Protector of ...everything...
Zannan Goldheart
Aliases: N/a
Race: Draconite
Age: 22
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: light blue
Sex Male
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Good
Religion Nall
Languages English, Galactic Common
Played by Dan Walker

The begining


He was found as an egg, and was mistaken as a silver dragon egg, so he was given to the temple of Nall so they could protect it and make sure it hatches. When he hatched everyone was disappointed that he was just a dragonborn, so the hype died and everyone went home and little Zannan stayed at the temple as no one wanted it. He grew up in the temple after they tried to put him into the orphanage and all the other kids were scared of him and treated him like a monster. Early in his life when he was only seven years old he witnessed bandits attacking the temple and he saw how the templars defended him and the temple so he wanted to be just like them from a very young age. Living in the temple knowledge was everywhere he took it all to heart and wanted nothing more than to protect the weak and to be called upon to defend his home.

New adventurer

Young Zannan's first call to arms happened when he was 17 a group of cultists attacked the temple and try to kill Melissa Sanvers, he didn't have armor at the time but he did have a sword he found on the ground as he ran up to the templars. His efforts that day earned him early approval into the templars, and a new set of armor so that he would be protected the next time he needs to defend someone.


Zannan is a six foot five Dragonborn templar of the Nall Temple in Whitehold. His scales are silver his eyes are bright blue, with a full plate suit of armor that looks rather beaten and a cloak on his back. He carries a big golden long sword that can light up a huge area around him and usually does.

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