Galactic Coalitions

Draconus Empire
Galactic Confederation
  • Quessir Matriarch
  • Kingdom of Avalon
  • Assembly of the Old Ones
  • Koo-ka-koo Congress
  • Lingwee Republic
  • Monarchy of Denari
  • Council of Sa’da States
  • Gnomish Board of Scientist
  • Markoo Elder Assembly
  • Mundo Republic
  • Uruk Clan
  • Other Planetary Governments
  • Boarder Worlds
Sagaren Assembly
Yazrien Kingdom
Kiltara Empire
Mora Matriarch
Alexandria Alliance Treaty Organization (AATO)
  • Magistrate of Centinal
Kingdom of Pirates
Kingdom of Skva

Historical Coalitions

Star League Empire (Historical)
Kingdom of the Ancients
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