The Species

Stella Sigma is home to hundreds of intelligent creatures, ranging from the totalitarian kingdoms of humankind to secret facets of terrible creatures whose entire species number a score or less. Like humans, these people run the gamut of grotesque to beautiful, from murderous to beatific.

The great story of Stella Sigma is, in many ways, that of the rise of mankind and the fading of the ancient empires of those who came before. Over the last thousand years, humans have brought an end to the ancient ways. Elven worlds lie in ruins, abandoned to human encroachment. Human colonies stretch far and wide in the sector as they are vital to feed the imperialistic kingdoms.

In the beginning of it the Star League ruled over the entire Stella Sigma sector. They're understanding of alien technology and arcane secrets of the universe had made them very capable. The Star League brought union to all the distant settlements and city states established during the great golden age of expansion whether they wanted to be part of it or not. Terrains of Gaia were determined to unite the people in a way never seen before those who did not comply were eliminated. The Star League legionnaires waged war on alien species and rebellious humans and had become an unstoppable force to match.

The Star League had changed in many ways as the centuries passed. In the beginning it was a representative democracy where citizens voted for senators. In later it shifted to an empire ruled by an emperor. When the civilization had finally fallen into a decline It had been ruled military regional commanders. Rebellions broke in the various core worlds as religious warlords with wealth, and influence began to challenge the empire’s authority. When the Star League had finally fallen apart a technological dark age had fallen upon the Stella Sigma sector.

The ruminates of the human core worlds remain loosely associated with one another through finical interest. They are ruled in different totalitarian or feudalistic manner with each world rival one another for natural resources on distant worlds. The Star Elves struggle with an ancient foe that threatens to consume there very souls while other alien empires struggle for supremacy in the Sector.

Civilized Species

The civilized species account for nine-tenths of all the folk living in the sector today. Humans are the most numerous. They are race of kingdom-builders, merchants, wizards, and clerics whose crowded cities and lie scatter across the sector on whatever world is stable enough to have them. Humans have adapted to almost any type of living situation imaginable. Hot or cold temperature, High or low gravity, you may find humans inhabitants almost anywhere. Young and vigorous in comparison to the other races, humans hold the future and have the most potential despite their current state.

As humans were still exploring and settling on neighboring star systems dwarves and elves inhabited Stella Sigma sector. The zenith of both races has now past, but there are many worlds filled with wonders of technology and magic they wrought at the heights of their power. Grim dwarven citadels filled with the clamor of industry and breathing elven cities as graceful as spun glass still stand, even as year by year human domination grows.

The Sagarin's too are an old race though unlike the elves and dwarves they are visitors of the Stella Sigma. Stories have told that millenniums ago they emergence from the Great Morass on super capital ships called Home-ships. Nomadic in nature they remain few in numbers but maintain a impressive level of technology and culture.

They younger races emerged during the great conquests of the Star League. Some presented to be formal advisers such as the draconites, and kilitara among whom repelled human invasion. Others such as the kuuite's, gnomes, and other species who were unable to stand up to the might of the Star League assimilated quietly.

Other races arcs sometimes consider civilized folk, too, despite their smaller numbers. The Beast men and Uruks who hail from civilizations that are less advance but not ignorant of technology have been known to associate with colonial worlds.
Stella Stigma is inhabited by hundreds of different species. The race most commonly found as player characters are humans, dwarves, elves, half-elves, sagaren, uruks, kuuite, draconites, kiltara, and gnomes. Because of complex ancestry, members of most of these races and subraces display wide range of skin, fur and hair colors.

Languages: Because Star League ruled in such an absolute manner all the races with the expectation of elves all the races have come to speak or understand Galactic Common in addition to their native language.

A character choice of race and region determines her automatic and bonus language. However, the following are available to characters who’s intellect his high enough.

Human (English, French, Chinese, Arabic, etc), Elven, Orc, Kuuite, Dwarven, Kilitara, and Gnomish. In special cases some of the alien species' languages are impossible to speak because they physically lack the parts that allow them to pronounce certain sounds that the language is built on, this is apparent with Draconites and Sagarin's. These races have the ability to understand spoken words of the other languages and but may only be spoken properly by their respective race. (ie sagarin's can only speak sagaren but may understand a large range of languages.)

