"We take what is our right, and the if the lesser races think it unjust, let them try to stop us!"

Average Hight: 5'4'' - 6'0''
Average Weight: 135 - 220 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Common, Kilitaren
Kilitara Claw Attack: Your claws are natural weapons dealing 1d6 damage. It is a power you can use At-Will
Kilitara Pain: They are a proud race that refuses to submit to any amount of pain.
Bonus AT-Will Power: You know one extra at-will power from your class.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception

Kilitara Claw Attack Kiltara Racial Attack
You resort to your basic training you were taught as a young Kiltara, the use of your claws to hunt.
At-Will | Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack Strength vs. AC
Hit 1[W] + Strength modifier damage
Increase damage to 2[W] + strength modifier at 21st level.
No Pain Kiltara Racial Power
To bend to pain is disgrace in the Kilitara culture. You refuses to acknowledge the pain from this blow.
Immediate Reaction | Personal
Trigger: You take damage of any kind
Effect: You immediately apply a -/10 Damage Reduction to the last attack damage you received.


Located in the same area of space as the Sagaren and Veldrie empires is a lush tropical planet by the name of Natara Prime. Legendary for its utopian rain forests and waterfalls, it would be a prime tourist planet, except for the inhabitants. Natara Prime is the home to the Kiltara empire. However, the Kiltara didn't always have their own planet. For centuries they lived on Avalon with the Finilya.

The Kilitara slowly became more advanced especially during the early era of the Star League. The advancement sparked conflicts with the Finilya. They fought often, the Kiltara repeatedly slaughtering non aggressive Finilya communities. When time came that the world was threaten by Yazerin invaders, the adversity forced the two races of Avalon to join up and fight together for the sake of their world. The battle was horrifying and much was destroyed as the technology of the Yazerin was certainly more superior. Their long time allies, the Star Elves, luckily stepped in to aid them, eventually driving the Yazerins back.

On the eve of victory the story remains conflicted but according to the Kiltara the Finilya used the Star Elves to stage an attack that even the Kiltara couldn't handle. Due to the overwhelming numbers the Kiltara decided to take all the ships and everything they had and leave to find a new planet to call home. This split has given birth to the undying hatred the Kilitara have for the Finilya.

Governed by the Council of Elder Warriors, the Kiltara are a proud race. Those who are lucky enough to be born into a house of Kiltara warriors are in the upper class. The upper middle class is made up of artisans, below that are the farmers. The lowest class are the merchants. It's very much a caste system, there is little to no chance of a Kiltaran being able to leave the class they were born into. The Kiltara all have claws, but only those in the warrior class are taught how to use them. All males born into the warrior class are required to serve in the Kiltara military. Females of the warrior class can join the military if they chose, but it is not mandatory. Those from the warrior class live like royalty. They have huge lavish houses and many servants to do the menial work so they can dedicate their lives to training, without interruption. The warrior class is able to live this way because of the spoils of war, and the taxes imposed on the lower classes. These taxes cause many of the lower classes to live in near poverty.

The stratification doesn't stop there. Not all warrior houses have the same prestige as the others. Each house conducts its affairs with the knowledge that any dishonor could cause them to fall lower in the warrior ranks. The heads of the top houses are granted a title (i.e. baron, duke, prince etc.) the higher the house the higher the title. Only those of the top houses are eligible to hold a leadership position such as a General of the vast army or to become a member of the Council of Elder Warriors, the highest honor that a Kiltaran warrior could hope to obtain.

The Kiltara have longer natural lifespans than most other races, however many do not live long enough to see old age. The warriors die in battle and the lower classes usually die of disease.

