"We see through the darkness while our neighbors are blind."

Average Hight: 5'5' - 6'0''
Average Weight: 90 - 120 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal

Racial Abilities

Languages: Speak Yazerins, Common
Glide: A Yazerin can glide with slow fall affects moving 30 feet around. They get at +20 bonus on acrobatics.
Excellent Grip: +4 strength bonus when making grab attacks.
Unquie Body Cannot wear armor that hasn't been modified for them.
Light Sensitivity: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as sunlight) blinds a Yazerns for 3 rounds with a -1 penalty to all rolls.


Located on one of the farthest systems from the confederation core, Valgard is home to the Yazrien. There world Trasanus is a small shadowy world cloaked in glom by a giant moon. Most of the land mass is forested in tall pine like trees. Among the tall trees large modern buildings have been constructed to create a wonderful display of a city among the forest. Among the forest floor live creatures are used for transpiration. There star ports are often found on the roofs of the larger buildings. Since there world is cloaked in darkness for large majority of the day the Yazrien are nocturnal as they live and function in almost eternal night cast upon there world.

There kingdom span a very well developed star cluster of colonies and space fortress as it is ruled by a matriarchal society. The queen is the most important icon in a Yazerin's life she is wholeness the closer a Yazerin gets to her the more whole they become. The males of this society are worker as females as they remain and maintain the government and house holds.

Yazerins are rare in the confederation however some have found them selves into it as colonies of various systems. These colonies are often refugees who seek a place during the time there kingdom goes to war which is often with Kiltaran Empire. Yazerins that do this are seen as traitors to the queen and are no longer allowed back into there society.


Depending on male of female the personalities vary. The males are generally more subject while the females are born leaders. However either male or female Yazerin have preserved the custom of choosing a life-enemy. When a Yazerin chooses a life enemy they dedicate their life to destroying, overcoming, and out doing that enemy as completely as possible. A Yazerin gains honor by striving to defeat their enemies. As such a Yazrien with powerful enemies is respected and admired by their kin. Yazerin's are natural hunters and so they live for the hunt. Yazerins who have found them selves in the confederation bounders often do not stray away from this. A male yazerin has often been known to show a female of another race the same kind of obedience and respect he would show for female of his kin.

Physical Description

A Yazerin is tall, thin, omnivorous humanoid with gangly limbs and a slander torso. Two large flaps of skin grow on either side of their body, attached to their arms, torso and legs. When a Yazerin raises their arms, this membrane is stretched tightly and forms a sort of wing. The average Yaziern stands between 5'5” and 6 feet tall and weights 90 to 120 pounds. A yazerin's muzzle and high forhead gives it an anima-like appearance. Their head is surrounded by a thick mane and collar of hair that varies in color from glossy back to pale yellow. Their skin ranges from tan to gray. Yazerin have four knuckles on their fingers and toes, the inside toe is opposed like a thumb, allowing them to grasp things with their feet.


Yazerin speak a language that combines human-type sounds with snarls and growls and have the ability to speak common as well.


Azloo, Bayla, Cano, Mzloo, Nala, Ohloo, Sezaa,


Yaziern Kingdom is on neutral terms with the Confederation. The two trade and exchange information often. However there is a superior attained the Yazerin assume when dealing with the outside races. This often frustrates some of the more elder races and causes slight conflicts. Yazerins are always in a cold war state with the Kilitaran. Outsiders are rarely welcome on there home world. Very rarely do anyone get to visit.


Yazerin adventures are often out casts from there homeworld or citizens who have fled Yazerin space. Adventuring Yazerins do so for the same reaons all everyone turn to adventuring. However it is often one might find a Yazerin on a sworn quest to out do and destroy an enemy. Those who do that might seek allies and join adventuring group as extra help bringing there skills to the team in exchange for their aid. In either case its very rare to see a Yaziern from the prime society leave there home world for anything less then diplomatic reasons.

Homeworld Trasanus

The distiant world cloaked in shadows by it's giant moon. Distance: 90,853,519 km, Radius: 3021 km, Gravity: 0.47G, Orbit Period: 150.96 days, Rotation: 81.4 hrs, Mean Temp: 421K/148C, Atmosphere: 0.93 atm (N2 74.4%, O2 23.3%, Ar 0.44%, CO2 0.21%), Water / Ice Index: 77.72, Habitable

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