Savages & Aliens

Against the young human worlds and ancient refuges of the older races stands great number of enemies. Foremost among these are the Orc. Once elves they are a product of corruption from powers of chaos from a terrible event known as the Sundering. The powers of chaos transformed elves into savage blood thirsty species. The orc infest worlds by breeding very quickly and thrive by pillaging human settlements and colonies.

Stella Sigma is home to creatures far more malevolent, cruel, and calculating than rampaging orcs. Deep within the Great Morass houses sinister and powerful beings such as the Mora, and the Glicks. These terrible creatures dream of enslaving the Sigma Stellar species.

Neither the uncounted corrupted hordes nor the dark powers that lie deep within the Morass are the most dangerous threat to human worlds. The honor must be reserved for the most terrible aberrations of chaos beast that manifest themselves in the realm of mortals with the sole purpose to corrupt. Like the Orc humans too can become corrupted though in different ways. Humans exposed to chaos and experience debilitating mutations or even transformations into beasts.


Human Warlord & Entourage.
Compared to most non human race, who tend to get along with others of their own race reasonably well, the humans of Stella Sigma are divided into innumerable competing nations, secret sects, religions, and pirate companies, and tribes. Humans argue about anything, fight about most things they argue about, and hold dear wealth and property dear.

The longer lived races of elves and dwarves may have respect for individual humans who deserve it without necessarily respecting the entire race. The elves have difficulty forgetting that the conquests of the Star League. They often clash with human Kingdoms who seek their technology in efforts to further science and power. The dwarves, respect humans as strong people but fear that there would be little room for their race in a galaxy dominated by humankind. The Sagaren have neutral relationship as they have found profit in trading with humans. Kilitara and Draconites have historically warred with the Star League and now in it does weaken state seek to assert their power over them. Kuuite, Gnomes, and Uruks have come to play functioning roles in most human society.

Humans don't see it that way, of course. Their greatest heros outshine the gods themselves, or become deities in their own right. Unfortunately, the same could be said of humanity’s greatest villains, and that is the challenge facing any human adventurer. Power comes at cost.

Regions: Humans can be located virtually anywhere in the Stella Sigma due to the Star League’s vast interstellar influence. However the wealthiest and highly advance humans belong to the Core World Cluster divided up into various kingdoms in the Gaia subsector. The other majority can be found among the New Worlds Cluster as colonist.


Dwarf Lord of Old.
They are identified for being short and strong folk attributed to their high gravity world home world. Dwarves once ruled vast portions of space and are renowned for as excellent miners. There Interstellar Kingdom equaled that of the Asyuran Empire. They existed for millenniums sharing the Sigma Stella sector with the elves. Then the Sundering occurred giving birth to the Orcs. The savage beasts rampaged through the galaxy and the Ancient dwarven kingdom faced generations of endless wars against the elven abomination. The brutal battles have left once powerful dwarven citadels into dwarven tombs and havens for orcish strongholds.

The dwarven people were eventually overwhelmed and there civilization declined drastically in the years to follow the Sundering. The new dwarven generation is commonly referred to as the refuge dwarves. They were forced to abandon their homeworld and seek the refuge of the Star League surrendering all their wealth and assets and providing the interstellar empire valuable skills and understanding of technology. Today dwarves are pretty common among the various human kingdoms and colonies.

Regions: Dwarven Empires of old have long faded in the New Worlds Cluster. Yet many age old cities remain buried in the sands of time. The people as whole wander the colonial worlds assimilating into human colonial culture bring their skills and fragments of age old technology from time when elves and dwarves ruled the stars.

Star Elves

Female Star Elf Guardian.
All the Star elves alive today are essentially a refugee population, the scattered remains of a formerly vast interstellar empire named Asyuran. Over 10,000 years ago the Star Elves were perhaps the most powerful race in existence; dominate a significant portion of the Stella Sigma Sector and secure in their prosperity. Although there were other intelligent races who posed advance technology and potent military power in the galaxy, none were in position to seriously threaten the state of the Asyuran Empire. When the downfall came, the disaster for Star Elves was self-inflicted.

