very beautiful. They are in discussion on where they should head for supplies and Took suggests Tortuga, the Pirate Moon. Fiona wants to return home but no one goes for that.
Took examines the console trying to figure out how to get to Tortuga and searching for beacons or sensors of life. Earendur helps by examining the out of date star charts they have. Lansolin suggests picking up a navigator on Tortuga if they get there then attempts to do some math to try and figure out where Tortuga is now. Earendur chants the ‘history’ spell to see what Doc Brown, who is deceased, has seen. He found out there was a star drive but no specific location was ever looked up by him. Earendur goes to plan B and does the math to estimate where Tortuga should be now from the old maps and inputs the course on the console. Took is very unsure about this considering if the math is slightly off they could end up somewhere completely different but there is no other option at this point. He starts up the ship and the portal opens up with a blinding light. They are two days to Tortuga.
Lansolin asks Earendur what they should do about Melina (a female elf that is being held captive on board). Earendur says he does not want to kill her and Fiona chimes in with an unsolicited opinion. Earendur spits at her and says she is a child and has no right to voice her opinions, she just stands there stunned while he walks to his room. Lansolin tells Took to take care of the Melina problem and he says he will. While the ship is on auto-pilot Took goes to work on Elvish with Earendur.
On Tortuga, Mila, a very attractive half-elf, sits at the Alien Whore chatting up some unsavory pirate at the bar. They drink some shots together and he pays for a room in the back. Obidiah, a very large Minotar and a prize fighter of Tortuga, intercepts them and has a back and forth with Mila. The pirate and Mila have sex and Mila fakes a climax then immediately goes back to the bar.
Back on the ship, they finally arrive at Tortuga and they are hailed into a port; 63. Docking fee is $100/day. Took properly lands and docks the ship and updates the security on the ship to only open doors for Took, Earendur and Lansolin. Earendur says they need better food, a sub ship and a crew. Lansolin says he will convert the elven stars to galactic credits. Earendur gives Took a scroll (Return Weapon) to sell which is worth $50K.
Took wants to lock Fiona in her room while they are on the planet but Earendur talks him into making her clean everything on the ship instead. Took locks Melina in her room.
On Tortuga, they go and eat some food. Earendur buys 50 meals worth of pickled cabbage and asks about a vendor contact but they leave the box of cabbage on the street because no one wants to carry it. They head down toward the Alien Whore, Mila can immediately tell that they are elves and eaves drops in on Earendur’s conversation with Jimmy the bar owner. Earendur wants to know where he can get a hydro-garden and some magical items, Jimmy slides him a contact. Obidiah orders a heavy drink and one for Took which Took accepts.
Lansolin and Mila chat and buy each other drinks. Obidiah gets Took drunk and asks about his history, Took tells him about Wretch. The pirate Mila had sex with is trashed and wants round two. Mila tells him to go fuck himself and he grabs her. She tries to wiggle out but with no avail. Lansolin draws his sword and with one swipe cuts his hand off spraying blood all over Mila. Earendur heals him and Mila and Obidiah takes them to talk to Captian Indigo to get everything they need and exchange the Elven stars they have.

Week 1: Tortuga by HannahdgHannahdg, 17 Nov 2014 23:01

Completed Class Charts, Bard, Cerebrate, Commando, Priest/Priestess, Shuudoushi, and Soldier.

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Updated Arcane Arts & Races

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