Stellar Winds Universe

An Introduction to the Universe

Stellar Sigma from a neighboring sector.
Welcome to the Universe of Stellar winds, a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing a lonely sector of space with magic, mystery, and high peril. Compared to most non human race, who tend to get along with others of their own race reasonably well, the humans of Stella Sigma are divided into innumerable competing nations, secret sects, religions, and pirate companies, and tribes. Humans argue about anything, fight about most things they argue about, and hold dear wealth and property dear.

In this tightly packed sector of space adventurers dare the challenges of space travel and seek the ancient secrets of dead civilizations and their treasures. Insolent rogues and pirates sail the stars plotting of their next score. Devout clerics ponder the details of the Ancient Ones through worship and philosophy. Cunning wizards seek power through the usage of magic in efforts to understand the universe while others do so to improve station. Immortal Star Elves struggle to preserve their once grand civilization, now plagued by the corrupted forces of Chaos. Alien species and there interstellar empires rival one another the vital resources needed to sustain their civilization. As unimaginable abominations that don't just rome the endless caverns, ruined cities, across countless worlds but in between time and space itself.

This is the Stella Sigma Sector. A twenty by twenty lightyear cube of space filled with heart stopping beauty and age-old evil. It is your space to adventure, to guide, to defend, or to rule. It is a place has foraged it’s heroes and villains from the flames of all the stars. Where individuals find themselves drawn to the great sea of infinity, seeking it's secrets and embracing all the dangers it has to offer for one soul reason, to fulfill their dreams or admissions.

The Stella Sigma Sector

From the frontier worlds of the New World’s Cluster across to the Asyuran Banner of Stars encompasses several primary celestial features that are defining for this region of space. Stellar Sigma is isolated from most neighboring sectors by two massive features. Squeezed between The Void to the northern adjacent sector and the Great Morass in the southern sectors the Stellar Sigma Sector remains isolated from its neighboring sectors. Within these great celestial boundaries hundreds stars are floating about and home to the inhabitant of the isolated region.

Stella Sigma system is divided into four sub sectors of which clusters of stars of dozens of stars with hundreds of worlds. It includes, sun-blasted desert worlds, frozen ice worlds, deep jungle worlds, gleaming ocean worlds and vast forest worlds. Across this vast expanse walks of all kinds of lives travel the black between worlds. Whether they are merchants, military, pirates or steel-hearted adventures they all carry tales of strange, glorious, faraway worlds. Thousands of restless young would-be heros from the countless worlds board space crafts to break free of their world every year in search of wealth and renown.

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