Star Elves immigrated to the Stella Sigma from the Astral plane. In the beginning they were pilgrims traveling between time and space searching for the Promised Land known as Eldaria. The fabled world was discovered at the center of the Stella Sigma Sector and became the center of a highly advanced interstellar empire. The empire spread across the sector like a banner of stars connected together by a sophisticated of transportation known as The Starway.

Star elves had perfected their science and technology to such an extent that they could remake planets and quench the light of stars at a whim. The Star Elves were able to obtain this great level of power through a technology known as Soul Splitting. This process splits a soul of a living creature producing an immense amount of energy used to power entire worlds and powerful space crafts.

Since the energy needs of the Star Elves have always been fulfilled life on their worlds was idyllic with fantastically sophisticated machines that took care of all the labor and manufacturing required to keep an advanced society functioning, allowing the Star Elves to indulge freely into other aesthetic pursuits. With all menial work taken care of for them the elves became indolent and decadent. They began to explore more deeply the arts of pleasure, delving ever deeper into hedonism. They decent into decadence spanned millennia. Traditions and order disintegrated as the Star Elves persuaded the limits of the pursuit of pleasure knowledge.

The demands of the elven civilization began to require more power needs. The sacrifice of non-sentient beings wasn’t sufficient enough to sustain the Star Elf civilization and so they turned to sacrificing one another. This practice began to divide the opinions causing a cultural controversy. But what the Star Elves weren't aware was the vile pollution that soul splitting caused. Each time a soul was split Chaos was released into the material realm. The exposure to chaos quadrupled when splitting elven souls became the norm. This resulted in the First Coming where chaos beast poured through rift attacking the Star Elf civilization.

Star Elves were unprepared for this. Preoccupied with other protest and unaware of the possibility of chaos beasts manifesting themselves in the material realm they were devastated by the attack. Chaos also had drastic effect on Star Elves and mutated them into beastly creatures known as the Orc. The elves responded and met the chaos beasts on the battlefield and with the valor of elven champions the threat was stopped. The elven champion Areon pulled the sword of Dragons and used it to battle Balazor a daemon prince that emerged from the rift in an epic battle still told throughout the ages of elven kind.

The First Coming was costly for the Star Elf civilization and although the chaos beasts were defeated no effort to seal the rift was successful and it continued to widen. Changes were made to the elven society and the need for martial skills and understanding of chaos became critical. The Star Elves organized themselves in to casts systems dedicating themselves to what they consider The Path.

Millenniums passed with minor skirmishes that bleed through the rift and the Star Elves had changed a great deal. Yet there was still a great division among many of the Noble Houses. While many houses had come to embrace The Path others still practice soul splitting for some while others had abandoned the practice. Some of the houses had developed alternative ways of preventing exposure to chaos using Soul Crystals. Star Elf sages conducted dark experiments deep in there fortress with the goal to defeat chaos you must use chaos. As result dangerous weaponry have been forged like the Darklight Weapons.

When the Second Coming came Balazor returned to feed on the elven souls and bring corruption too the paradise world of Eldaria. This time the rift onslaught was beyond what the Star Elves could have imagined or predicated. As a desperate measure to prevent chaos from spreading to other elven worlds connected through the Starway, First Matron Shyellia Na’lasyia ordered the destruction of the Stargates isolating Eldaria from the other worlds and trapping chaos forces. She then sent forces to House still operating Soul Splitter Plants to seize them and overload them in a desperate measure to destroy the world with chaos as well. It was then when the Sundering occurred.

The Elves whom hadn't subscribed to the Path and remained traditionalist made efforts to flee the doom world in efforts to save themselves. They boarded spacecraft’s and fled the Asyuran Star System abandoning the front lines leaving the elves that chose the path to die. Betraying there empress and denouncing the ideology of The Path these fallen elves fled into the Darkness of the Great Morass to evade persecution, thus giving birth to the Mora Elves.

