"Run.. Run… Hide… Hide… The Kiltaran's are near… near!"

Average Hight: 4'0'' - 5'0''
Average Weight: 80 - 100 lb.
Ability Scores: +4 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Dark Vision

Racial Abilities

Languages: Read / Write Veldrie, Sagaren, Kilitara
Bonus Feat: Alertness No combat advantage when surprised, +2 Perception
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +4 Stealth


A Veldrie is rat humanoid that resides on the far off distant world of Skarva. Skarva is a very moist swamp world with high CO2 content which causes the perfect green house effect. Gravity of this world is certainly notably weaker then the pressure seen on M Class worlds. Among the more sophisticated beast worlds the Skarva much like a locust have expanded over into various neighboring worlds strip mining them and bring the raw materials back to the homeworld. Though they cannot construct space crafts they have been known to pirate Sagaren and Kiltara space crafts.

Veldrie society is based around Veldrie clans that dominate the world of Skarva. These clans are often described as cast systems. Each clan has a dedicated duty and some clans are more adept at spying, others at flying, and others at combat. Regardless based on the jobs they are good at sets the station the Veldrie of this clan have in there homeworld society. The Veldrie royal clan is the most powerful clan of this world. They have dominance over two other powerful warrior clans that allows them to remain in power.

They are constantly caught up in the conflicts that occur with the Sagarens and the Kilitara. Often playing both sides and making a profit for it is there worlds that the fighting occures when the Kiltara move to expand and the Sagaren homeships move to intercept.

Since the Veldrie nature there cities are build in holes on the swamp floor of Skarva. These holes however shallow are made to burrow under the tall swamp trees. The Skarva also swim very well there elaborate holes often separated by shallow swamp water channels. It is this kind of infrastructure that has keep the Kilitara from enslaving the cunning race.

The Veldrie homeworld isn't a registered confederation plan however that has not stopped Veldrie from flowing into the confederation. The Veldrie often find them selves living in the slum corners of the confederation. Though not commonly seen among the core planets you would certainly see Veldrie in the outer rim territories.


The Veldrie are intelligent and cunning creatures. A veldrie is always looking for some kind of gain; this nature has been given to them because of centuries of war between the Sargerns and Kilitarans. They are cowardly by nature especially in the face of a stronger bigger foe and will run to seek safety for them selves before the company they choice to travel in. There is no regard for any kind of law beyond the laws of a Veldrie's clan. When dealing in the confederation rules never hold a veldrie back isn't only the consequences that make them extra careful.

Physical Description

At first sight of a Veldrie they seem to look like a giant dire rat. Physical weak they stand four to five feet tall and have brown fur although this can vary. They have luminous eyes and long tails. They often stand on two legs but can move on four like a rodent. There hands are rodent-like claws but they are generally useless for combat. There faces cannot be mistaken for that of a large rat with whiskers and all.


The Veldrie speak with hisses and growls. They can speak common and learn other tongue based languages.


Asstaa, Bassza, Naazul, Mazea, Sizlin, Tazza,


The Veldrie are seen as slum scrooge in the among the confederation planets. It is no secret that their race has cowardly tendencies and races such as the Uruks, Markoo, who pride them selves in battle look upon the Veldrie with disgust. Since they are wedged in between the Kiltarans and Saragrens they are hated and loved by both races. Both sides use them against each other and both sides believe they are a suitable obstacle when they go to war.


Veldrie can find them selves on an adventure at any moment. Since they live in the slums of the confederation it's no surprise that a Veldrie would become involved with adventuring as a means of income. They can also become good spies for crime bosses as well as assassins. They are known to stow away on freighters to get form place to place and such this could lead them to an adventure.

Homeworld Skarva

A small swamp world found in the distant System of Skva., Distance: 184,149,134 km, Radius: 8244 km, Gravity: 0.78G, Orbit Period: 517.18 days, Rotation: 10.2 hrs, Mean Temp: 300K/27C, Atmosphere: 14.88 atm (N 58%,O2 24%,CO2 8%,CO 3%), Water / Ice Index: 30.79, Habitable, Population: 6,000,000,000, Moons: Mnojrazato

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