"Errrg urraa garrr!- What did he say? - You don't want to know."

Average Hight: 6'0'' - 6'5''
Average Weight: 180 - 220 lb.
Ability Scores: +4 Strength
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Read / Write Markoo, understands common
Markoo Rage:

Rage Markoo Racial Power
The inner beast of your speice comes out and no one is safe before your frenzy!
Free Action | Personal
Effect: You temporarily gain +4 Strength, +2 Hit Points per level, and +2 range bonus on Fortitude and Will saves, but suffers -2 penalty to Armor Class.


Markoo are large bear-like creatures that belong to the forest world of Orani. There world like other beast men worlds lacks in most technologies however they are not ignorant to it. The planet has a unique ecosystem of layered biodiversity. The planet has several horizontal levels of ecology throughout the forests, with each lower level increasing in hostile danger. The world's intelligent Markoo occupy the uppermost level, the forest canopy. Some of the lower levels have not seen sunlight in millennia, and are filled with deadly, primitive life forms. Markoo culture has divided the forests into seven vertical levels.

The might vallywood trees are the icon of this world. These trees are miles tall and have the notable ability of fusing together if their growth paths intersect, forming a stronger, conjoined tree. The limbs in the forest canopy are so thickly intertwined that they form a natural cradle for Markoo architecture. Entire cities are perched in the vallywood branches, housing millions of people. All these tree top cities have the capability to lunch and house planetary space craft. Because the Marko are venerable in age they are highly adaptable to technology.

The Markoo homeworld is ancient compared to the empires around it. They've experienced all kinds of testaments and as such adapted to the changing galactic society. Many of the Markoo elders today can remember the days before the Star League and the Great War they helped fight in to bring an end to its oppression. Along with the Lingwee the Markoo were among the founders and first members of the Confederation.


Markoo are known for their battle skills, long lived lives, very strong, with aptitude for mechanical endeavors. While the Markoo have a reputation for putting there fist though machinery, they also posses a great capacity for kindness. They make loyal friends. Markoo have great many customs and traditions that revolve around honor and loyalty, including the special bound of friendship called honor family. They even see the use of using there claws as dishonorable and savage and such they never bothered to develop unarmed proficiencies.

Physical Description

They stand about 6 feet tall on average and usually weigh between 180 and 250 pounds. There body is muscular and covered in thick fur that verse in color from black, to brown. There face some what humanoid but resembles a bear like features. Their round panda like ears and cone shaped snouts that retain characteristics of a grizzle bear. There hands are humanoid then paws but bear claws.


Markoo speak with grunts and growls. They can understand common but they can't speak anything other then there native speech due to vocal limitations.


Chwa-Chwa, Gorbwa, Rawa, Rorrwet, Slowa.


The Markoo are on good standing with all Confederation races. They work well with humans and are close allies with Earth. However they have a distain for the Kilitaran for man Kilitaran values are seen as savage and dishonorable in the Markoo society. The Draconite as well are frowned on.


Markoo adventurers usually start out as wanderers or explores. They tend to bond with fellow adventurers, forming extended honor families. Some even pledge life debts to individuals who perform a great service. They are fairly common among the galactic community and found all around the confederation. Some Markoo are hired by independent corporations for there engineering skills.

Homeworld Orani

Dense forest world of the Orion System. Distance: 160,000,000 km, Radius: 7284 km, Gravity: 1.28G, Orbit Period: 499.58 days, Rotation: 15 hrs, Mean Temp: 330K/57C, Atmosphere: 1.13 atm (N2 78.4%, O2 19.8%, Ar 0.79%, CO2 0.63%), Water / Ice Index: 40.36, Habitable, Population: 6,000,000,000, Moons: Pochebvili 171 , Ukagundu Ring (Distance: 11,275 km, Ring Width: 1165 km )

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