Relations in current times between Mankind and the Elf were not always sour, but when the Star League came to power the struggling state of the Star Elves became easy gains for the Empire of Man. The Star League engaged and warred with the Star Elves at every opportunity with efforts to acquirer a gimps of there advance technology. Most of the battles occurred with invasion efforts of the Old Asyuran Empire territory. Several campaigns were fought against Imperial Fleets. Star Elves didn't typically take Star League Armada's on headed. They would route and ambush them in using there vast knowledge of there territory against them. Conquests came at great prices for the Star League and the rewards were less then impressive. In 400 years of the Star League attempted five invasion efforts. Two of which were ever successful in capturing Star Elf worlds.

In current times the Star Elves aren't quick to forget the Star League invasion efforts. Although the Star League has fallen apart into individual nation states. The star elves lend to evade if possible or attack with extreme prejudiced when need be. Elves among the Core Worlds are few and far apart and are ether often some form of mercenary forsaken by his people, or a slave at the mercury of noblemen.

Regions: Star Elves reside in a cluster known as the Asyuran Banner. This banner of stars lines the edge of the Great Morass Nebula with hundreds of stars and countless worlds. With the destruction of the Eldaria the Elven homeworld the reliability of the Starway has become problematic. So most elven worlds are isolated from one another. Star Elves also appear in the New Worlds Cluster likely on expeditions for resources, or as renegades whom have forsaken the Path and turned to a life of piracy.


Male Half-Elf.

There is no Half-Elf empire or country or settlement to call there own. They are a product of two species whom surprisingly enough have similar enough genetic code to reproduce. The product of such is a half-elf. Yet the union of these two species human and elf has abnormality. Half-elf off are born sterile and are unable to have children of there own. They are not quite uncommon among the Human Kingdoms or Star Elf world, though they are often a product of a very specific circumstance.

When seen in the Gaia Sector they are often some form of outcast or perhaps even a slave. In some instances humans are charmed with Xenophilia and find Star Elf grace uncontrollable beautiful and there culture extremely interesting. These humans sometimes find acceptance among Star Elf communities though quite often may bring Star Elves into there families as spouses which ultimately produce a child.

Half Elves mature as quickly as a typical human does making their socialization among human settlements not as awkward as one would have among Star Elf community. Since Star Elves could take decades of years to reach adulthood a Half-Elf would have already done so at the age of 20.

They are drawn to strange company and often to the Stars as adventurers for having a lack of better place to be.

Regions: Half Elves have no civilization of their own and are limited in number. They can be found on Elven Worlds in the Asyuran Banner or among Core Worlds and perhaps even New Worlds Cluster. Regardless of what region they are often products of exceptional stories and live with social stigmas all their lives.

Mora Elves

Faceless Mora Marauder.
The Mora Elves are identical in many ways to that of the Star Elves. Their roots as a culture lie at the very height of the ancient Star Elf society, when they were perhaps the most highly advanced species in the Stellar Sigma Sector. The Elves once boasted mastery over a civilization that was the greatest seen in the galaxy since the Ancient Ones. The various cultures of the Elves that exist today are only shadows of their former glory.

Since the birth of chaos into the material realm as result of soul splitting technology Elven culture several political differences emerging from what was one home homogeneous culture. Those whom followed the Path and those who held to traditional values that Star Elven society had grown from. It was during the Second Coming when Star Elves sacrificed their homeworld to prevent the spread of chaos.

It was when the Sundering occurred the Elves as whole split up into various subraces. Each perusing their own goals to avoid annihilation at the hands of chaos. The ancestors of Mora ignored the call of the 1st House and abandoned Eldaria to flee from the Chaos hordes. They fled to the Great Morass where they remained hidden. Branned as traitors by the Star Elves and warped by post-apocalyptic events, this race of survivors became the Mora.

Wandering the Great Morass, and still today they face a dangerous arachnid alien species known as the Glicks. A predatory alien species that is highly telepathic, known to feed on blood for nourishment. Not much is known about the Glicks origins except they appear to have resided in the Great Morass for eons. They are cunning hunters using webbing and psionic blasts to trap or slam there pray into submission.

