"The job is important. It whats keeps the universe spinning."

Average Hight: 6' - 7'
Average Weight: 180 - 280 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 to one ability score of your choice
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Common, Mundo
Big Hands: +4 Bonus to Strength when performing a Grab.
Bonus Feat: You gain a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the feat's prerequisites
Bonus Skill: A Mundo can select an skill and make it a trained skill for them.


Mundo are large minator creatures that belong to deprived world. There world Kokima in the Deneb system is a badlands one with lots of mountains and barren dry lands. Their world is semi primitive world lacking in most technologies but not ignorant to it. There are few cities stand because of unstable plate movement. The Mundo experience harsh earth quakes that would knock down any normal civilized structure. So there cities are often shanty towns made of light weight clay and since the galactic societies influence metal that can easily be replaced in the event of a quake. There are few places on that seem to have stability. Those places are where Kokima has it's small but advanced cities with space ports and government.

The primary concern for most Mundo is where to find there next meal. The average town delegates jobs to its inhabitance based on families' traditional job. A Mundo who is born are demanded to become master tradesmen of there family job. Some Mundo are builders, others are hunters, and others are merchants. The community's survival is based on every family performing and succeeding at there jobs.

Because of this ridged way of life the Mundo are often serious people. Survival is always on the foremost mind of a Mundo. Because of this they personality can be a little dry and laughter sometimes beyond there grasp. However they are not without a culture and each family holds onto memorable of the previous generation. In labor families' tools from the fathers, fathers would be passed down as a battle axe or spear would be handed down in a warrior family.

Historically the Mundo are a fairly new addition to the Confederation. When the first space travelers arrived on Kokima they were met with fear. In previous centuries the Star League Empire had always over looked Kokima as unimportant barren waste land. However in the years of the Confederation the galactic community has been able to bring some civilization to this primitive barren world.


Because of there ridged way of life the Mundo believes in sticking with one job and one employer. There actions are always for the greater good of the community and for its survival. Because of this kind of philosophy many have come to know the Mundo as loyal people when the dedicate them selves to a cause. The life of a young Mundo is pre determined and though there growth they are always prepared gradually into there jobs that they will be expected to take over once the father grows old. Because the Mundo are always faced with a pending doom there personalities are always some what serious. The ideals of the galactic community is often foreign to them however those who spend time among it learn quickly and there values are morphed slightly.

Physical Description

Mundo stand between 6 and 7 feet tall. There bodies are harden and muscular. They are covered in shaggy fur, with a head of a bull. Horns extend from their the top of there bull and stick outward. Their fur color can vary from Mundo to Mundo but generally it is brown. A mundo's hands are giant often make it tough for them to grasp medium size object or pressing buttons. This also makes it trouble for them to wear jewelry such as rings in less they are custom made for mundo fingers. There feet are cow like hoofs large enough to support there weight.


Mundo speaks there own language of bull like grunts and snorts but can learn and speak common and other tongue based languages.


Bazoo, Calza, Fenzor, Humphry, Luoth, Mazo, Razo, Zozo.


Mundo often care little for outsiders and rarely leave there world. They have no means to leave there world except though the few cities that the Confederation have constructed. The Mundo is part of the confederation for planetary protection purposes and the more civilized mundo can be found on other worlds but generally they are rare in galactic society. However off world travelers who visit there home world are often met with suspicion.


Since the Mundo rarely leave there secluded barren world, those who do so do so under special circumstances. It is often found that some Mundo leave to seek the opportunity of a better life away from there home world. Others are actively involved with the planetary government as diplomats and senators who often travel to Earth and other confederation worlds. In the case of opportunity these Mundo find them selves as outsiders in a very fast moving universe. Because of this they tie them selves to a cause or a full time job that they live to do. It is often by accident that a Mundo turns to adventuring.

Homeworld Kokima

Barren Rock world found in the Deneb System. Distance: 571,906,558 km, Radius: 2277 km, Gravity: 0.46G, Orbit Period: 5.72 years, Rotation: 22 hrs, Mean Temp: 300K/27C, Atmosphere: 0.23 atm (CO2 36%,N2 30%,O2 21%,SO2 4%), Habitable, Population: 800,700,000, Political: Confederation

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