"Quick and curious they are very new to the world that is."

Average Hight: 3'10'' - 4'2''
Average Weight: 80 - 100 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Speak Kuuite, Common
Primitive Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the short bows, spears, and clubs
Bonus Feat: Alertness No combat advantage when surprised, +2 Perception
Quick Feet: You gain an additional +1 AC bonus against Large or greater creatures.
Bonus Skill: +2 Perception


Kuuites belong to a forest moon of a large gas giant world in the Kuush system, where they maintain a primitive hunter / gatherer sociality. Prior to their discovery this moon was often over looked and the Kuuites unknown to the galactic society. There moon wasn't even named until more recent history. Some traders and explorers visited this moon to have dealings with the kuuites but beyond that they have never left there world willingly.

Although primitive by galactic standards, the tribal kuuites are resourceful and highly adaptable. They seem to be at there best when in forested terrain no matter the world and lost in urban areas. The tribal Kuuites may be technologically primitive when compared to most of galactic society, but they are also cleaver and inventive. While they tend to initially be wary around machinery, it isn't long before their natural curiosity draws them to it.

The present Kuuite world is more advanced then when they were first discovered. They now have a general understanding of there world and other races. The Kuuites have entered an agreement with the Confederation to allow them outposts as a base to police the local star systems. Since then the Kuuites have benefited with a slow but move towards progress. Many kuuites have become educated and take an active role in the Confederation. Some serve in the space fleet as explores and pathfinders. Planet Kuush is represented by one of the most powerful villages and normally sides in all matters that keeps war away from there planet and the Confederation Space Police protecting them.

The Kuuite tree top villages that are connected by an elaborate system of bridges is a sight for anyone visiting there capital village. The villages are all linked together to make a large city of kuuites. There society is ruled by male elder Kuuites who among the oldest in the city. These villages often throw festivals which are warm and welcoming to visitors. Food, tribal like music and dancing define the culture these creatures have practices centuries before the first explore came to there world.


Kuuites tend to be curious, superstitious, and daring. However they can be fearful around things that seem strange and new. The average Kuuite has an understanding of technology and what it is, which allows them to learn how to use it properly. Kuuites have a tendency to find trouble for there ever lasting curiosity places them in all kinds of situations. Treasures, Shiny objects, Magic and more fascinates these little creatures which often makes those who travel with them annoyed or constantly checking there bag to see if anything is missing.

Physical Description

A Kuuite stands at about 4 feet tall. There bodies are covered in fur much like a young bear cub. Their fur ranges from black to brownish red but there bellies have white fur. There hands have four fury appendages one of which is a thumb like one. The feet of a Kuuite is not so different then bear like feet as is their face. There mouth have human like teeth as there eyes resemble similarities. They have round like bear ears on their head and of wear leather hoods, decorated with feathers and animal bones.


Kuuites speak there own language. They have no written from of their language. They can also learn common.


Kuuites find it heard living in the galactic community because there simple mind often makes them appear primitive. There relationships are almost always based on individuals rather then what races thinks what about them. Some people are fasnaited by the Kuuite but others find them useless or annoying. Many adventurers have made long life friends with a Kuuite and value there loyalty.


A Kuuites adventurer may be motive by a love of excitement, a natural inquisitiveness, or a warrior's quest. They can also be escaped slaves who were taken from there world by pirates and just trying to find there place in the galactic society. Usually a Kuuite joins up with a scout or hero who has access to a starship and thus the Kuuite becomes a space adventurer. They are found of collecting what they often see as magical items from fallen opponents such as space helmets, lighters, and various other mundane objects.

Homeworld Kuush

Kuush Moon is in orbit of a gas giant named Liua Suta. Distance: 97,977 km, Radius: 2852 km, Gravity: 0.58G, Orbit Period: 0.16 days, Rotation: 0 hrs, Mean Temp: 330K/57C, Atmosphere: 1.1 atm (N2 61%,O2 21%,CO2 4%,Ar 3%), Water / Ice Index: 10, Habitable, Population: 840,000,000.

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