In knowing the enemy of the Mora it comes with no surprise as to why the Mora Elves have transformed into such a brutal subrace. They are truly a race of survivors, rooting out weakness in their society through strict rules and twisted star elf traditions. Subscribing to beliefs deeply rooted in the concepts of survival of the fittest where emotional attachments such as family and lovers are completely removed in Mora Elf Society and trust has become obsolete luxury because of psionic nature of their enemy.

Since the Mora are surrounded by dangerous enemies they have adapted by never remaining in once place for long. There entire civilization exists living among enormous sized fleet of ships known as the Dark Aramda. Some of the ships in the Dark Armada range from strike crafts to city sized capital ships. All under the rule of True Borns who avoid the dangerous enemies of the Great Morass and raid other alien species in the Stella Sigma Sector through using the Starway to acquire need resources.

Regions: Mora exist almost elusively among the thousands of ships that make up Great Aramada. They have been known to send task forces to pirate supplies and resources from other Stella Sigma clusters. They are able to reach these distant stars through having detail maps of the Starway. They operate in great frequency as raiding forces in the New Worlds Cluster because of weak opposition and the wealth of raw resources. Renegades have also been known to find sanctuary among Pirate Crews operating in the Stella Sigma Subsector.


Mavrick Sagaren Pilot.
The Sagarens are a semi-humanoid canine race and are among the oldest inhabitant of the Stella Sigma Sector. Like the elves they too had migrated to this sector in search of new prospects with some defining fundamental differences. Unlike the elves they weren't genetically created by the Ancient Ones. Instead they had naturally evolved from there primates much like humans had done. Making them almost as old as elves but more in common with humans when it comes to origin.

They left their planet millennia ago when it was found that their star would soon go nova. Escaping in planetoid sized spacecraft they are now nomads who wander the space lanes, trading with any and every one. Generations of living in space and defending their homes from aggressors have caused them to become some of the best pilots in the galaxy.

When the exodus of their world occurred the Sagaren Homeships sailed in separate ways to separate parts of the universe with no connection or communication with one another. The Homeship Seja traveled through the Great Morass Nebula to find its way into the densely packed Star Sector known as Stella Sigma.

When they arrived they had found that Elves who had resided here for millenniums prior had suffered a serious calamity. In the wake of their shattered empire the Sagarens took residence in many different star systems always adjusting their posture in efforts to avoid any confrontations or to promising any promising resources. They traded with the elves, and dwarves, which had become both shattered civilizations now. They met the Orcs on the battlefield several occasion. Though with their nomadic nature and never staying in one star system for too long and there highly specialized space travel technology, they were able to avoid direct problems.

When the Star League came to power they too like the species already inhabited became in danger. The Star League’s rapid growth and highly aggressive nature gave the Sagarens a great cause for alarm. Although there had been several confrontations and acts of pirecery committed by the Star League the Sagarens maintained a passive stance. They watched the rise and fall of the Star League avoiding it when they could by moving farther away from its spheres of influence. As they did this they ran into a vicious enemy they had never encountered. A new alien species that had come to power with in more recent years. The Kiltara.

For decades the Sargarens had not known the name of them naming them “The Enemy”. A lot of Sargarens conflict has been against the Kilitarans for one reason or another. The first conflict was based on Sargarens trespassing into their territory. The second conflict decades later to limit Kilitaran expansion and the third war fought between them was the Kilitaran's attempt to annihilate the Sagaren homeship. All these wars were met with draw and stalemate victories often costing more lose then intended and forcing one or the other side to call for a truce.

As these interstellar conflicts found were being fought The Star League continued too wage it’s expansion wars in distant star clusters defining it’s self as vast interstellar Empire. When the fall of the Star League occurred and the Succession wars broke out among the Core Worlds. The Sagarens again watched quietly. When the empire had fallen apart into various Planetary Kingdoms they resumed their role in the sector as an advance spacefaring race.