Females can become warriors if they have the proper skill and strength, however for the most part they're expected to keep home and raise the children. The Kiltara view marriage as a weak and pointless concept, thus, they do not marry, they mate. A Kiltaran typically chooses one primary mate to keep his home and bear the heirs to his title. However, it's not uncommon for a Kiltaran to have multiple mates and multiple homes. A typical Kiltara warrior family is very large. They have many children with the expectations that they will die in battle. The lower classes don't really have a need for many children; they have slaves to do all the hard labor for them. A Kiltara female who is not a warrior and who cannot bear children is considered useless. They are usually ostracized, and it's not unusual for them to die by some “accidental” cause.

The Kiltara aren't as technologically advanced in the general sense as other races. Their primary focus is improving their ships and better outfitting their warriors for their many wars.

All Kiltara, warrior or not, are expected to be strong of mind and body. In order to ensure this, each Kiltaran must go through a ritual called The Blooding. It typically occurs 13 years after a Kiltaran child is born. The ritual symbolizes the Kiltara child's transition into adulthood and shows the house that the child has been trained well and is ready to be a proper Kiltaran. After a week of fasting and meditation the child is cleansed and brought to the ceremony. The head of the household uses a ceremonial dagger to cut a gash below their ribs about four inches long and one inch deep. The child should be purified enough to receive the wound without making a noise. A Kiltaran does not count their age from the day they were born, they count from the day they were blooded (i.e. 20 years blooded).

Few Kiltara leave their home planets except to go off with the military. Thus there aren't that many Kiltaran anywhere else in the universe. If a Kiltaran is to leave their planet it is typically because of one of two reasons: 1. Banishment or 2. Self Exile for fear of execution.


The Kiltara are a very proud race. They see themselves as the most superior of all other races, all others are weak and deserve to be conquered and made useful as slaves for the Kiltara Empire. Kiltara warriors are taught this at a young age, by adulthood their superiority is fact in their mind. Due to this pride, Kiltara rarely deal with other races beyond enslaving them. Other races find them gruff, rude and cruel. The Kiltara have very high standards when it comes to their own race. The race doesn't seem to have any imperfections such as physical or mental disabilities or serious illness. This is because children are killed at the first sign of any disability or deformity. The honor of a warrior house is a sacred thing. Dishonoring ones family is the worst thing a Kiltaran could ever do. The lower warrior houses generally are a little more lenient when it comes to dishonor. The punishment will depend on the severity of the dishonor. Punishments are either a severe beating, banishment or death. The lower houses don't use the death penalty quite as often as the upper houses. The upper houses do not tolerate any dishonor and more often than not they will kill any member that might endanger their honor and reputation. If a member of their house displeases the head in any way the head will often banish, or even kill, said member. The members of these upper warrior houses know this, and if they have done anything which could dishonor theirselves or their house some Kiltarans decide to run, and leave the planet before they are found and executed. On the rare occasion that a head of a warrior house is dishonored they commit suicide to cleanse the rest of their house of their taint.

Physical Description

Kiltara bodies are very feline-like. They aren't extremely tall, averaging about 5 ½ to 6 feet. The Kiltara are, by nature, muscular, however the warriors have significantly more muscle mass than the lower classes. They have fur, tails and their hands are similar to paws. All Kiltara have deadly retractable claws, but non warriors are never trained to use them. Their heads are very similar to a lion's; male Kiltarans have manes, however all but the heads of warrior households with titles are forced to keep their mane cut short. Having a full mane is a symbol of very high standing. Kiltara fur varies greatly in both color and markings, no two Kiltarans have exactly the same markings and color combinations.


The Kiltara are constantly in a state of war with the Sagaren Empire. They view the Sagarens as disgusting creatures, however the Sagarens are the only race the Kiltara will acknowledge as worthy foes. This war has been going on ever since the Kiltara established themselves on Natara Prime. They do not fight on their home planets; instead they fight over the land of the Veldrie. Whenever the Kiltara acquire land (or a planet) from the Veldrie they enslave the survivors, giving them to the lower classes to work their fields and do other manual labor for them. In general, they have an overall distant for other races and do not interact with them if they do not have to.

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