Ex-Soldier, a man with many scars.


Zack Tolarian


Considered to many as one of the most laid back adventurers, with a streak of seriousness.
An Ex-Soldier, in the confederation army. Zack was dishonorably discharged after disobeying and direct order on the battle field, his reasons for doing so are unknown. He is currently in employment of the church of Luna, Although he doesn't possess any holy power himself. He mostly works with the newly crowned Lance Northstar, a very renown Lord in the order of the white cloaks.


As a young youth, Zack grew up on the border planet Tetholla. Tetholla was a recently tera-formed
planet in the confederation, and many frontier family's moved out to claim the land. He grew up on the planet with his Mother and Father, and his younger brother Victor. They lived in an average home, his Father working for the confederation, stationed on the planet as a guard. His family moved their from a space station he can't even remember.
Zack was always the one to look up to his Father, and try to be the most like him, Victor on the
other hand never got along with his father, but vied for attention. However, Victor always looked up to Zack, and tried to copy everything he did as a way to meet his fathers eye. Zack use to practice sword fighting with his younger brother and quickly became adept at using them.
Zack was eventually enrolled in the army, with a promising outlook on a very great career.
However, that was cut very short due to an program, an accident, and a cover up.

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