Although the Sagarens are among the older members of the interstellar community there contact with the Star Elves have always been delicate meeting. As there are many conflicts that could stem from the various fundamentals of personality. The Star Elves and the Sagarens come into conflict because the Star Elves don’t believe in the Sagaren’s overriding philosophy of the Greater Good. Although the Sagarens have been in the Stella Sigma sector for millenniums. The Star Elves actually physically interacted with the Ancient Ones once upon a time. The utilitarian ideals practiced by the Sagarens has little appeal to the far older more experienced cynical Star Elves.

Enemies with the Kiltara, cold rivals with the Star Elves, they find there trade most productive with Human worlds. Especially ones the colonial ones. Today they continue to interact with the various races including the Dracon Empire as renowned space traders leaving them with quite a neutral standing among the various interstellar races.

Regions: Sagarens reside in Xenos Cluster. They have been known to move about in a manner many have dubbed star hopping. They have no formal boundaries and there Homeship is the center of their civilization. However the Sagarens have an extensive intelligence network throughout the Stella Sigma sector. As such a Sagaren can be located in almost any cluster in Stella Sigma.


Kiltara Shock Trooper.
Kiltara hail from a star system named Rah'tajar and Natara the single and only world in orbit of its Red Giant. They are a native inhabitant of the Stella Sigma Sector. Evolved from carnivorous pack hunters that have always inherited there world Natara. As with most worlds found in orbit of Red Giants, Natara is a sun-blasted world with sweeping deserts encompassing most of the surface of the world. The bodies of water can come close to a boil during the summer months and most of the population lives in the narrow Savannah regions situated around primary bodies of water. This is where the largest portion of the Kiltara live.

Many have come to question whether or not the Kiltara species can be classified civilized or not. The primary controversy is with their psyche. It has been observed that the Kiltara although sentient will abandon logical thought for innate primal instincts deeply ingrained in there psyche. This instant can be so powerful that sometimes they are fixated on a wounded enemy, pursuing it to the death, while ignoring more dangerous, undamaged opponents. What the Sagarens have said lost in the bloodlust.

It is because these instants are so powerful they deploy tactics to deal with these tendencies in their psyche as they have exploited them against each other in inter-clan warfare for millenniums. As a race, they have developed numerous social constructs designed to bypass these racial tendencies when it is advantageous to do so. The Kiltara behaviors: Obey without question, Focus on the strongest, and respond to the Challenge.

These directives have been integrated into every day live as they organizes society into manageable cast systems with expectations. In the Kiltara culture they are expected to perform there function at the task of their classification. All the while Imagination and creativity are only encouraged in senior commanders and nobles. Line of trips and commoners are trained to simple follow orders, specifically and without deviation. It becomes difficult to understand or relate to Kiltara culture as there animal instants are unpredictable.

When the Kiltara emerged from Xeon Cluster as major interstellar empire it was roughly around the same time the Star League Empire Peak. There immediately conquest of neighboring star systems included the destruction and enslavement of several native species. Among there rampaging the ever so peaceful Finilya who once called Avalon home. Once a lush beautiful tropical world. The Kiltara reduced it to a barren waste land with planetary bombardment that lasted almost a week.

Although the Star League Empire was still a bit of distance for the two Interstellar power to meet. The Sagarens who made sure to stay beyond their reach the empire of man by migrating from star system to star system to stay out of reach eventually found themselves unknowingly intruding in to Kiltara Space. The first instance of war between the Kiltara and Sagarens ended with the Homeship Seja Chi withdrawal from Kiltara space. Decades later the Kiltara expanded into neighboring Star systems that had been previously considered safe and far from Kiltara reach. The fighting was furiousness both above and on the worlds they waged war over. Where one battle was a victory another was a defeat elsewhere costing more lose then projected on both sides. Finally the Kiltara made an effort to annihilate the Sagaren homeship using proton warheads but was thwarted by the courageous efforts a wing of Sagaren pilots. There heroic actions allowed the homeship to withdraw.

