"Even in the black the walls have ears."

Average Hight: 4'5" - 5'3''
Average Weight: 180 - 280 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Speak and Read / Write Sadei and Common.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Streetwise, +2 Bluff, +2 stealth


The Sadei are among the venerable races and were part of galactic society long before others. They were once a major part of the faction in the Star League Empire. The planet of Rushta Prime is found in the outer rim territory far from the core planets and deep in the remains of the Star League Empire. Although this section is only a shadow remains of the great star league empire the planets found in these sectors still cling to the fighting although they have been defeated now for little over a century.

The Sadei as a major power in the galaxy have detached them selves from the order less remains of the Star League and enrolled in the Confederation a decade or so after its creation. However it is often speculated to the motives to why they made this action and this comes with good reason. The Sadei deal with information as a measure of wealth and power and even wield it as a weapon when necessary. They have a spy network that is ancient and elaborate though out the alpha and beta quadrants. This network spies on everyone and information is secret transported back to the Sadei homeworld to be cataloged and used to the benefit of there race.

They are good space travelers and have been doing so longer then most races in the galactic community. Their Clipper class starships are well designed for there needs with large holds, good engineers and snug smuggling holes. These ships and there sadei captains have been known to make recorded time in transporting goods and can be sighted anywhere among the stars. There are many corporations of the sadei that works secretly with the spy network however, not all do and thus makes it very difficult for Confederation Special Forces to track down. But the Confederation is not without contacts with the Sadei Spy network and has been known deal with them to obtain information they might otherwise not have access too.

The homeworld of the Sadei is an M class world very similar to earth standards. However it is the forth world of its system instead of the third. Their water index and content space is very similar but there atmosphere is thicker due to the large amount of industrial factories that earth lacks. The system around them is also well industrialized as they build there own ships from the rich resources available to them.


Culturally Sadie don't believe in direct confrontation and conflict. The notation of honor matches and personal battles is silly to them. They prefer to manipulate situations from behind the scenes, to watch and wait for information and opportunity, and to use these tools to gain status and influence. The average sadie are manipulative, crafty, suspicious and curious by nature. They are also naturally paranoid for losing information is a very bad thing. They can be irritating and some what difficult to deal with when they feel security has been compromised.

Physical Description

Sadei are short, fur-covered humanoids that have large fox like ears and face. Their fur ripples in response to their emotional state as their eyes change colors. Both male and females have beards that grow from there jaw as part of there fur. They stand about 5 feet tall as humans do. Their hands a very similar as humans as they do have five fingers and a thumb. However their bodies are fragile like that of an elf and so they aren't as robust as most other races. They have a wonderful fox like tail that is thick in fear that servers as an attractive feature among there kin.


Sadei speak and read there own language and common.


All the civilized races always find them selves with uneasy feelings when they are dealing with Sadei. They both dislike and like them because they are tough to trust yet a good outlet for information. The beast men races (Mundo, Markoo, Uruk, Kuuites) seem to careless about these facts and are generally natural to them. The Sadei however are very selective in there relationships and the races who have no information are generally unimportant. The Elves and Sadei do not get along at all since the elf will never trust the sadei and the sadei will never be able to squeeze the elf for information. The more war like races such as the Draconites and Kilitaran are always willing to barder with that Sadei. There is coldness between the Sadei and the Yazerin it seems there kinds have a long and rough history that neither really cares to talk about. The Veldri get along with the Sadei quiet well for they too respect information and the two races enjoy the mind games played to gain and maintain the upper hand over one another.


There are two kinds of Sadei, those who are agents of the spy network and those who aren't. The spies can be of any profession and so it's tough to distinguish. Though the agent main goal is gather information for there organization. This could be a dangerous liability for an adventuring group, because their secrets are now for sale though the Sadei that have let into there ranks. But there are Sadei who aren't part of the Spynet and server has soldiers and pilots, diplomats and ambassadors.

Homeworld Rushta Prime

Distance: 169,630,319 km, Radius: 7855 km, Gravity: 1.35G, Orbit Period: 476.41 days, Rotation: 5 hrs, Mean Temp: 320K/47C, Atmosphere: 1.23 atm (He 52%,CO2 23%,O2 14%,Ar 3%), Water / Ice Index: 20, Habitable, Population: 3,865,000,000, Political: Confederation, Moons Little Rustha

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