"We are the traders, the hunters, and protectors."

Average Hight: 6' - 7'
Average Weight: 180 - 280 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Strength
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Sagaren, and Common
Sagaren Claws: Your claws are natural weapons dealing 1d6 damage. It is a power you can use At-Will
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Diplomacy, +2 Pilot (Becomes a trained skill)
Fast Reflexes: +2 Reflex defense
All Fours: They can drop to all fours and increase there speed by 4 squares. They can only do this in all out run.

Sagaren Claw Attack Sagaren Racial Attack
You resort to your basic training you were taught as a young Kiltara, the use of your claws to hunt.
At-Will | Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack Strength vs. AC
Hit 1[W] + Strength modifier damage
Increase damage to 2[W] + strength modifier at 21st level.


The Sagarens are a semi-humanoid canine race. The Sagarens left their planet millennia ago when it was found that their star would soon go nova. Escaping in planetoid sized spacecraft they are now nomads who wander the space lanes, trading with any and everyone. Generations of living in space and defending their homes from aggressors have caused them to become some of the best pilots in the galaxy. While most stay at home to work and defend the ships, many freelance, offering their services wherever the job is simply too dangerous for the average pilot. While usually walking upright, their predator heritage is most evident in their ability to run on all fours when there is a need for great speed.

The Sagaren homeships are scattered though the Milk way as they have all sailed into separate parts of the universe and have no connection or communication with each other. Homeship Seja Chi has taken residence near the Skva System and has been known to move about from system to system in corner of the known galactic community. When the homeship establishes its self in a star system they become a giant space hub for trade, drawing all kinds of corporations and races to them. After enough time has been spent they relocate to another system doing the same thing over.

There Society is organized very well between non-combating citizens and warriors. It is said that the Sagarens live for the thrill of the hunt, tracking down their pray, sentient or otherwise, until they run it too the ground for the kill. Those who find them selves in warriors belong to a clan of warriors known as hunter packs. These close-knit groups can vary in sizes and often specializes at one style of combat. Some hunter packs are ace pilots and make up a squadron of fighter crafters. Others are rangers who deal with planetary fighting. In either case these groups are registered as “hunter groups” and rank from 1 being the highest to 100 being the lowest in status.

Historically the Sargarens have always avoided humans and the faction at the time they are known as. When the Star League was up and coming the Sargarens watched quietly in there remote part of the known galaxy waiting to see what the ambisouse humans were to do. They watched the rise and fall of the Star League avoiding it when they could by moving father away from its spheres of influences. As they did this they ran into a vicious enemy they had not encountered or knew was there prior, the Kilitaran.

For decades the Sargarens had not known the name of them naming them “The Enemy”. A lot of Sargarens conflict has been against the Kilitarans for one reason or another. The first conflict was based on Sargarens trespassing into there territory. The second conflict decades later to limit Kilitaran expansion and the third war fought between them was the Kilitaran's attempt to annihilate the Sagaren homeship. All these wars were met with draw and stalemate victories often costing more lose then intended and forcing one or the other side to call for a truce.

The Sargarens are generally neutral with the confederation not wanting to be involved in the short goaled organization of their loose alliance. However they maintain a trade treaty allowing them the homeship access to the confederation market.

The Sagaren homeship is entirely self satiating and manufactures everything they need on the planet sizes space craft. The space craft has it's own economy and produces food and goods for its people. They mine asteroid belts for minerals and ore and refine it in the factor sections of the homeship to create smaller space crafts such as fighters and frigates. The homeship Seja Chi has a large number of smaller military escorts epically since they've met with confrontation from the neighboring Kilitaran Empire.


They have a proud noble hunter's code that the warriors follow. Every situation they encounter reverts back what the code dictates. Sagarens live for the thrill of the hunt, tracking down their pray, sentient or otherwise, until they run it too the ground for the kill. They have a superior attitude about them as they are among the elder race. When among other Sagarens a strict rank order is maintained by age and experience. But when among other races they come off as teachers trying to educate those around them though exemplified actions and conversations.

Physical Description

A Sagaren averages between five and six feet tall while standing and three to three and a half feet tall when on all fours with the males being slightly larger than the females. A Sagaren's body is covered with a layer of short fur that can vary widely in both coloration and patches. Their head is largely canine, with eye colors tending towards the darker hues, though lighter colored eyes are not unheard of. A Sagaren's forehands conceal razor sharp claws that are capable of inflicting grievous wounds.


Sagarens communicate with each other using a wide range of barks, yips, howl, and similar sounds, though they are capable of learning common as most do. A peculiarity of the Sagaren language is that when translated to common, they constantly speak in third person.


Sagarens believe they are easy going however they do come off arrogate to other elder and venerable races causing them frustration. They have little care for the more primitive races and often over look them. They maintain a redundant neutral standing with the Veldri since they are often instrumental in out doing the Kilitara during war time. They despises the Sadei for there lack of code and honor. Humans are often a nuisance but since they are a dominate force in the known galaxy they remain on a neutral standing.


There are many reasons to why a Sagaren would take up adventuring. Sagarens leave the homeship every day to explore the known universe and grasp an understanding of the races that inhabit this section of the galaxy. They often do this as secret intelligence agents for the Sagaren military, or independent hunter packs looking to gain rank status by doing free lance hunting among confederation. Since the Sagarens have a trade agreement with confederation it is not uncommon to see them among confederation held worlds.

Sagaren Homeship Seja Chi

A giant planetary scale space craft that floats from one star system to the next. Ship, Political: Sagaren, Size: 6000km, Crew: 3000000, Weaponry: Overpowering , Location: Some Place near Skva System.

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