In current times an unsteady truce has been held in place for over 100 years. Yet both sides watch one another very carefully. With the fall of the Star League the Kiltara’s seem to have changed their attentions to the new weakest galactic player. The Confederate Kingdoms of Man. Worlds they considered ripe for the taking and weak because of their feudalistic ideology. Man and Kiltara have waged war several times during the long Sagaren armrests. Most of their battles are results of invasion and counter strikes in the Kingdoms of Sirandra and Prelidia.

Regions: Kiltara reside in the Xenos Cluster. They have dominated al the worlds that are adjacent to them and enforce totalitarian rule over all territories. Kiltara are uncommonly found in other regions of the Stella Sigma as their culture mandates complete obedience. They have appeared in the New Worlds Cluster because of its undeveloped state as mercenaries and pirates. These Kiltara are often considered outcasts and are unable to return back to their home worlds.


Dragonborn Marine.
The Dracon Empire worlds are disorganized and diverse. They are identified as Reptile-men by most in the Stella Sigma Sector as they share genetics that closely resemble reptiles a common type of animal found on most habitable worlds. They too are a native race of Stella Sigma birthed from evaluation.

The government of the Dracon Empire very small. In fact perhaps too small for the vast size of their civilization. Known as the Dracon Authority and made of special genetically manipulated Draconites called Dragon Born. These fanatical officials subscribe to a set of beliefs known as Manifest Destiny. A concept that claims them to be decadences of the Ancient Ones. It also outlines a philosophy that deludes into believing they are children of dragon and that the galaxy has been left for them as inheritance. As a result the Dracon Empire attempts to populate any world that might be capable of supporting life as often as distant as they can. Dismissing all and any interstellar boundaries.

In the heart of the empire the Dracon Authority rules attempts to replicate dragonborn in hatcheries using various genetic modification techniques said to have been left behind by the Ancient Ones. The Hatchery scientist tweak the genetics of draconite eggs. The end product is consider Dragonborn. Yet this process is not always successful resulting many birth defects that are terminated. Making the Dragonborn population very small.

On the distant worlds reptile-men or draconites develop into unique communities. Depending on the resources available to the Dracon Authority these worlds can range in wide verity of technology from primitive tribal societies to polluted industrialized manufacturing worlds. All under the absent management of Dracon Authority. At times having to divert there attention to various rebellions that spring.

When the Star League emerged as a power the unorganized Dracon Worlds were easy to plunder. Many Star League admirals made great deal of fortune looting these defenseless worlds. The boundaries of the Dracon Authority have always been uncertain both during the days of the Star League and today. Quite often the Dracon Authority will notice that humans had colonized one of the world’s they’ve claimed for their own they would attack the colonist as response to invasion. It was this disorganization that had lead them to many conflicts with their interstellar neighbors.

Region: Draconites reside in a small cluster neighboring below the Asyuran Banner. There homeworld Draconus Prime is moist damp swamp world with many genetic hatcheries dedicated and military bases detectaed to the creation and training of Dragonborn. The genetically modified Draconites are spread through the Stella Sigma Sector far and wide. Some are primitive carnivores that live on in habitats that are suitable on distant worlds. As others can be found on techno-industrialized world’s responsible for manufacturing the Dracon Authority weapons and machinery. Draconites often find themselves in quite an abundance among the colonial worlds of the New Worlds Cluster.


Gnomish Traveler.
Gnomes are very small compared to most other races and, with an average height ranging between 3'0" and 3'6" and a weight range of 40 to 45 lbs, gnomes are generally larger Kuuites. The skin of gnomes runs in hue from reddish tans to earthy browns or even shades of gray, with exact hue somewhat dependent upon the ethnic origin of a gnome. Similarly, gnomish hair varies wildly in color from blond and brown to more exotic colors like white, orange, or even green.

The human scholars of Blazon refer to the gnomes as the Starwalkers, for their willful evasion of the great wars and tragedies that color the history of Stella Sigma’s other races. There existence in the Stella Sigma sector doesn't go as far back as the Star Elves but they are not a young race. Discovered by the Star Elves initially they've been known to travel through the Starway to immigrating to distant parts of the sector with the goals of avoiding conflicts that occupy other races. Scattered across the sector in hidden villages, clans, and holds, rarely caught up in grand events for over half a millennium.

