"Perhaps the view of the havens is best seen from below the ocean surface?"

Average Hight: 5'8'' - 6'0''
Average Weight: 80 - 100 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 Squares, 8 Squares (Swimming)
Vision: Low Light Vision

Racial Abilities

Languages: Lingwee and common.
Breathe Underwater: As amphibious creatures, Lingwee can't drown in water. They also have a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks.
Environmental Reactions: +1 to Will Defence while in watery environments. -1 to Will Defence while in dry environments.


Lingwee are soft-spoken but forceful in there ways and ideals. There people belong to the Pelagic class world of Persodos Prime, a world that is covered with vast oceans and very little land. The Lingwee make there civilization along the deep ocean floor of there world. There cities are constructed out giant coral reefs and with technology pressurized with normal atmospherically standards. These cities are a sight to see and are among the most beautiful structures of the confederation. Lingwee can breathe in both water and airs since there ancient were made on the bottom of the sea floor.

The Lingwee's optimistic view has trusted them forward into bettering them selves and shooting for the stars. They are recognized for their analytical and organizational skills. They see everything they create as a work of art, not just tools or weapons. They generally peruse the balance of things and are angered when the status quo is unsettled.

There keen love for flying among the stars has leaded them to have constructed space crafts that can rival the beauty of the elven starships. There space crafts are always modified with the ability to land planet side and even for under water travel. Most of there space crafts are giant luxury liners. As such Lingwee are known as very capable engineer and architects of the universe.

Historically the Lingwee were major supporters of the Star League. Their lawful ideals were betrayed by the actions of the Star League and such made them a major rebellion nation. There space crafts were instrumental in the defeat of the Star League Empire. After the defeat the Lingwee were the primary people who helped create the Confederation and founded the galactic senate. They are long standing nation state among the confederation and are commonly seen in the space lines and on other confederation worlds.


The Lingwee are quiet creatures. They always seem to display a moment of thought before speaking. However they are inquisitive creatures who are always seeking explanations to new technologies and the secrets of past ones. They believe in idealistic dreams and embrace the future. There good byes are never made in the notion that they intend not to see you again. They cherish peace and the enjoyment of life and its beauty. They often refer space as the last great sea and as fish people they swim in it. Tools must be constructed with beauty in there mind for if such is not the case then the tool is useless.

Order is very important in a Lingwee's life everything must be in the right place, well timed, well planned, well designed, other wise frustration is visible. They are a community people and such stand by the concept of democracy. Everyone should have a right to speak and have an opinion in there minds. There major joys are space walking, and swimming.

Physical Description

The average Lingwee stands from about 5'8” to about 6'5” inches tall. They smell of salt and the sea and have an octopus like face. There skin is smoothed and mottled and there heads are high-domed. There eyes are large and fish-like and find them selves on the sides of there heads. There gills are internal and as such there nostrils that appear right above there fish like mouth are used for both water breathing and atmosphere. They are humanoid and however they only have three fingers, a thumb and to larger fingers. There large toed feet are webbed but easily concealable as they fold there toes together like bird talons.


They speak Lingweenies as well as common. They can learn other languages are tongue based.


Azar, Bent, Nunza , Marloon, Sweedfa, Tetra, Vawee, Zava


The Lingwee are on good standing with all Confederation races. They work well with humans since they are fast and vast growing civilization. They are intrigued by gnomes and see them as an excellent source to learn things from. They value the dwarf's ability to construct things well. They see the elves and there way graceful beauty and art as a friendly rival. It is not uncommon for a Lingwee to argue with an elf on artwork, the two can go for hours in fact. They general neutral on other beast men races such as the Morkoo and the Mundo. However they have a distain for the Kilitaran and there ideals for war and only war as the feelings also extend over into the Draconite.


Lingwee seek their dreams among the stars. They are idealistic and daring, often attaching themselves to a cause that seems hopeless or lost right from the start. An individual Lingwee has Great Spirit and an enthusiasm that often remains hidden behind a quiet, orderly exterior. They strive to prove that even thinkers and dreamers can be brave and dearing when need arises.

Homeworld Persodos Prime

Ocean covered world. Distance: 306,032,342 km, Radius: 10112 km, Gravity: 1.43G, Orbit Period: 2.69 years, Rotation: 29 hrs, Mean Temp: 300K/27C, Atmosphere: 1.06 atm (N2 25%,CO2 36%, O2 29% ,Ar 6%,SO2 4%), Water / Ice Index: 100, Habitable, Population: 5,000,000,000, Political: Confederation, Moons: Smaller Bodies (Military Insulation).

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