Some Gnomes have come to colonizes core worlds before humans had expanded from there birth world of Gaia making the Gnomes the first alien species they encountered. When the Star League came to power Gnomes whom have been discovered by the imperialistic government were enslaved and put to work in decoding and understanding alien technology. Though with the fall of the Star League Many gnome youngsters now question the wisdom of remaining completely separate from other societies. Change within gnome communities is slower than in human ones, but more and more young gnomes are leaving home to live as travelers.

Gnomes by nature have keen curiosity and neck for mechanical workings; gnomes excel at intricate crafts such mana stone crafting, tinkering with and creation of new technology from ancient ones. They happen to be the finest engineers in Stella Sigma, and have a talent for adapting alien technology.

Regions: Gnomes like dwarves reside as members of other empires. There homeworld originated was said to belong to the Xeno Cluster but was abandoned when a shift in the planets orbit caused it’s oceans to dry up over half of a millennium ago. Today the exact location is lost to time. At the charity of the Star Elves the Gnomes left there doom world to search for places to settle all through out the Sector. A Gnomish village or hold could be found on any habitable world Stellar Sigma Sector including Core Worlds.


Denari Scientist
Denari are tall, thin species with pale skin from the isolated ocean world of Oesnvolla. The Denari living large platform structures suspended by powerful magnetic technologies roughly 60km above the violent ocean surface of Oesnvolla. The species likely evolved from aquatic creatures in the vast oceans of Oesnvolla reflected in there tall shape, glassy coated eyes, near luminescent skin, three fingered hands and long thin necks. There almond-shaped eyes of a Denari also able to see color in low-light. Females of the Denari are bald, while males possess a head crest and firm ridges along the rear of their small bulbous skulls. Denari mature quickly, reaching full adulthood at 11 years and remain at adult physical prime until around the age of 40. They began to show signs of their age around 80 years.

They see themselves as superior forms of life but only show this arrogance by having strict visa laws for visitors. Compounded by this visiting the world of Oesnvolla because of gravitational pulls from two stars making approach vectors limited visitors to this world are extremely rare. Although many are xenophobic they maintain a cool stoic demeanor that identify with scientific advancement as core cultural values.

The Denari platform cities subscribe to a loose confederation of science research stations touching all the various sciences known to the Stella Sigma Sector. These city state civilizations have individual security forces with no centralized government or military and are controlled by scientific councils and panels depending on the city.


Kuuite Warrior.
The Kuuites are sentient, diminutive, furry bipeds native to forest moon of Kussh. They are curious individuals that stand about one meter tall. They are covered in fur from head to toe, with brown and black being the most common colors. Kuuites have large, bright eyes, small humanoid noses, and hands that have two fingers and an opposable thumb.

The Kuuite society is made of many tribes ruled by council of elders overseen by a chieftain. With various elders whom provide the communities with healing, warriors, and mystical lore. Their culture includes singing and playing music during celebration, festivals, and rituals. They have a firm belief that music enhances their work. They are reposeful and tend to make use of everything they can get their hands on, so they use verity of drums, horns, flutes, and other simple instruments in their music.

Kuuites are spiritual bunch with the largest trees playing an important cultural role. They believed themselves to be decedents of the Great Tree, a sacred tree in the forest. Kuuite religion is based on nature worship which include many religious ceremonies arranged to please various gods of weather, trees, fertility and the hunt. Throughout the year they hold extravagant festivals bring tribe and family groups together to sing, dance and celebrate the various values.

Although primitive by galactic standards they are also cleaver and inventive. Skilled in forest survival and construction of primitive technology like gliders and catapults. Prior to their discovery this moon was often over looked and the Kuuites unknown to the galactic society. There moon wasn't even named until more recent history. Some traders and explorers visited this moon to have dealings with the kuuites but beyond that they have never left there world willingly.

The present Kuuite world is more advanced then when they were first discovered. They now have a general understanding of alien visitors and other races. They tend to join up with scouts or other heros who has access to starship. Collecting powerful “magic” items from fallen opponents, such as guns, range finders, to earn respect of his tribe.

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